Communication Tip for Quarantine

Hey remarkable human,

It was so wonderful to reconnect with you last week! I hope you continue to shelter in place with gratitude, mindfulness, and tons of self compassion.

I have another tip today, and it’s something I discovered in my travels.

I shot this video in New Zealand, a few weeks after Steve and I purchased a camper van. Some would say we were living the dream, but if I’m being honest, those tight quarters brought out the worst in me.

In those crunchy moments, I used a “communication method” I learned from the street dogs in Asia. This tool helped me find levity and humor when I could have reacted with blame and frustration. This tool brought me closer to Steve ever time I used it, instead of pushing him away.

Watch the video below to see how you can bring this method to your relationships. Your whole family might benefit from this, too. Especially the kids.


Will you use the courtesy growl? Let me know!

In compassionate courage,


P.S. If you watched the whole video you’ll know that I’m not perfect, as I get out of whack and alignment ALL THE TIME. In those moments, I return to my body with movement, emotional release, and grounding into the earth. Stay tuned for a virtual workshop I have on May 30th which will help you do ALL of those things so you can feel like yourself again during these crazy times.


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