How To Feel Great About Your Body (in 20 minutes) When You Feel Like Shit and Don’t Want to Wear a Swimsuit in Public.

IMG_0168Hey from Bali, gorgeous!

Do you ever struggle with your body? Does the thought of wearing a swimsuit make you want to crawl into a hole? Maybe you tell yourself, “When I lose those last 10 to 20 pounds, I’ll be happy.” Or maybe you compare yourself to every other woman out there who has a “better body” than you.

Believe it or not, as I travel the island of Bali in a swimsuit 90% of the time, similar thoughts have been coming up for me which have knocked me so far off the spiritual wagon that I’ve questioned my sanity at times.

Here I am, on a trip of a lifetime, on the the most spiritual island in the world, worrying about my body.

More specifically, my stomach.

I want to share with you in real time how I deal with body shame; how I move through the judgements and settle back into love with 5 simple steps. I’ve used these steps on myself, and as proof that they work, I just asked Steve to take us a nude beach next. This sh*t works.

Why am I sharing about this? Because this pain isn’t just mine.

Body Shame is a Western Woman’s disease that we’ve inherited from the media, photoshop, Victoria’s Secret, and every Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. It’s time to end this cycle for our daughters and daughter’s daughters; it starts with us.

But wait, what does this have to do with business?
How we do one thing is how we do everything.

At the beginning of the year I shared my new monthly income goal with my coach, and she asked me why I desired that number. My response was, “because I don’t want to worry about money again.”

She lovingly invited me back into reality, and told me that even if I made $20-$50k that month, my worry about money won’t go away. My beliefs about money must shift first, or else I’ll be chasing numbers with the same worrying thoughts chasing me.

In other words, your beliefs and consciousness around money must transform before the money comes in, not the other way around.

Now let’s relate this to your body. If you believe that you’ll be happy once you lose the weight, you’ll keep running around the hamster wheel chasing happiness with yo-yo dieting. What if you chose to love your body, now? Exactly as it is? Not just loving how it looks. But loving it with your choices. That’s when the happiness and acceptance shows up. Your beauty can’t be denied when you choose to love your body now, with your thoughts and actions.

Here’s the video recorded from our amazing villa in Bali! Click the image below to watch.


As I prepare to take over the Celebration of Woman workshop as a certified Facilitator in September, which supports women in loving and accepting their bodies as they are now, all my lingering shadows are showing up for me to feel through and heal. This is the Rite of Passage I speak up so often. I’m in it, and I’m grateful.

When we step into the light our shadows are going to show up whether we want them to or not (when we least expect it). Like right now, on my blissed out vacation in Bali.

Thank you for ending the body shame cycle with me, and if you need any support in this area, don’t hesitate to reach out by responding to this email. I always love hearing from you!

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Why I Love Being A Woman (When I Used To Hate It)

Hey gorgeous,

Today, I love being a woman- but I used to hate it.

  • I used to hate the attention I attracted on the street because I felt unsafe and objectified.
  • I used to hate my hips and broad shoulders, despising my feminine physique because I looked different than my teammates on the track team.
  • I used to hate my menstrual cycle and the mood swings that came with it.
  • I used to hate my feelings so I ran to prescription medication to manage my anxiety, depression, and anger.
  • I used to hate dancing so I turned to alcohol for the courage to move and have fun.
  • I used to hate being alone so I settled for ANYONE who would date me.

You get the picture….

The good news is, those self-deprecating cycles ended when I participated in a workshop that changed my perception of being a woman FOREVER.

The workshop is Celebration of Woman, a 3.5 day retreat designed for women to remember who they really are. I participated in this workshop for the first time 4 years ago, making a vow to bring this work to other women so they can experience the similar healing and self acceptance.

I’m now returning from leading this workshop for the 6th time, and I’m more awake than ever to the power of being a woman. Something so beautiful happens when “all is welcome” – when a woman is cheered for and celebrated through her own darkness and back into the light. Look at these gorgeous women below!

This workshop allows every woman to experience basic feminine freedoms:
The freedom to be seen.
The freedom to speak up.
The freedom to love her body as a temple.
The freedom to dance.
The freedom to sit in stillness.
The freedom to be happy.
The freedom to be real.
The freedom to love.
The freedom to forgive.
The freedom to believe in something bigger than herself.

I feel moved to share this with you because I trust in my gut that you desire these freedoms as well.

