4 months of life coaching to remember who you are and what you came here to do.


with Chrissy Brady-Smith

Life Coach for Wild Women Leaders


Are you a woman entrepreneur struggling
with the emotional ups and downs of

being a leader?

WY3_2515Don’t worry sister, I know who you really are.

You’re a freedom seeking Goddess of empowerment and vision.

You used to be happy and free, but somewhere along your road to success you lost yourself.

Maybe you lost your voice. Your confidence. Your sass. You lost the spark that makes you, you.

Anxiety is running the show- you’re no longer connected to your precious body. It doesn’t feel like yours anymore.

Thoughts of doubt still take you out of the game despite all the work you’ve done on your mindset, and you find yourself self sabotaging over and over again.

You’re no longer inspired by your message. Serving your tribe doesn’t light you up like you know it should.

The burnout is real.  

You want to trust the entrepreneurial path you’ve chosen but

Anxiety,  Fear, Anger, Overwhelm, and/or Sadness keep showing up, blocking your wisdom from coming through.

Why is this a big deal?

The impact you desire to have on the planet is wasted every minute these emotions and anxieties take you out of the game.

I’m here to tell you there’s another way to live. There’s another way to lead. There’s another way to succeed.

I’m Chrissy Brady-Smith, life coach for wild women leaders.  I believe business is a rite of passage, a portal that shows you how big you can play as you move through the emotions of fear, shame, and worry. This initiation invites a new archetype of feminine leadership to emerge, and I’d like to introduce you to her.

She's a heroine, an inspiration bridging the gap between business and pleasure.

She's inside of you right now, but you need to slow down, close your eyes, and breathe her in.

She doesn't show up through DOING or PUSHING. Her presence must be felt through your senses, intuition, and energy beyond the mind.

Let’s invite a new powerhouse to
your table, shall we?

WY3_1196 (1)

The Wild Woman Entrepreneur

She connects two archetypes:

The Modern Day Business Woman
(driven, focused, logical)
The Ancient Wild Woman
(untamed, surrendered, emotionally awake)

The Wild Woman Entrepreneur is a “success” for one reason only:
She’s mastered her emotions.

She delivers her message with unwavering faith because she’s transformed her fear into power.  

She breaks through her upper limits of success and happiness because she’s no longer taken out by anxiety.

She’s visible online because she’s healed her shame and exploded her self worth.

She makes amazing money from a space of service and contribution because guilt no longer interferes with her sales.

She’s connected to her body and loves it madly, shining her body-love like a beacon of hope for the feminine.

The best part?

The Wild Woman Entrepreneur has filled her cup with so much love that being rejected or misunderstood doesn’t phase her. She’s mastered the art of feeling amazing about herself no matter what life throws her.

WY3_2174 (2)This makes her a magnet for Divine Feminine Success.

I believe the woman behind the business deserves just as much love and attention as the woman leading the business. Her emotions must be fed, her body must be nurtured, and her fears must be heard.

The invitation you have in front of you is a movement to bring out your FULL range of feminine leadership. The leadership only you can access.

But before I offer you this gateway to power, pleasure, and purpose let me tell you who I am and where I come from.


My Story...

It all starts with a breakthrough.

That nature of a breakthrough involves facing a whole lot of resistance and painful emotion before arriving on the other side.

I want to tell you about my own breakthrough process last year, so you can learn from my journey and mistakes.

A year ago I wrote the content you’re looking at now.  I spent weeks birthing this program that invited a new paradigm of feminine leadership to the forefront of business.


mlkMy message invited women leaders to live as if love was the bottom line in their bodies, relationships, and service. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived that way. He lived as if love was the bottom line but he was killed for it.

You see, when you’re doing the work of the lightworker you’re going to receive resistance and even threats. You’ll be misunderstood, rejected, and disliked- BUT YOUR JOB IS TO KEEP GOING.

When you stay the course holding the torch of your love high, you’ll be led out the darkness and into the light.

In the midst of birthing this new program, I brought my Title to my business coach and forgot the way of the lightworker.

I wasn’t confident. When I brought the title to my coach my language and energy didn’t lead the conversation in an inspiring direction. I was searching outside myself for confirmation, and guess what happened?

