The power of “I can”

Hi Gorgeous!

Do you ever notice yourself saying, “I can’t”? Maybe in your mind or even aloud?

I get it. These words used to rule my thinking: 

“I can’t do that yoga pose.”

“I can’t get over him.”

“I can’t make money.”

“I can’t be a successful coach.”

Then I woke up. I was tired of being broke, miserable, and purposeless. I got into action, learned everything I could about manifestation, and changed my mindset and way of thinking. I transformed my limited vocabulary into words of empowerment. When my thoughts changed- my world changed, and I want this for you.

Here are some personal examples of what can happen when you shift your thinking and speaking into more conscious and positive language. 

IMG_1757Two weekends ago my thought, “I can’t do a headstand,” transformed into “I can do a headstand!” I decided in my mind that I could do a headstand, tried it for the first time,  and I did it- effortlessly!  My past negative thinking didn’t give my body close to enough credit. I didn’t stop there, and figured if I could do a headstand, why not try another inversion? Well, I succeeded in a new pose, side-crow this past week, and can’t get enough of it. It started with “I can,” and transformed into “I am.”

“I can’t be a successful coach.” That was a big one and clouded my new business deeply. Guess what?! That way of thinking made me broke. I was living in fear, afraid to put myself out there. The universe is always listening. Our words and thoughts matter. The life you lead is synonymous with the words you think. If your thoughts or words have negative energy, you will attract that same negativity in your life. Your conversation MATTERS!

By bringing my awareness to this thought, “I can’t be a successful coach,” I got real with myself. How the h@$* could I be a successful coach with that belief tainting my potential? I decided to take inspired action to support me in becoming a success.  I read manifestation books to raise my vibration, and I made the biggest investment in myself to date by registering for a 12 month Coaching program to up-level my business and mindset. I trained my mind into thinking “I can” and “I am.” What has opened up for me in my business with this mindset shift?

My actions aligned with my thinking, and my positive thoughts turned into positive things. I published this new website!  Getting visible was my wink to the universe saying, “I am a successful coach.”

This was my Yes to my calling, and inside that vibration, a coaching company in downtown San Francisco found me and asked me to lead and create a 30 Days of Mindfulness App. My past negative thinking would have told me, “Nope, you can’t do that… that sounds like too much work.” Instead I was a total YES! I created 30 days of daily mindfulness practices for men and women to incorporate in their everyday lives and recorded 10 videos and 7 guided meditations as a result.  My work is now being shared with thousands of people. This all started with “I can.”
Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.06.19 PMMy new and empowered thinking created this possibility!

The 30 Days of Mindfulness Challenge launches on Monday and I will keep you posted with all of the details so you can incorporate different qualities of awareness into your life so you can experience mental and emotional freedom and peace on a daily basis.

**A teaser from the challenge that I invite you to consider!**

During the day, take note of the conversations you have, both aloud and inside your mind. Notice the nature of your words; your complaints, your grievances, your gossip, your stories… Heck, even check out the Facebook updates you post! The life you lead is synonymous with the words you speak or think into the world. If your conversations contain negative energy, you will attract negativity. If your conversations are positive, open, and compassionate, you will attract these qualities into your life. How do your thoughts and conversations impact your life? What are you willing to shift to live the life you love?


All my love,


My Story

73246_10100168359498023_2512660_nI had an “ah-ha!” moment this afternoon while walking home from Yoga. The realization sounded something like this: “I love my life.”  I now go to yoga at any time of day that I desire, I’m lit up and inspired by my work, I get plenty of sleep, I have an incredible boyfriend, and I have the time to nourish my body with self-care and self-love. The truth is, my life is radically different than it used to be. I used to dread waking up in the morning because I was painfully busy, overworked, and living without purpose. I feel called to share a glimpse of my story with you, and hope it can inspire you to welcome radical change into your life as well.

My coaching journey began as a teacher, where I taught in elementary and university level classrooms across Northern California and East Africa. My mission was to create the safest space possible for my students to discover their own unique gifts and heal any insecurities holding them back from stepping into their power and expressing their truth.

