My Stand.

Dear friend,

I’m up very late tonight because my heart is heavy and my blood is on fire.

Something you might not know about me is that I used to be a teacher. I taught in kindergarten and preschool classrooms, and I have a Masters Degree in Urban Education and Social Justice.

In my first year as a Kindergarten student-teacher, I received a heart stopping lesson about Race in America.

In the first two weeks of the school year, a pattern showed up everyday during Art Hour… TEARS! Fighting! Hurt feelings!

Over what? Light colored crayons and paints.

Please note that all of my students were children of color.

These Black and Brown 4-5 year olds preferred lighter, whiter skin tones when painting pictures of their own faces, bodies, and family members.

When I asked these precious 5 year olds why they wanted the lighter colors their answers ranged from:

Because I want my mommy to be beautiful.

Because I want my daddy to look strong.

Because white is powerful.

Dark colors are ugly.

Brown is a dirty color.

Lighter is more pretty.

In the eyes of these loving and innocent children, WHITE was GOOD & DARK was BAD.

This is internalized racism. By the age of 5, these kids feared the color of their own skin.

I spent the rest of that school year bringing as many Black and Brown voices, songs, pictures, books, scientists, stories, movies, raps, posters, athletes, artists, and myths into the classroom so the kids could see the beauty in their bodies and see their own precious lives depicted in the world. We processed feelings, healed friendships, and built a community where trust was the bottom line.

And then… two years later… I left my social justice education to pursue my certifications in Life Coaching and Somatic Healing. I’ve been a coach and a facilitator ever since.

My White Privilege has afforded me the luxury to turn my back on Social Justice Education. That makes me a part of the problem.

I’m writing you today to let you know that I’ll be taking a break from your inbox as I do my inner and outer work to combat the racism that is killing Black and Brown lives in my country.

My work looks like:

Working with Anti-Oppression Coaches.

Donating money to programs that are working to dismantle systems of harm (NAACP Grassroots Law Project )

Amplifying Black and Brown Voices as I take a break from posting original content on Instagram.

Reading books about the trauma of racism and learning everything I can about White Supremacy and how to defeat it.

Having a zero tolerance policy for racist rhetoric.

Journaling out my internal bias using these prompts from Leesa Renee Hall.

The United States is going through a massive awakening right now. I refuse to look away. I’m diving in.

To my White Audience… Will you join me?

To the People of Color in my audience. I see you. I hear you. I’m so sorry for the pain I have caused with my apathy, my silence, and my privilege.

With love and humility,


What Spraining My Ankle Taught Me About Somatic Awareness

Dear friend,

Last week I learned this lesson: I’m more likely to hurt myself & others when I’m not fully present.

I made a quick video about my experience. Click the image below to watch.

I sprained my ankle last week because I wasn’t connected to my body. If had been practicing somatic awareness, I would have sensed my body calling out for rest and I would have gone for a walk instead of a sprint. Instead I pushed, and pushed some more, and I hurt myself.

Then this past week, when I took a break from exercise and all of my somatic practices in order to nurse my injury, my presence went away and I became reactive and defensive.

Once I brought my body back to presence with the help of movement and mindfulness, I became a more loving and pleasant person.

My virtual workshop Root & Release is this Saturday May 30th from 4pm-6pm PST. You’ll tap into your somatic awareness and open up your spaciousness, patience, compassion and joy.

Snag your spot here >>>

If you have any questions, please respond to this email. I can’t wait to connect with you.

All my love,


Somatic Bliss

Fully present.
Savoring the moment with all of my senses.
Salt. Warmth. Flow. The waves dance against my skin. Life is gentle. The wind is soft.
I absorb Father Sun’s glow on my face and recharge with His last light of day. Thank you. What a kiss!
I cherish Mother Earth and say yes to her mystery. Yes yes yes. Take me. Your majesty. I’ll bend the knee. May I kiss your feet?
Receptive and open, a pool of honey oozes out of my heart.
Love. So much. LOVE. To give. To be.
I’m soft and fluid. So flexible.
The tide changes and I accept my fate.
Thank you. Thank for this life. Thank you for this body. Thank to the wind, the air, the fire, and earth. I’m here now. I’m back.
I might not be able to fly you to the beaches of Koh Pha-ngan, but if it’s Somatic Bliss you’re after, join me us at Root & Release. Your senses will thank you. 

Healing My Arthritis Through Movement

This Girl

Sports helped her get out of her head and into her body.
Competition fueled her. How she showed up in the win or the loss was her workshop. She learned just as much in the defeats as the victories.

Athletics made deep, ancient sense to her body. But Academics? No way. When you mix ADHD with scary math minutes, you get a frozen child with zero capacity to learn.
But she defrosted on the field. After every sprint her cheeks would flush and that smile would return to her face. She’d hit home runs, score goals, and rebound baskets with her beautiful, bony inspector gadget like body.