My coach (who I love and adore by the way) didn’t like the title.

So I self sabotaged.

I told myself she didn’t like the program and shut it all down. After those 20 minutes of coaching I went in a whole new direction in business and left my calling in the dust.

What really happened? I trusted her words more than the wisdom of my true self.  I searched outside myself for answers and gave my power away over a simple disagreement in titles.

This caused me to choose a niche that didn’t match my calling as a life coach. I chose a niche that would sell...

 Can you guess it?


emerge-header-3Business coaching for new coaches.

Selling became the bottom line, to hell with love.

Even though the money started coming in easily, I lost myself in the process. I lost my message. I lost my will. I lost my creativity. I lost my heart for service.


I self betrayed, the greatest pain a woman will ever experience.

Over the course of these 8 months I grew so creatively blocked that something had to change or I would quit.

So I started listening to my wisdom again, tuning back into my body. I got real with my fear and gave it the space to be heard instead of wronged. My fear was trying to keep me safe! But the cost was holding me hostage inside a niche that wasn’t mine. Listening to my fear gave my courage a friendly knock on the door to finally come out and play.

I started writing from my heart after hours of dancing, hiking, and chanting in yoga. I woke up my life force energy and unlocked the brand and message you’re looking at now.

I let my love lead me instead of my head. 

My Wild Woman started
coming through.

Her messages penetrated me in meditation after meditation, and one day she sent me on a mission to open up the program I shut down a year before.

As soon as I opened the document, I felt a surge of energy, a real connection to my power as I read the title: “Lead from your Heart.” 15 pages of content representing who I am and what I stand for. Tears rolled down my face.

“This was mine! This was unique! This was me!”

And who did I have to thank? All the business coaching and trainings I’d attended and received over the years? Nope.  

The Wild Woman helped me remember.


yoga-picBelieve it or not a successful business isn’t the number one goal of the wild woman entrepreneur.

A fulfilled Soul is.

If your soul is telling you right now that something’s off in your life as a woman entrepreneur, I’ve got you sister.

When you ignore your emotions and run down your body through DOING, it’s impossible to believe in yourself and go to the next level of impact, success, and LOVE.


I believe your whole human experience must be supported as a wild woman entrepreneur. That’s the art of integration, welcoming your wholeness.  That’s why I’ve developed a private coaching program to support the emotional success of the whole woman behind the business.

Why? Because women leaders need a safe space to crumble too.


The Wild Woman Entrepreneur.

4 months of private coaching to remember who you are and what you came here to do.


In this private mentorship I’ll help you:

Develop a SOUL message that’s so real, vulnerable and inspiring that it actually lifts YOU up, making the thought of “quitting” disappear.  

Break free from old stories, paradigms and beliefs that keep you small and limit the impact you desire.

Process triggering emotions that interfere with your productivity and efficiency so you’re no longer taken out by upset, fear, shame, or anxiety.  

Honor your body as your foundation so you can deliver your programs with grace and ease instead of force and exhaustion.

Awaken your creative genius when you’re feeling blocked so you’re excited to write your newsletters and  sales pages as opposed to dreading them.  

Develop a trust in yourself SO BIG that doubt no longer tackles your ideas.

Find and heal your root cause of procrastination so you can be more productive and effective.

Transform your relationship with money so you no longer undercharge and over-deliver out of guilt, shame or terror.

Learn how to trust your body’s wisdom instead of the worrying thoughts of your mind.

Activate & align your chakras so your energy centers work for you and not against you.

Strengthen your intuition as your internal guidance system to keep your business authentic and innovative so you’re never intimidated by someone else’s idea.

Remember the purpose you were born with so you’re no longer searching outside yourself for answers or affirmation.

