10 Learnings from a HIGH VIBE Mastermind with Gina Devee

WY3_2582-EditHey gorgeous,

I went to L.A. last week to mastermind with over 200 women entrepreneurs from all over the world inside a business seminar with my mentor, Gina DeVee.

My goal was to show up as a leader and break $10k by the end of the week. It worked. 

My definition of feminine leadership is pretty simple: Be visible, be yourself, and do whatever it takes to have a breakthrough.

Here are my takeaways:

1. When two or more gather, thoughts become things. 
Surround yourself with women who support you, empower you, believe in you, and inspire you to think and dream bigger than you ever have before. 

2. You must unlearn facts that aren’t true. It’s your job to transform any limited thoughts that have lived inside of you for generations. 
I got to unlearn and reprogram mental wiring and beliefs systems that I inherited from many different generations in my family. I ended the cycle of money shame once and for all because I was willing to face, feel, and then heal my money demon. The breakthrough happened in the spiritual realm. 

3. There are forces of nature conspiring on your behalf…
but you have to be open, faithful, and committed enough to see and feel the magic.  

4. You have to howl so your pack knows where you are. 
Let your unique voice and flavor soar, wild woman! 

5. You get what you focus on. 
You create what you think. Are you thoughts working for you or against you?
You get what you say you’ll do. Is your language defeating you or supporting you?

6. Be the woman FIRST.
Don’t wait to make the money before you become the woman you want to be. The money and success come in after you step into the energy and vibration of the woman having that kind of impact.  That’s when you become a magnet for divine feminine success.  

7. When the faucet runs out, the universe is telling you something.
If you’re having a slow month, it’s most likely time to change, shift, or re-vision. This is what inspired my #wildwomanentrepreneur to come through. I didn’t see my slower months as a burden, but an opportunity to bring something new to life. I got the flu in January which could have taken me out, but instead it inspired me to uplevel higher than ever before with new team members. 

8. Mediocrity is the biggest threat towards your success.
When you think you’ve dug deep enough, dig deeper. When things start getting comfortable, it’s time to up the ante. 

9. If you have not been sued, you have not been successful.
Love it but, ouch! 

10. Your visibility is a contribution. 
Never underestimate the power of showing up and saying YES, even when your nervous mind tells you no. I got on the mic more times in three days than I did over the past two years working with Gina. It paid off (literally and figuratively).

This Wild Woman Entrepreneur has taken on these beliefs! Will you, too?

all my love,


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