Then one summer, this 10 year old woke up in excruciating pain. A disease called arthritis came into her body and attacked her immune system. After months of blood tests, specialists, x rays and needles (so many needles) she had to quit every team because Chronic Pain became her main sport. She and her parents accepted the sad fact that she would never compete again.

That was a strange year. Sports were her identity. Without a team, how could she grow? Without practice, how could she evolve? Without scoring goals and winning races, where would she find her value? She was stuck. Lost. Scared. Without sports, how would she live?

Then she met Isabelle. This physical therapist taught Chrissy how to move again. She helped Chrissy see that her body was more than a vessel for goal scoring and race winning. It was her home. Her temple.

The movement therapy was grueling and frustrating. So slow at first… but eventually this girl learned how to walk again without any pain. She had to get to know her muscles and joints in new ways, and yoga got her there. Stretching helped her body make sense again. A year later, a more flexible and grateful Chrissy came back to the field.

Her arthritis still flares up from time to time today, but her daily movement inspired by Isabelle the PT keeps her going. If you’re in physical pain, Root & Release will meet you with reverence and respect. Together we’ll unravel your stuck and release your smile back to your face. Defrost with us. Trust your body’s intelligence and let the animal of your being bring you back to the earth. Roar.

Sign up Here:

How to Face the World When You’d Rather Disappear.

Hey beautiful human,

Don’t you love the days when you feel secure? When you feel safe in your body and empowered to walk the earth?

When I’m grounded, it’s easy to take up space because I believe in my bones that I matter and belong.

But then there are days when I shrink and disappear. Thoughts of “I can’t” or “I don’t know” block my existence. Taking up space becomes too hard a task and before I know it I’ve lost my way. So I stop. I just. stop. existing.

Oof. That’s kind of dark… But, hear me out.

This Pandemic has triggered me. Almost everything I thought I could control, plan, and trust were destroyed by this virus. But you know what?

I LOVE destruction. I’m a seeker after all.

I love the rebirth and recalibration on the other side of ruptures and breaks. Bring on the humiliation. Bring on the embarrassment.

Pain?! Sign me up. I want to transform.

In every face plant, I release another mask to the earth that was never “me” in the first place.

And then the magic happens.

I get up.

With bright eyes and blood on my face, I declare, “Here I am world. Let’s do this.”

This my friend, is resilience. The bridge to an extraordinary life.

Every morning, I use my resilience tools to sharpen my existence.

I make a new playlist that grounds me back to the earth. And then I keep moving. It’s really that simple. I just. keep. moving.

I keep breathing. I trust what my body needs and I let it express what it needs to express.

Sometimes after just the length of one song, I’m back, “HELLO WORLD! Let’s do this sh*t.”

Do you want a piece of this Somatic Empowerment?

I’m bringing this practice to my virtual family. YOU.

On May 30th I’m leading a virtual workshop for all adult bodies: Root & Release. This process will bring your body back into alignment so you can face the days ahead with compassion, clarity, and courage.

If you want to feel secure, safe, and rooted during this time of uncertainty, this workshop is for you.

Thanks for being here, dear one. I appreciate you.

With love,


P.S. Root & Release is a guided and experiential workshop for all adult bodies. While it’s virtual, I promise that it’s a workshop for your soul, not your screen. You’ll have an unique and personal internal experience. Join us May 30th from 4pm-6pm PST.

Sign up here:

Communication Tip for Quarantine

Hey remarkable human,

It was so wonderful to reconnect with you last week! I hope you continue to shelter in place with gratitude, mindfulness, and tons of self compassion.

I have another tip today, and it’s something I discovered in my travels.

I shot this video in New Zealand, a few weeks after Steve and I purchased a camper van. Some would say we were living the dream, but if I’m being honest, those tight quarters brought out the worst in me.

In those crunchy moments, I used a “communication method” I learned from the street dogs in Asia. This tool helped me find levity and humor when I could have reacted with blame and frustration. This tool brought me closer to Steve ever time I used it, instead of pushing him away.

Watch the video below to see how you can bring this method to your relationships. Your whole family might benefit from this, too. Especially the kids.


Will you use the courtesy growl? Let me know!

In compassionate courage,


P.S. If you watched the whole video you’ll know that I’m not perfect, as I get out of whack and alignment ALL THE TIME. In those moments, I return to my body with movement, emotional release, and grounding into the earth. Stay tuned for a virtual workshop I have on May 30th which will help you do ALL of those things so you can feel like yourself again during these crazy times.

How Skydiving Prepared Me for a Pandemic

How are you, precious human?!

I’m back in your inbox today after 10 months of expansive travel. Turns out at 33, I needed a sabbatical. I feel so blessed to have had that time to unwind and explore. I filled my cup back up and now I’m ready to serve.