This is how you get there:

  • 2 Hour Skype intensive to find your SOUL message. This is the inspiration that weaves through your offerings, newsletters, and overall rhythm as an entrepreneur. This is your legacy; what you're known for and stand for. 
  • 12 hour long sessions over the course of 4 months (3 Sessions a month with one week off every month for integration purposes. Sessions done over the phone.)
  • Soul Calling Packet to fill out before we begin so I can receive your desires, witness your fears, and tune into your mission that you aren’t even aware of yet. My questions will guide you, all you have to do is show up.
  • Breakthrough Homework Assignments crafted to your needs to reclaim your wisdom and focus as a wild woman entrepreneur.
  • Weekly Email Support to support your Divine Messaging, Emotional Processing, and Breakthrough Assignments.
  • Welcome Packet of Orientation Materials to set you up for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual success on this journey together.
  • Feedback Check Point every month for you to share your feedback with me so I can serve you better and feed your unique love language. I’m so committed to your greatness that I want to make sure my coaching and assignments are landing for you in safe, sacred, and powerful ways.  Your honesty is welcome.
  • 1 delivered gift from Chrissy at some point throughout our time together to inspire your feminine freedom.



Pay in Full: $5,500 (Save $500)
Payment Plan: 6 monthly payments of $1,000

Ready to develop unwavering faith in your purpose so your fears never stop you again?

Apply Now to set up a call with me.




If you decide to hire me as your coach I have one fierce rule. Only YOU have the answers.

I won’t tell you what’s right or wrong.

I won’t tell you why, how, or what to do.

But I’ll believe you when you say, “I MUST step up now.”

Then I’ll point to your wings and give you permission to fly.

WY3_3359-EditI used to go back and forth between one niche to the next, “shoulding” myself to death.
Should I be a business coach? Should I be a life coach? Should I do what she’s doing?

The Wild Woman Entrepreneur never says SHOULD.

She has such deep, wild trust in herself and her mission that she never questions her offerings, copy, power or worth. It takes time to get there of course, but it begins with a decision. An investment in your higher purpose.



What sisters are saying:


Chrissy’s impeccable intuition as a coach allows her to identify your limiting core issues and bring them to light in loving, safe ways.  Her commitment to empowering others is unshakable - I’ve seen Chrissy break down barriers in others that have taken a lifetime to build, and only minutes with Chrissy’s coaching to dissolve.

Emily Nelson

Copywriter & Social Media Expert

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.09.00 PM

I went to Chrissy because I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and exhausted in my business and life. It was really important to me that my coach have impeccable wealth consciousness, be able to understand my creative and spiritual nature, and be a big thinker. Chrissy delivered on all of this and affirmed for me that it was possible to have the rocking business, great relationships, an exceptional lifestyle, and be of service. She had the magical ability to pivot from talking about business to life, multiple times in one session, clearly connecting the dots for me every time, showing that the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. An entrepreneur herself, she is fluent in the language of online business but also had the emotional bandwidth to hold space for me when I needed to purge or process the emotions that inevitably come up when we take on the challenge of becoming the highest version of ourselves. She was so nurturing and created a safe container for me to connect back to myself as a woman. At the same time, she didn't hesitate to call me on my BS if necessary. If you're craving the support of a coach who is smart, savvy, fun, soulful, and really gets that you are more than just your business, she is your woman. Thanks for everything, Chrissy! You have been such a blessing in my life.

Heather Rebecca Wilson

Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs



I felt trapped by anxiety and self-criticism for years, and Chrissy, in her incredibly accepting and gentle way, allowed me to see this self-sabotage clearly for the first time. Words cannot express how liberating working with her was. She helped me create the space I needed to let go of who I used to be and who I am supposed to be. Now I can simply be me, and it is a wonderful way to live. I’ve worked with numerous therapists in the past, and now, at a time when I am faced with some of the most difficult life events yet, I have emerged with a healthy strength and more sure of myself than ever before thanks to Chrissy’s coaching.  I used to find “soul searching” a terrible cliché, but whatever it is labeled, working with Chrissy forced me to dig deep and face my demons in order to discover that I do indeed have the fortitude for life, and there is joy even in hard times- imagine that.


