The power of “I can”

Hi Gorgeous!

Do you ever notice yourself saying, “I can’t”? Maybe in your mind or even aloud?

I get it. These words used to rule my thinking: 

“I can’t do that yoga pose.”

“I can’t get over him.”

“I can’t make money.”

“I can’t be a successful coach.”

Then I woke up. I was tired of being broke, miserable, and purposeless. I got into action, learned everything I could about manifestation, and changed my mindset and way of thinking. I transformed my limited vocabulary into words of empowerment. When my thoughts changed- my world changed, and I want this for you.

Here are some personal examples of what can happen when you shift your thinking and speaking into more conscious and positive language. 

IMG_1757Two weekends ago my thought, “I can’t do a headstand,” transformed into “I can do a headstand!” I decided in my mind that I could do a headstand, tried it for the first time,  and I did it- effortlessly!  My past negative thinking didn’t give my body close to enough credit. I didn’t stop there, and figured if I could do a headstand, why not try another inversion? Well, I succeeded in a new pose, side-crow this past week, and can’t get enough of it. It started with “I can,” and transformed into “I am.”

“I can’t be a successful coach.” That was a big one and clouded my new business deeply. Guess what?! That way of thinking made me broke. I was living in fear, afraid to put myself out there. The universe is always listening. Our words and thoughts matter. The life you lead is synonymous with the words you think. If your thoughts or words have negative energy, you will attract that same negativity in your life. Your conversation MATTERS!

By bringing my awareness to this thought, “I can’t be a successful coach,” I got real with myself. How the h@$* could I be a successful coach with that belief tainting my potential? I decided to take inspired action to support me in becoming a success.  I read manifestation books to raise my vibration, and I made the biggest investment in myself to date by registering for a 12 month Coaching program to up-level my business and mindset. I trained my mind into thinking “I can” and “I am.” What has opened up for me in my business with this mindset shift?

My actions aligned with my thinking, and my positive thoughts turned into positive things. I published this new website!  Getting visible was my wink to the universe saying, “I am a successful coach.”

This was my Yes to my calling, and inside that vibration, a coaching company in downtown San Francisco found me and asked me to lead and create a 30 Days of Mindfulness App. My past negative thinking would have told me, “Nope, you can’t do that… that sounds like too much work.” Instead I was a total YES! I created 30 days of daily mindfulness practices for men and women to incorporate in their everyday lives and recorded 10 videos and 7 guided meditations as a result.  My work is now being shared with thousands of people. This all started with “I can.”
Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.06.19 PMMy new and empowered thinking created this possibility!

The 30 Days of Mindfulness Challenge launches on Monday and I will keep you posted with all of the details so you can incorporate different qualities of awareness into your life so you can experience mental and emotional freedom and peace on a daily basis.

**A teaser from the challenge that I invite you to consider!**

During the day, take note of the conversations you have, both aloud and inside your mind. Notice the nature of your words; your complaints, your grievances, your gossip, your stories… Heck, even check out the Facebook updates you post! The life you lead is synonymous with the words you speak or think into the world. If your conversations contain negative energy, you will attract negativity. If your conversations are positive, open, and compassionate, you will attract these qualities into your life. How do your thoughts and conversations impact your life? What are you willing to shift to live the life you love?


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