Unfortunately, my light began to burn out in this profession; I felt overworked and underpaid. After a period of soul reckoning and transformation,  I realized being a school teacher no longer aligned with my purpose to support others in healing and empowerment. I also realized that my relationship of 4 years no longer aligned with our highest good. I took two huge risks just over a year and a half ago,  and the results were two break ups. I broke up with my teaching profession and broke up with my boyfriend.  I entered a new phase of transition, grief, and letting go.  As hard as this time was,  I’m clear that closing these doors created new beginnings for me as a woman and leader. New Beginnings are what I stand for as a women’s empowerment coach, and I believe every waking moment is a chance to turn our lives around for the better.

During my “soul reckoning”  I surrounded myself with communities and spaces that encouraged me to honor my intuitive wisdom. From women’s circles, to romance coaching, to workshops and seminars- I learned how to open myself to the power of manifestation through meditation and prayer. I now believe anything is possible, and it starts with something as simple as a positive thought. I visualized myself as a women’s empowerment coach and trusted the whispers that were steering me out of the teaching profession. I visualized calling in my soul mate and got crystal clear on the qualities I was looking for in a partner. I refused to settle for anything less than extraordinary. In just one year, I manifested each of these thoughts into realities, and today I’m living out my purpose as a transformational coach and blessed to be in the relationship of my dreams.

I said NO to what no longer served me and YES to myself. Saying yes to my soul’s mission gave me permission to listen to my deepest wisdom as a woman, the wisdom of my true self. My purpose found me because I was open and available to receiving guidance and support.  It is now my greatest honor to support other women inside their own soul reckonings, where ends are new beginnings and progress is part of the struggle.

Who I became in the process of ending my teaching career and relationship is something I wouldn’t give up for the world. As Cynthia Occelli says:

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would like like complete destruction.”

For you to achieve YOUR greatest expression, I invite you to welcome change and come undone, even if it’s painful and looks like utter destruction to someone looking in.

If you are ready for your own new beginning, let’s have a FREE 30 minute Discovery Session where we can give your intuition a voice and map out the life of your dreams. To set this up, email my team at, SUBJECT: Discovery Session.

To your new beginning,

Feminine Freedom

Celebration of Woman

Photo: Vaschelle André


I had the most amazing weekend co-facilitating the workshop, Celebration of Woman! I’m still riding the high of these courageous women coming home to TRUE SELF-EMPOWERMENT. I did this workshop as a participant 2.5 years ago, and it’s the reason I became a women’s empowerment coach. This past weekend, each woman in her own way moved through fears and pains to open her heart to a new world of FREEDOM. 
The freedom to be seen.
The freedom to speak up.
The freedom to love her body as a temple.
The freedom to dance.
The freedom to sit in stillness.
The freedom to be happy.
The freedom to be real.
The freedom to love.
The freedom to forgive.

The freedom to believe in something bigger than herself. 
Watch out world, these women own their worth and will settle for nothing less than extraordinary living filled with self-love and self-acceptance!I feel moved to share this with you because I trust in my gut that all women long for these basic freedoms. Women from all walks of life attended this workshop, and I believe that you  deserve this work as well. Are you longing to be seen and heard inside a safe and loving space to explore old stories and pains? Do you want to love your body? Do you want to love yourself, and I mean..all of yourself? Because it’s possible. This is a weekend dedicated to shining light on the parts of yourself that you have judged as dark or not okay. The other side of this illumination process is what liberates you. A woman’s birthright is to love.
When you have the space to release all the baggage that keeps you up at night, your essence of love is revealed. It’s a kind of self-love that these women had the chance to define for themselves this weekend. I trust that these women are showing up open and healed in their communities today. I feel honored and privileged to facilitate workshops such as this through Celebration of Being and cannot wait to bring a new wave of women to our next workshop in February!
If you desire the happiness and freedom I’ve described above, let’s set up a free 30 minute Discovery Session. On the call we will set you up for a life of saying YES to yourself, so you too can write your self-love story and claim your freedom NOW.
May you and all beings be happy and free,

Fomo and Boundaries

cbs-30Hi Beautiful,

I have a story to share with you.