Physician's Assistant & Writer, San Francisco


 A year ago, I was a burnt out middle school teacher who was overwhelmed, overworked, and desperately searching for clarity on my mission in this world.  With Chrissy's coaching, I realized that I didn't want to teach anymore. Instead, I wanted to coach teen girls into realizing just how amazing and powerful they are and to prevent years of hating their bodies, silencing themselves, or not feeling good enough.  And then with Chrissy's support I began to build my business. She helped me create my website, my content, programs- basically everything. As my business continued to unfold, Chrissy coached me into further clarity and to powerfully claim that I wanted to lead workshops in schools as well.  The very next day, I booked a week-long workshop at a school for all of their 8th grade boys and girls.  Now, I have lead week-long gender studies workshops in schools across the bay area, I lead seminars for principals and families on how to raise a confident daughter in today's social media age, and I get to coach some amazing teen girls.  With Chrissy's coaching I’ve been able to deal with setbacks with confidence and grace, and to see them as opportunities rather than deterrents. She’s helped me transform my fears around visibility so I am now posting Vlogs and updates on facebook (when I was TERRIFIED before). Chrissy has always been a stand for me to speak my truth and has helped me realize that all the answers lie within me already and to trust myself. I owe everything to Chrissy and cannot recommend her enough.

Shandra LaMotte

Teen Empowerment Coach



A year ago, I wanted to drop my Ph.D. program because I didn't believe in myself as a writer, felt lost in my career, and disconnected from my community. With Chrissy's support, I found my voice as a scholar, and created the dissertation project of my dreams which now serves as the foundation for my life's work. Through our ongoing sessions, Chrissy helped me get extremely clear about what I wanted for myself and my life, and what was stopping me from pursuing this path. By embracing, rather than running away from my fears, I found my authentic voice and purpose as a leader, educator, and entrepreneur, and became an unstoppable force.  Now I am the CEO and Founder of Breathe For Change, an organization that improves the health and well-being of students, teachers and communities through yoga and mindfulness. Breathe For Change's mission is the exact vision I created for myself through my sessions with Chrissy: to change the world, one teacher at a time. 

Ilana Nankin

CEO of Breathe for Change


I’m amazed at the shift that occurred in my belief system throughout Chrissy’s coaching program. I created a new lifestyle that matches my desires and vision that I’m proud of. I’m now a “confidence coach” who empowers women transitioning out of the sex industry to lead extraordinary lives filled with self-worth, love, and meaning.


Confidence Coach


After one hour with Chrissy I was able to free myself from the need to constantly be accepted by others. It’s been so freeing to just “be” around others and not feel the constant urge to kiss ass all the time. The best part is that my business as a health coach with Herbalife has grown by leaps and bounds simply by my ability to deliver to clients the messages they need to hear, not what I think they want to hear.


Badass Mom and Health Coach

Em for RH

 As a Soma Neuromuscular Integrator, the bodywork I perform with clients is *magical* when their pain is released. However it's simply a matter of my focused presence on their pain using the appropriate tools and the belief and desire to create the change. This is precisely the formula Chrissy guided me through. I wanted someone to help me see my own blind spots for success so I came to Chrissy with financial and emotional pain- self doubt, self worth issues, money myths, etc. It's not comfortable to see the less sexy parts of becoming an entrepreneur. This requires safety, appreciation and the magical formula. Chrissy's ultimate attentiveness to my needs and her belief in me has given me the very medicine I give my clients for transforming pain into freedom. I call this a magical process because the only way out is through. Throughout this program Chrissy's guidance reminded me of my own magic within, and for this I am eternally grateful for her. 

Em Boardway

Soma Bodyworker, Yoga Instructor, Magical Priestess



Chrissy’s coaching has revealed in me a resource of strength and self-love which I go to every time I am tempted to surrender to old habits of self-sabotage. This resource has especially helped me in my relationship with my husband, empowering me to communicate more clearly and lovingly without falling into a vortex of conflict and misunderstanding.




Chrissy is a truly gifted facilitator and I absolutely LOVE working with her. As a powerful, fearless, and beautiful woman, she’s an amazing role model. When I’ve been coached by her through very tender emotions, I've felt complete trust that she will guide me to the other side. Her love and compassion make it possible for me to open up and truly go to the depths of my psychology to excavate whatever needs to be healed.


