Healing My Arthritis Through Movement

This Girl

Sports helped her get out of her head and into her body.
Competition fueled her. How she showed up in the win or the loss was her workshop. She learned just as much in the defeats as the victories.

Athletics made deep, ancient sense to her body. But Academics? No way. When you mix ADHD with scary math minutes, you get a frozen child with zero capacity to learn.
But she defrosted on the field. After every sprint her cheeks would flush and that smile would return to her face. She’d hit home runs, score goals, and rebound baskets with her beautiful, bony inspector gadget like body.

Then one summer, this 10 year old woke up in excruciating pain. A disease called arthritis came into her body and attacked her immune system. After months of blood tests, specialists, x rays and needles (so many needles) she had to quit every team because Chronic Pain became her main sport. She and her parents accepted the sad fact that she would never compete again.

That was a strange year. Sports were her identity. Without a team, how could she grow? Without practice, how could she evolve? Without scoring goals and winning races, where would she find her value? She was stuck. Lost. Scared. Without sports, how would she live?

Then she met Isabelle. This physical therapist taught Chrissy how to move again. She helped Chrissy see that her body was more than a vessel for goal scoring and race winning. It was her home. Her temple.

The movement therapy was grueling and frustrating. So slow at first… but eventually this girl learned how to walk again without any pain. She had to get to know her muscles and joints in new ways, and yoga got her there. Stretching helped her body make sense again. A year later, a more flexible and grateful Chrissy came back to the field.

Her arthritis still flares up from time to time today, but her daily movement inspired by Isabelle the PT keeps her going. If you’re in physical pain, Root & Release will meet you with reverence and respect. Together we’ll unravel your stuck and release your smile back to your face. Defrost with us. Trust your body’s intelligence and let the animal of your being bring you back to the earth. Roar.

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