Like the rest of the world, COVID-19 had me cancel my plans. But I had one experience, 14,000 feet in the air that prepared me for this pandemic…


I’m deathly afraid of heights. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could jump out of an airplane, but I did.

These steps helped me face my fear, and they’re helping me stay present in this global pandemic, too.

1. I freaked. I worried. I asked a million questions.

2. I laughed.

3. I surrendered and put my trust in my guide.

4. I practiced sensory awareness the whole way up in the plane in order to stay present.

5. I accepted my situation.

This video below will tell you my story.

What tools are you using during this time? I’d love to know your tips. Reply in the comments, I can’t wait to hear from you.



My Depression Journey

Hey gorgeous,

I haven’t written a blog post for many months now. Oh how I’ve missed you! I want to fill you in on my world.

I’ll come out with it… For the past 7 months, I’ve been struggling with depression. Depression with a capital D.

My wake up call was back in September, where, after some family planning appointments, I got a new primary care doctor. At the end of one of these appointments, I filled out a generic form to get a baseline for my mood. Questions asking about the sadness, anxiety, or despair that I felt on a daily basis.

If I answered “everyday” on every question, surely I’d be sent to the mental hospital. So I chose to lie.

I lied not on one, not two, but EVERY SINGLE QUESTION. By a lot. I didn’t want to look weak. I didn’t want to be judged.

My inner dialogue sounded like, “Chrissy, what do you honestly have to be depressed about? You’re a life coach and highly skilled workshop facilitator for emotional healing for crying out loud!”

So I put on my happy face and lied. To just about everyone.

The lying caught up with me, as it always does, and my body and spirit shut down. My nervous system (and fiancé) eventually told me I needed psychiatric help.

So I got it.

I had to swallow a lot of pride in order to receive this support, because my badge of honor for the past 5 years was being medication free! I had already “healed” my anxiety and depression. I thought if I got back on meds that I’d be a failure and a fraud in the personal growth world.

I had to go through many ego deaths in order to arrive in the place that I am today. I feel like myself again. Actually, that’s not true… I’m a new person now. This darkness deeply transformed, humbled, and expanded me. I have a new perspective and gratitude for mental health. Today I find myself declaring that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. This is a miracle.

Jim Carey describes depression as a, “f^ck you to the character you’re playing.” In my depression, I realized that I had outgrown the roles I had been playing in my life and career.

My depression taught me that it was time to embody my true character. My life depended on this shift.

Living my truth unapologetically looked like canceling our wedding which was scheduled for May 11th. We decided to focus on our relationship and my mental health instead of a weekend long party. I was able to breathe easier after this.

Next up, my soul told me it was time to let go of a personal growth company I had been coaching and facilitating inside of for the past 5 years. My nervous system told me month after month that it was time to move on, but I wouldn’t listen. It would take my body weeks to recover from these weekend workshops with multiple visits to the chiropractor, abnormal periods, and cysts bursting on my ovaries. In January I made the decision to let go of this work, and while there was SO much to grieve and so much to appreciate about those 5 years of training and love, my body is telling me this was 100% the right decision.

These “let go’s” created the space for my purpose to unfold in an organic, fulfilling, joyful, and abundant way. My depression lifted with these choices.

I was recently interviewed by an incredible woman, where I got to share my journey from depression to breakthrough. In our interview, I share about the moment I got my life force back by taking the biggest risk of my life. Even though it was scary as hell, it was so worth it. I can’t wait for you to hear about it.

My friend Kristen Poczulp is super committed to helping women UP-LEVEL their lives so she’s asked me and about 20 other bad-ass female leaders to come speak on her masterclass series called, Own Your Awesome: How Powerhouse Women Use Their Voice to Make EPIC SHIT Happen. It’s for the woman who is really ready to rock her life in 2019 and take things to a whole new level. She hand picked her panel of experts to showcase female leaders from various industries ranging from Health & Wellness, Career & Finances, Love & Relationships and Spirit & Purpose. Grab your spot right here: Own Your Awesome.

My interview airs April 20th. You won’t want to miss it.

Thanks so much for reading! And if you have any questions about my choices, please reach out.



Lessons From Writing a Toast at my Best Friend’s Wedding

Hey gorgeous,

What a summer it’s been! I’ve learned SO much this season about what it means to be an empowered woman, and the many places I still have within my heart to grow.

Here’s an exciting thing, I GOT ENGAGED! What a ride it’s been. Getting engaged has been a rite of passage to say the least. This ring has amplified the GOOD in our relationship, as well as the parts that still need fine tuning and transformation. As a seeker, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll save those learnings for a future blog post…

Today I want to share a story about what I learned writing and producing a toast for my best friend’s wedding.

As I began writing last weekend, I remember looking at my blank page with so much misery, mistrust, and fear. How could I possibly convey a 26 year friendship in a 5 minute toast?