San Francisco

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 12.02.24 AM

Chrissy has a deep intuitive sense of what needs to arise in every given moment and follows that intuition for deep and powerful healing. Chrissy leads by example: stepping into power, grace, expression, and love with her every move as a leader. Chrissy sees the bright light in every single woman and draws it forward. Chrissy gives me permission to step into my authentic leadership and express my voice in really big ways. She brings miracles forth in every woman she works with

Liz Gilbert

Yoga Teacher

After a year of forgetting myself and self abandoning I AM BACK now, after a year of uninspired effort and force.

I know I’m living inside my purpose now because it makes me cry happy tears all the time. I’m so turned on by my business that every time I have a business activity to handle, my copy flows through me as if I’m taken by a force bigger than myself.

Because I am.


The Wild Woman is my guide.

Every action is an act of contribution and service. There’s no disconnection between my soul and career, and I want this for you too.

Here are the topics I’m trained in and passionate about. Every week you can take your pick and we’ll craft a session based on your emotional needs.

Inner Child Work

 The Wild Woman was a Wild Child once before, and that little girl needs the space to be heard and validated. Together we’ll examine your incomplete emotions and feelings from your first years in life so you can transform your self-defeating patterns which are keep you small and unfulfilled today.

Shadow Work

The wild woman entrepreneur has radically accepted her whole self, even the parts she has judged as dark, ugly, or not okay. I believe your shadow is sexy and glorious and holds the key to your emotional freedom. 

Chakra Alignment

Activating and aligning the true nature of your 7 energy centers (chakras) will help you stay grounded, passionate, courageous, driven, loving, truthful, loud, quiet, and Surrendered all at once. 

Soul Messaging

Your soul message is the inspiration that weaves through your offerings, blog posts, and overall rhythm as an entrepreneur. This is what you’re known for. This is what you stand for. This is your legacy. Soul messaging is about vulnerability, truth telling, and transforming your shame into self-worth. 

Desire Process

As a leader and innovator, you must trust your desires and give them permission to be expressed and realized without shame or guilt. If your desires are small and limiting, your life will reflect those limits. This is a very deep process of excavating the desires that have been buried under years of shame, guilt, or inherited beliefs from your lineage.

Emotional Release Work

 I’ll teach you the most effective ways to emotionally express your pain so you’re not held back by fear, shame, worry, frustration, anger, or sadness. I’ll help you emotionally release any trigger that’s holding you back from expressing your power in a safe, structured, and feminine way.


When you’re feeling stuck in your biz we’ll call on different symbols of the feminine to guide the way. This is where you can receive ancient teachings on your boundaries, cycle, sexuality, voice, divinity, little girl, and the wise woman in you. All you have to do is let this work take you

The Art of Simmering

I’ll fiercely stand for you to have a self-care ritual every single day so your ideas can emerge, rest, evolve, and reset. When you’re nourishing your body from a space of self-love your survival energies are eased and your ideas will unleash beyond your wildest dreams!


Together we’ll examine your beliefs around money, self-care, the feminine, and your business. We’ll illuminate the beliefs that are holding you back, and then you’ll re-write and re-program new and empowered beliefs more aligned with your purpose as your fears let go. 

Mindfulness Training

I'll help you build your internal sanctuary of awareness: the quiet place you can return to any moment with a still mind, soothed emotions, and a calm body as you step into new levels of leadership and power. 

Body Love

When you disconnect from your body, life isn’t fun anymore! Reconnecting to your body is a sacred and necessary act of the wild woman entrepreneur. Yes it can be scary, but that’s why it’s so important.

Giving and Receiving

The world operates through this dynamic exchange so as women entrepreneurs we must learn how to give and receive with balance and grace. We’ll focus on all the different currencies we use as feminine leaders: Energy, Time, and of course, Money. 



But wait, there’s more...

If you sign up before May 14th, you’ll receive these incredible bonuses to support your wholeness behind the business. At any point throughout our time together, you’ll have the opportunity to work with these experts in health & nutrition, love & relationships, and sensuality & sexuality.

You’ll get one hour of FREE coaching with EACH of these expert coaches.
I’ve worked with each of them myself and couldn’t recommend them more.