Do you desire to put the laptop away and give the woman behind the business the attention and love she deserves to let go?
Are you longing to be seen and heard inside a safe and loving space to heal old stories and pains?
Do you want to love your body exactly as it is now?
Do you want to love yourself, and I mean..all of yourself?
Do you want to claim back your joy after years of exhaustion and putting others first? 

It’s possible!

A woman’s birthright is to love. When you have the space to release all the baggage that keeps you up at night, your essence of love is revealed. It’s a kind of self-love that you get to define for yourself at the workshop.

Our workshops are filling up FAST, so if you want to to claim your spot in our September workshop, I invite you to set up a call with me.

I want to get to know you and support your struggles as a woman.  

To every woman who came home to her TRUE self this weekend, thank you for your courage.. I love you.


P.S. Our next workshop is taking place in San Luis Obispo, California: September 22-25th. You want in? Set up a call with me here:

 I can’t wait to get to know you.

Wild Woman’s Guide to Anger: Video Inside

Hey gorgeous,

Do you feel stuck in your business right now? Unsure of where to go next? Do you find yourself getting super activated and charged about things that shouldn’t cause you so much pain? Do you find yourself “acting out” in ways that don’t feel aligned with your true self? Do you keep using affirmations or mantras to get through the dark times, but wind up right where you started?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I have a solution for you, and it’s pretty simple.

Feel your anger. 

Anger has a pretty bad reputation, and I’m here to set the record straight.

This video will teach you about the fiery, powerful nature of this emotion and the damage it causes when you ignore it, suppress it, or try and change it.  I’ll also teach you how to leverage your anger in healthy and responsible ways so you can break through your upper limits of success and happiness + so much more.  Click the image below to watch.

Let me know what you think! Reply to this email with any questions or comments. I can’t wait to get a healthy conversation started on one of my favorite subjects.

to your fiery passion,

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When the Alarm Went Off, What Did You Do?

WY3_3298-Edit (2)Hey Gorgeous,

I invite you to go back in time, to the second you woke up this morning. How did it go?

Did you:

  • Wake up in a frenzy?
  • Immediately go on Facebook or Instagram?
  • Worry about getting everything done?
  • Feel the incessant need to prove yourself in some way?
  • Beat yourself for something you did wrong the day before?
  • Dread the day ahead and wish you could go back to sleep?

If you woke up with total peace this morning, BRAVO! I’d love to hear about your morning routine.

If you woke up in a frenzy of worry, pull up a seat, sister, we have to talk. 

It’s so easy for success-driven women to forget about their our own inner peace.

Peace for me is the inner knowing that I’m enough exactly as I am. But life hasn’t always been that easy peasy and woo-woo.  

Here’s how my life used to be…

My need to be loved and accepted by others overshadowed my basic primal need to love myself. I was a workaholic; I stayed insanely busy in order to hide from my pain.

I used prescription medication, romance, and food to heal a very spiritual problem; I felt unworthy. I felt less than. I searched outside myself for answers, love, and acceptance.

My worries were rooted in the fear-based messaging of my ego telling me that I wasn’t enough. No matter how hard I worked, and how many accomplishments I fulfilled, I still fell asleep at night feeling worthless! 

And then I woke up. I made the decision that life didn’t have to be this painful. I started listening to the voice of my true self. I invested in support.

I attended some seminars and workshops which blew my mind and heart open, and I made the decision to hire my first transformational coach. I didn’t want to go around in circles like I did in therapy, I wanted real change. I wanted to breakthrough my limitations FAST. 

In only one hour with my first coach, I healed the root cause of my unworthiness, and let that belief go. I created a new and empowering belief system full of worthiness, empowerment, and self-love. As a result of that one hour, a whole new world opened up for me. 

I ended my teaching career and now own my own business, not to prove my worth, but because it’s my purpose and service to the planet. I’m in a healthy and empowering relationship with a partner who meets me as I am and inspires me to be the best version of myself. I workout because my body loves it, not because I need to look perfect. My perfection lies in the love I have for my body as it is NOW.

When you’re enough exactly as you are, there’s nothing to prove. All you have to do is be- and that’s where the peace sets in.  

Now back to you, love…

What if you woke up every morning with energy, delight, stillness and excitement all at once? No longer needing to prove your worth or talent- simply having the confidence to show up exactly as you are? 

With a shift in perception, you can be enough too.

If you’re ready to give real transformation a shot, I invite you to get on the phone with me. 

On a discovery call with me, we will give your true self a voice. Not the voice of “should,” or “I don’t know,” or “I’m not worth it,” instead we will focus on your desires. Desires are a woman’s fuel! They make you, you. It’s my belief that you and only you have the answers. I’ll hold the space for you to discover your next steps for living with total empowerment as a wild woman entrepreneur.