I’ve always enjoyed the art of public speaking, as I do it in my workshops and retreats all the time. But writing a toast for 150 people, and creating that from nothing activated many old stories from my past:

“I’m stupid.”

“I don’t know how to do this.”

“They will hate me.”

“I’m doing this wrong.”

“This needs to be the best speech ever or I’m a total failure.”

OH THE PRESSURE I put on myself!

I finally let go and trusted my intuition on what to share, and soon (after 5 days of editing) I finally felt good about the flow of the toast. This past Saturday evening, after much practice, I spoke from my heart and honored this couple fully. Funny thing is, my toast followed the most handsome, charming, eloquent (and to top it off FUNNY) Australian man, which had me squirming in my seat the entire time because no one could ever top that! But when it was time for me to go, I dropped in and let ‘er rip.

Truth is, up until that moment, I had been holding back in life. 

I’ve been putting a cap on my expression as a leader and slowly but surely became silent online and in social media. A few things happened a year and a half ago that rocked my confidence, and I let those experiences diminish my light. Sure I was still showing up in my workshops and in my private coaching practice, but in the realm of using my voice out in the world and in public, I brought nothing to the table. Radio silence.

This toast brought me and my light back to life. I realized that I do have something to offer. I realized my voice makes a difference. I realized that those old stories aren’t true, and that with effort, patience, and trust, I can create a speech that stops time and moves an audience with laughter and tears. Most importantly, the group was inspired by the newly married couple’s love, and that was my only intention. I wanted to paint a picture of their relationship with words and stories, and it worked.

It might sound like I’m bragging. And the truth is, I am.  Here’s what I mean…

I believe it’s so important for women to celebrate ourselves and our victories, and of course, to celebrate the victories of our brothers and sisters as well. I got many acknowledgements that night about my speaking ability and presence, and for the first time ever, I let those affirmations in. You see, there has always been a voice in my head that believes in my “wrongness” first. It’s a place of deficiency, lack, and insecurity. This time, I believed in my goodness and greatness first.

Receiving those compliments and believing them is a testament to the work I’ve done this past year and a half.

What I faced in the struggle, as depressing as it was at times, was what I needed to shine. Diamonds, after all, go through a rigorous process before they are worn.

My time in that dark cave of hibernation was necessary to get to my next level of leadership. I needed that time of rest to reset.

I’m clear that I have something to teach from my year and a half absence. Those emails are in the queue… Just you wait!

So, dear one. If you’re going through a challenging time… Trust it. This process is too important to ignore. And when you get an opportunity to come out of your hibernation, trust that process too and please- KEEP GOING! It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

You’ll know when it’s time to beam your light. Truth is, every woman’s shining has a different light and essence. Your only job is to become so fully and completely YOU without abandon, that you could be rejected by most of the world and still feel awesome about yourself. When your light is that bright, no darkness can touch it. Nothing can take it away.

Here’s what I know to be true. Our light never, ever, goes out completely. There’s always a flicker. So surround yourself with friends and family who *get* you and believe in you. Develop a team of love warriors who will have your back no matter what. These defenders will stoke your fire. That’s what helped me during my time, and those teammates were there waiting on the other side with so much celebration.

Remember, dear one. You matter.  And turns out, I do, too.

Thank you for reading my (vulnerable) story.



P.S. I’ve re-opened my private coaching practice for women ready to shine. Feeling debilitated by a challenge? Forget who you are? Let’s dive in. After my own dark night of the soul, I know how to meet your pain with compassion, and definitely know the steps for you to come back to life. Book your 45 minute discovery call with me now by clicking this link.


How to Eat Healthy Without Losing Yourself in the Process (VIDEO)

Hey gorgeous,

Did you make any new health resolutions at the start of the year? I know I did. I’ve been on a “healthy eating” train since January 1st, 2018, and I’ve been enjoying the benefits big time. New energy. New clarity. New strength.

But even with the right intentions, discipline, and commitment, I slowly but surely realized that my “healthy choices” were taking some unhealthy turns.

I realized over the weekend that I’ve been restricting myself more than freeing myself. This video will share more…

Healthy Eating: Freedom or Restriction?

As you probably know by now, I’m a big fan of vulnerability. I believe this quality holds our human species together for the better. I’m taking a risk and sharing this video with you because I hope you will learn from my choices.

I want to live in a world where it’s safe to be real, safe to make mistakes, and safe to tell the truth. Thank you for hearing my truth.

To be honest, it’s been a vulnerable 3 months for me. A lot of changes, internal and external. Actually, more internal than external, but the external changes are coming. LOOK OUT!

If you feel called, I’d love for you to respond to this email and let me know how you’re doing. I’m guessing a lot has been going on for you as well. Gimme the updates, the changes, the goodness and the lessons. I’m here to cheer you on.

More stories to come!