How to Face the World When You’d Rather Disappear.

Hey beautiful human,

Don’t you love the days when you feel secure? When you feel safe in your body and empowered to walk the earth?

When I’m grounded, it’s easy to take up space because I believe in my bones that I matter and belong.

But then there are days when I shrink and disappear. Thoughts of “I can’t” or “I don’t know” block my existence. Taking up space becomes too hard a task and before I know it I’ve lost my way. So I stop. I just. stop. existing.

Oof. That’s kind of dark… But, hear me out.

This Pandemic has triggered me. Almost everything I thought I could control, plan, and trust were destroyed by this virus. But you know what?

I LOVE destruction. I’m a seeker after all.

I love the rebirth and recalibration on the other side of ruptures and breaks. Bring on the humiliation. Bring on the embarrassment.

Pain?! Sign me up. I want to transform.

In every face plant, I release another mask to the earth that was never “me” in the first place.

And then the magic happens.

I get up.

With bright eyes and blood on my face, I declare, “Here I am world. Let’s do this.”

This my friend, is resilience. The bridge to an extraordinary life.

Every morning, I use my resilience tools to sharpen my existence.

I make a new playlist that grounds me back to the earth. And then I keep moving. It’s really that simple. I just. keep. moving.

I keep breathing. I trust what my body needs and I let it express what it needs to express.

Sometimes after just the length of one song, I’m back, “HELLO WORLD! Let’s do this sh*t.”

Do you want a piece of this Somatic Empowerment?

I’m bringing this practice to my virtual family. YOU.

On May 30th I’m leading a virtual workshop for all adult bodies: Root & Release. This process will bring your body back into alignment so you can face the days ahead with compassion, clarity, and courage.

If you want to feel secure, safe, and rooted during this time of uncertainty, this workshop is for you.

Thanks for being here, dear one. I appreciate you.

With love,


P.S. Root & Release is a guided and experiential workshop for all adult bodies. While it’s virtual, I promise that it’s a workshop for your soul, not your screen. You’ll have an unique and personal internal experience. Join us May 30th from 4pm-6pm PST.

Sign up here:


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