You’ll receive clarity and inner peace so you can start a love affair with yourself and be enough- exactly as you are- NOW.

If you want to take me up on this FREE offer, click the link below:

can’t wait to hear from you,

P.S. What if your fears actually made you more brave? That’s what’s available for you after 45 minutes with me.

Feeling Stuck? Follow Your Love.

Hey gorgeous,

Have you reached a certain level of success in business but feel a little bit… off? Stuck?

Is your to-do list never ending? Do those checks off the list make you feel more stressed, no longer giving you the relief you expect?

If you find yourself thinking “I’m not enough” after all those checks off the list, you’re in the right place.

Today’s message is addressing this issue for Women Leaders.

“I’m not Enough” is the conversation blinding women entrepreneurs of their potential.

This Deficit Epidemic tells us that in order to succeed you have to DO more and fill voids of unworthiness so you can be good enough.

Sure, the Dalai Lama called women leaders forth to save the world, but if we continue to DO, DO, DO, and forget to receive, dance, and believe, your love will not be realized and your legacy will be left in the dust.

Check out the Business Woman’s formula for success:
(Do + Give + Suppress + Push + Deliver + Freak Out) Repeat = Crash.

This is a formula for overwhelm and zero connection to your larger vision and purpose.

I’m calling bullsh*t on this conversation. The Way of the Business Woman is an old story.

We need a new formula. We need a new blueprint. 

A successful business isn’t the number one goal of the wild woman entrepreneur.

A fulfilled Soul is.

Your whole human experience must be supported as a woman entrepreneur. When your emotions are ignored and your energy depletes, it’s impossible to believe in yourself and go to the next level of impact.

The next level of impact requires a feminine energy you may have forgotten about.

It’s your love.

Today more than ever our world needs balance, clarity, healing and LOVE. The power of your love as a feminine leader is remarkable. If you follow this love, you’ll get exactly what you want in this lifetime. Your only job is to listen to yourself. Your true self.

My assignment for you this week is to follow your love first and last. 

What words do you love? Collage them on Pinterest.
What outfits do you love? Wear them.
Who do you love? Spend time with them.
What meals do you love? Eat them.
What does your body love? Receive it.
What subjects do you love? Write, teach, coach, and speak about them.

Love is the bottom line for the Wild Woman Entrepreneur.

Notice what opens up today and tomorrow when you follow your love. You’ll find the inspiration you’ve waiting for. You can’t go wrong when you you add more LOVE to your life.

It’s so simple.
Your love is who you are. 

When you strip away the plan, who’s underneath the goal? Who’s underneath the worry? The Wild Woman Entrepreneur is glorious without any effort.

When you DO from the space of LOVE, your work becomes an act of freedom and contribution. When you work from the space of I AM ENOUGH NOW, there’s no way to feel defeated, less than, or unworthy.

This is when the magic happens. 

Follow your soul, not the goal.

Your soul will take you light years beyond any goal of your mind.

As you take your LOVE on, please please keep me posted by commenting below anytime you have a breakthrough. I want to hear about it!


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Hatred & Love

Hey gorgeous,

Relaxation is my favorite past time. My boyfriend has another word for it – laziness – but I disagree. Two summer’s ago I found myself blissed out at my favorite Hot Springs sanctuary up north, and I want to share an embarrassing yet transformational experience with you.


There I was, relaxing alone in the steam room. Life was good. Stillness, peace, and clarity.

10 minutes later another human being enters the scene. Soon after he sits down, I hear the sharp, squeaky pressure of blades going against his head.

{Chrissy’s ego} 
He’s shaving his head! Shaving his head in my blissed out sanctuary. Gross. Who honestly shaves his head in a public space? Is that even sanitary? A space where we’re asked to sit in silence? I can hear the flick of tiny hairs thrown down the drain at my feet, EWW!

I was SO grossed out. It didn’t take long to notice my state of relaxation slowly transforming into agitation and irritability.

I felt a familiar emotion that I often try to deny: Hatred. I hated this guy.

Me, the life coach, hating an absolute stranger for shaving his head and distracting me.

So I looked within and asked for guidance.
{Enter Wild Woman}
What’s the opportunity here? How can I turn this around?

Then these words leapt out of my mouth before another thought could hold me back, “Do you need any help?”

{Chrissy’s ego}
Oh shit. Did I just say that? Please ignore me.. Please don’t respond.