This past weekend I missed out on a precious reunion that happens every five years.  Why did I miss it? I wasn’t a total Yes to going. I would have gone out of FOMO, the fear of missing out. Hundreds of former co-workers young and old gathered this past weekend to celebrate, connect, and party. Some of my best friends from college were there- the men and women who have seen me at my best and absolute worst. We grew up together while staffing at this glorious college alumni camp in the mountains, and this weekend would have been the perfect opportunity to reconnect and bond in camaraderie. But I didn’t go. Why? It’s simple and maybe you can relate. My ex was going to be there, and because I am still healing from our breakup and moving on inside a new, amazing relationship, I let my No be No. While the voice in my head told me to go to this reunion, my body and emotions told me I wasn’t ready. I felt the No in my bones and didn’t make myself wrong for it.

In the past, I would have listened to the Yes of my friends over the No of myself. That cycle of self-betrayal is one of the root causes of women’s pain, and deeply influenced the lack of trust I had for my choices in the past. Saying No this weekend was two-fold: First it was an act of ending my self-betrayal, because my stand is for women to own their Yes and honor their No. Secondly, it allowed me to set up a healthy boundary for myself unapologetically.  I honored my No responsibly. I was honest with my feelings and gave myself permission to feel the FOMO instead of avoid it. What did I learn from this experience?

Fomo isn’t so bad! In fact, FOMO > SELF BETRAYAL (big time). I had a healing Reiki session Friday morning where I was invited to feel my FOMO in its entirety. (Tip #1 in my Fear to Fire e-Book: Welcome your Fear.) I felt myself reaching for the party, for the friends, for the laughter…and the sensation of missing out reminded me of the pain a child has when she doesn’t get what she wants. I realized that I was trying to have it all, but was stretched too thin in the process. When I leaned back into my experience here in the now, without the reaching and grasping- I felt peace and grounded love for being in one place. I was here, inside a safe boundary I had a created for myself to heal and grow by letting go. HERE is always better than THERE. That realization was the end of suffering for me. “Here” is all we’ve got, and I got to taste it and bask in its glory.  I could have ignored this FOMO by distracting myself (ahem, suppressing), but instead, I said Yes to the FOMO- and the truth underneath was more beautiful and alive than I could have ever imagined. Listening to my No allowed a new Yes to appear- a Yes to my own empowered choices. A Yes to trusting myself and being here, fully present and awake.

If you are ready to end your own cycle of self-betrayal and create a new possibility for self-love, let’s set up a free 45 minute discovery session.  On this call you too can explore your internal battle between Yes and No, and I will share how my services will support you in owning what you want in life and honoring what you don’t. Email me for more details with the subject reading: Discovery Session.

I look forward to hearing from you!

To your Yes being Yes and your No being No,


The Missing Ingredients

CBS-28-WebDo you you ever find yourself saying:
“I don’t know who I am.”
“I don’t know what I want.”
“I don’t know my own brilliance.”
“I don’t know my purpose.”
“I don’t know where I belong.”

Do you desire change?
Change in your job? Your relationship? Or simply change in your way of being in the world?
Do you long to love and accept yourself fully and get CRYSTAL clear on who you are and what you want?
Do you desire to move from stuck to unstuck- FAST?

Trust me, I’ve been there. I was unfulfilled in my teaching job, relationships, and life in general- feeling lost and stuck. My life was overly judgmental and I lacked confidence and spark. After 6 years of doing deep transformational work on myself, I discovered that the missing ingredients in my life were passion, presence, and purpose. Using those ingredients, 2 years ago I led my first ever workshop for men and women to let go of the past and discover who they really are. After I facilitated that first workshop, my mission in life dramatically shifted, and I am now a transformational coach and workshop facilitator full time. As a result of living on purpose and finding my passion, I wake up with excitement, confidence, and tons of energy- with inner peace flooding my being. Not to mention I am making more money than I ever made as a teacher and have manifested the relationship of my dreams. I. Am. Happy. And I want this for you.

If you too want to turn your life around with a new beginning, where self-love is your strongest muscle and purpose your birthright, let’s set up a free 30 minute discovery session to see if my coaching will support you in achieving what you want in life.