Hatred & Love

Hey gorgeous,

Relaxation is my favorite past time. My boyfriend has another word for it – laziness – but I disagree. Two summer’s ago I found myself blissed out at my favorite Hot Springs sanctuary up north, and I want to share an embarrassing yet transformational experience with you.


There I was, relaxing alone in the steam room. Life was good. Stillness, peace, and clarity.

10 minutes later another human being enters the scene. Soon after he sits down, I hear the sharp, squeaky pressure of blades going against his head.

{Chrissy’s ego} 
He’s shaving his head! Shaving his head in my blissed out sanctuary. Gross. Who honestly shaves his head in a public space? Is that even sanitary? A space where we’re asked to sit in silence? I can hear the flick of tiny hairs thrown down the drain at my feet, EWW!

I was SO grossed out. It didn’t take long to notice my state of relaxation slowly transforming into agitation and irritability.

I felt a familiar emotion that I often try to deny: Hatred. I hated this guy.

Me, the life coach, hating an absolute stranger for shaving his head and distracting me.

So I looked within and asked for guidance.
{Enter Wild Woman}
What’s the opportunity here? How can I turn this around?

Then these words leapt out of my mouth before another thought could hold me back, “Do you need any help?”

{Chrissy’s ego}
Oh shit. Did I just say that? Please ignore me.. Please don’t respond.

With huge smile on his face he said, “Wow.. that would be awesome!”

So I walked over,  took his razor, and to my delight realized he had done such a botch job it would have been rude of me to NOT to help him.

There I was shaving a stranger’s head.
I moved from hatred to love fast.
All I had to do was look within for the “soul” opportunity.

We got connected, shared some laughs, and my boiling anger cooled off into compassion, friendship, and dare I say, love.

When you feel your hate instead of trying to hide it, your love gets a wink to come out and play.

Why am I sharing this story with you?

Every single emotion that you feel makes you a whole and integrated human. Just like chocolate chip cookies need sugar and chocolate chips for sweetness, they also need the eggs, baking soda, and flour which are fowl and messy on their own. Mix ’em all together and you’ll get a glorious treat.

Whatever you’re feeling on this entrepreneurial journey, I assure you, you’re not alone. Do you feel jealous? Do you feel angry? Frustrated? Anxious? Ashamed? Overwhelmed? I guarantee there’s GOLD hidden under those emotions if you feel them with love and acceptance. Feel the feeling, ask for the lesson, and then find your message. It’s there.

Your genius could very well be underneath your uncomfortable emotion. The more you expose it, the more light can shine through.

all my love,

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