With huge smile on his face he said, “Wow.. that would be awesome!”

So I walked over,  took his razor, and to my delight realized he had done such a botch job it would have been rude of me to NOT to help him.

There I was shaving a stranger’s head.
I moved from hatred to love fast.
All I had to do was look within for the “soul” opportunity.

We got connected, shared some laughs, and my boiling anger cooled off into compassion, friendship, and dare I say, love.

When you feel your hate instead of trying to hide it, your love gets a wink to come out and play.

Why am I sharing this story with you?

Every single emotion that you feel makes you a whole and integrated human. Just like chocolate chip cookies need sugar and chocolate chips for sweetness, they also need the eggs, baking soda, and flour which are fowl and messy on their own. Mix ’em all together and you’ll get a glorious treat.

Whatever you’re feeling on this entrepreneurial journey, I assure you, you’re not alone. Do you feel jealous? Do you feel angry? Frustrated? Anxious? Ashamed? Overwhelmed? I guarantee there’s GOLD hidden under those emotions if you feel them with love and acceptance. Feel the feeling, ask for the lesson, and then find your message. It’s there.

Your genius could very well be underneath your uncomfortable emotion. The more you expose it, the more light can shine through.

all my love,

P.S. Do you desire more emotional support as a woman Entrepreneur? The bonuses for my Wild Woman Entrepreneur program end in 4 days! In this program I’ll help you find your Soul Message that will carry you through all the burnout, overwhelm, anxiety and fear that you will undoubtedly face on this journey.  Set up a discovery call with me to see if this program is right for you:

10 Learnings from a HIGH VIBE Mastermind with Gina Devee

WY3_2582-EditHey gorgeous,

I went to L.A. last week to mastermind with over 200 women entrepreneurs from all over the world inside a business seminar with my mentor, Gina DeVee.

My goal was to show up as a leader and break $10k by the end of the week. It worked. 

My definition of feminine leadership is pretty simple: Be visible, be yourself, and do whatever it takes to have a breakthrough.

Here are my takeaways:

1. When two or more gather, thoughts become things. 
Surround yourself with women who support you, empower you, believe in you, and inspire you to think and dream bigger than you ever have before. 

2. You must unlearn facts that aren’t true. It’s your job to transform any limited thoughts that have lived inside of you for generations. 
I got to unlearn and reprogram mental wiring and beliefs systems that I inherited from many different generations in my family. I ended the cycle of money shame once and for all because I was willing to face, feel, and then heal my money demon. The breakthrough happened in the spiritual realm. 

3. There are forces of nature conspiring on your behalf…
but you have to be open, faithful, and committed enough to see and feel the magic.  

4. You have to howl so your pack knows where you are. 
Let your unique voice and flavor soar, wild woman! 

5. You get what you focus on. 
You create what you think. Are you thoughts working for you or against you?
You get what you say you’ll do. Is your language defeating you or supporting you?

6. Be the woman FIRST.
Don’t wait to make the money before you become the woman you want to be. The money and success come in after you step into the energy and vibration of the woman having that kind of impact.  That’s when you become a magnet for divine feminine success.  

7. When the faucet runs out, the universe is telling you something.
If you’re having a slow month, it’s most likely time to change, shift, or re-vision. This is what inspired my #wildwomanentrepreneur to come through. I didn’t see my slower months as a burden, but an opportunity to bring something new to life. I got the flu in January which could have taken me out, but instead it inspired me to uplevel higher than ever before with new team members. 

8. Mediocrity is the biggest threat towards your success.
When you think you’ve dug deep enough, dig deeper. When things start getting comfortable, it’s time to up the ante. 

9. If you have not been sued, you have not been successful.
Love it but, ouch! 

10. Your visibility is a contribution. 
Never underestimate the power of showing up and saying YES, even when your nervous mind tells you no. I got on the mic more times in three days than I did over the past two years working with Gina. It paid off (literally and figuratively).

This Wild Woman Entrepreneur has taken on these beliefs! Will you, too?

all my love,

Breakthroughs, Visibility, and Getting My Period.

Hey gorgeous!

If you struggle with visibility, this message is for you.

This past week I had my biggest financial breakthrough inside a mastermind with my business coach, Gina DeVee. Thanks to showing up for myself (finally!) – I’ve broken through to the other side of financial freedom and I had to shoot you this quick video to tell you how I got there.

In this video, I share about my beginning struggles in visibility and where I’m at now. Since the Wild Woman Entrepreneur listens to her body first and last, a key component of my breakthrough was getting my period 1.5 weeks early, so consider this your warning incase you don’t want to hear about my menstrual cycle!

