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    Dear precious human, 

    I don't know about you, but I've been waking up every morning during this global pandemic in a funk. You know what saves me? Daily movement.

    With the help of carefully selected music, I'm able to take my body where it needs to go so I can meet the day with compassion, mindfulness, and inspiration.

    After ignoring many tugs from the universe telling me it's time to share this "work" with the world, I'm hitting PUBLISH today because I believe our bodies are our greatest resource, especially during such an unsettling and uncertain time as this.

    Your body will always bring you home. Home to the earth, home to your peaceful heart, and home to the collective.

    I've turned my daily practice into a virtual workshop... and I hope you'll join me. 

    Root & Release is a guided and experiential workshop for all adult bodies. 

    Saturday, May 30th: 4pm-6pm PST. 

    With the help of music and gentle, affirmative guidance from myself, you'll explore the following qualities so you can bring your body back into alignment and freedom.

    You'll ground into:
    **your connection to the earth and your secure belonging in your body**
    **your feelings**
    **your power and strength**
    **your compassion (both for yourself and others)**
    **your voice and expression**
    **your intuition**

    The workshop will complete with a "Shelter in Grace" meditation to help you integrate your learnings and bring them forth into your life and community.

    Register now for $50. You will receive a Welcome Email with more details after your payment.

    To Register Venmo me $50 @ cbradysmith

    please include your email in the payment.

    Or use this easy PayPal link below. 

    If you are dying for this workshop but cannot afford it at this time, please email me at and we will work out a plan.