Click the image below to watch:

My breakthrough caused me to literally shed my old way of being to step into a new #millionairecycle. Do you want a piece of that?

Thank you for watching! Have a great Friday.


P.S. I’ve crossed $10k in my business this month, want to know why? Visibility, messaging, and mastering my emotions.  I’m so inspired by my message as a wild woman entrepreneur that procrastination, fear, anxiety, and doubt don’t stop me anymore. My message causes all the burnout, frustration, and worry to disappear.  Click the image below to claim your 3 hour “Messenger” Skype intensive so you can be unstoppable, clear, and financially free. This $997 offer is only available for 24 hours more!

3 Hour Skype Intensive to 
find & deliver your SOUL message that carries you to new heights of creativity and inspiration, making all the burnout, doubt, and procrastination disappear.

Find Your SOUL Message with these Exercises

Hey gorgeous!

WY3_3298-EditThis message is about your personal mission as a wild woman entrepreneur. I call this mission your Soul Message, the inspiration that weaves through your offerings, blog posts, and overall rhythm as an entrepreneur. This is what you’re known for and stand for. It’s your legacy.

I love working with women transitioning through the emotional ups and downs of the entrepreneurial path. The healing balm for all fear, doubt, and upset on this journey is getting clear on your Soul Message.

When a woman is clear on her Soul Message, her inner and outer worlds go through massive shifts.  Her wants turn to musts, her somedays turn to now, and her desires become nonnegotiable.  

When you find it, or rather, remember it, your Soul Message will carry you to new heights of creativity and inspiration, making the burnout, fear, and procrastination disappear. If you’re not inspired by your message, you won’t have the strength to get up and spread the Word. Soul messaging is about vulnerability, truth telling, and transforming your shame into self-worth. Every woman’s message has a different flavor, and yours is JUST around the corner.

Here are three unorthodox tips for claiming your Soul Message:

1. Follow your desires. Your desires, message, and impact are all connected. When you receive your desires, a magnetic field of joy ripples around your business and your message becomes irresistible. Welcoming your desires help your soul come alive. Your desires are the roadmap to what you stand for and believe in. The trick is welcoming your desires without an ounce of shame.

2. Listen to your uncomfortable emotions instead of pushing them away. Your shadows carry your gifts, and will point you in the direction of your soul message. What makes you mad? What are you struggling with right now? Shine light on the darkness and find the gold in your struggle. You could very well teach, speak, and coach on the subject that you’re challenged by now because you know the ins and outs of this struggle more than anyone else.  What would open up for you if you healed this struggle? What would open up for the world?

3. Picture your big break. This could be landing a TED talk, being featured on Oprah, or getting a book deal. What does your “big break” look like? What’s the topic? Who’s in your audience? Who are the big shots on your panel? What’s the title and tagline of your book? This final question is the most important one: Why is your audience showing up to receive your teachings? Why are they buying your book? What will they heal as a result of listening to you and your story?

Have fun with these exercises! And please let me know how they go in the comments below. What opened up for you?

Sending you TONS of love, and thank you for inspiring me to share MY message every week.


mini-messenger-intensiveP.S. These brainstorming prompts are just a few of the many exercises I offer inside a Mini Skype Intensive. Want to go deeper with me? Get on the phone with me inside a free discovery call. I’m still offering Mini Skype Intensives to help you find your message with clarity, conviction, and power. In just three hours you’ll walk away with the inner knowing and language to share who you are, who you serve, how you do it, and WHY. Click the image below to get on the phone with me. On this free 30 minute call I’ll share my signature Messenger process with you, and you’ll begin to uncover the blocks in the way of expressing your message. Then we’ll schedule your skype intensive crafted to your specific needs. This $997 offer ends next Saturday March 26th!

My Feature in Divine Living Magazine

On Friday I was featured in one of my favorite online publications for women entrepreneurs,  The Divine Living Magazine.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 7.36.58 PM

Gina DeVee is the founder, and she’s been my business coach for 2+ years. I’m thrilled to share my story with you:

In the article I share three tips on how to transform your money story. Tip #1 is ringing very true for me. Trust me when I say this, your belief system will make or break you. This opportunity showed up for me after I surrendered and developed unwavering faith in myself as an entrepreneur, not before.

Do you want to be featured on Oprah? Do you want your article published on Huffington Post? Start believing it, feeling it, visioning, and acting “as if” you’re already there. That’s when the magic begins.

Thank you so much for reading!