Transformational Nutrition Coaching with Gina Martini

Gina is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach from the Institute of Transformational Nutrition where she studied holistic health through the lens of psychology, spirituality, and the science of nutrition to create permanent and lasting behavior change in individuals. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Drawing from her personal experience of overcoming 15 years trapped in the diet-binge cycle, coupled with her extensive education in health, Gina founded Full On Happiness, a coaching practice based in San Diego, CA. It's here she coaches women - both virtually and in person - on their relationship to food and their bodies, guiding them to uncover the roots of the behaviors that do not serve them so they can take their truest form and live their happiest life.

More Info: http://www.fullonhappiness.com/

Sensuality and Sexuality Coaching Session  with Dee Dussault

Dee Dussault helps women find their bliss through relaxation, mindfulness, and sensuality. She’s a certified yoga teacher with over twenty years of practice. She’s also a sexuality coach, with over a decade of research in women’s sexuality.  She has taught yoga and tantra to hundreds of women and couples around the world, helping them to tap into their radiant embodied selves. In a private skype session with Dee, she uses elements of Tantra to bring a sacred approach to women's sexual empowerment and awakening. You’ll appreciate her easy-going, relaxed approach as you awaken your hips in "sexual awakening yoga," balance your chakras, learn how to slow down and savor sensuality, and receive tender coaching on sexual blockages. Dee believes when a woman is empowered and expressed in her sexuality, the other aspects of her life unfold in incredible ways. She loves helping women entrepreneurs tap into their creative life-force energy and magnetize the life of their dreams!

More Info: http://deedussault.com/


Relationship Coaching with Aaron Steinberg 

Aaron F. Steinberg, MA, CPCC, is a relationship coach from Oakland, CA. Over the past six years, he has helped hundreds of people learn to confidently speak up for themselves in romantic and all relationships, without fear of repercussions, so they can feel free and fulfilled. In addition to being a certified sex educator and completing a 195 hour transformational leadership training, Aaron earned his MA in Integral Psychology from John F. Kennedy University and his CPCC coaching certification from The Coaches Training Institute, which is the foremost life coaching school in the world. He’ll help you uncover any blocks to speaking up and sharing yourself completely and honestly, and teach you tools to sustain the game of feeling f*cking amazing about yourself in the midst of the turmoil life and business throws at you. He’ll help you make relationships a solid foundation and practice point for you to thrive.

More Info: http://www.aaronfs.com/

What Wild Woman Entrepreneur Includes:

  • 2 Hour Skype intensive to find your SOUL message
  • 12 hour long sessions over the course of 4 months
  • Breakthrough homework assignments
  • Weekly Email Support
  • Soul Calling Packet
  • Welcome Packet of orientation materials
  • Feedback Check Point
  • 1 delivered gift
  • 1 hour private coaching call with Gina Martini (Health & Nutrition Coach)
  • 1 hour private coaching with Aaron Steinberg (Romance & Relationship Coach)
  • 1 hour private coaching call with Dee Dussault (Sensuality & Sexuality Coach)





Apply Now to get on the phone with me



Pay in Full: $5,500 (Save $500)
Payment Plan: 6 monthly payments of $1,000.

Ready to develop unwavering faith in your purpose so your emotions never stop you again?

Apply Now to set up a call with me.

unspecifiedSister, wherever you’re at in your business, trust me when I say this, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. That brand, that message, that offering is RIGHT in front of your nose.

Your surrendered job as a wild woman entrepreneur is to stop trying so hard and just SEE it.

That’s where I come in.

You know that void of unworthiness that you might be tempted to fill with success, money, or perfection? This coaching program isn’t designed to fill those voids, it’s designed to heal those voids, transforming them from empty, dark vessels into magnets for love and glory.

You won’t find your purpose in this program. The opposite is true.
Your purpose will find YOU because you’ll be open and available to receive guidance and support from the true wisdom of your soul.   

I believe the world will be saved by the wild woman entrepreneur. The woman writing new stories and creating new paradigms. The woman willing to step up to the plate even when it’s uncomfortable and terrifying.  

Claim this path, sister. You’re the one we’ve been waiting for.


About Chrissy

Chrissy believes the Wild Woman Entrepreneur will save the world through her drive, intuition, and emotional & sensual freedom. She’s a certified life coach, speaker, and highly skilled workshop facilitator. She helps women entrepreneurs use the power of their emotions to break through their upper limits of success and happiness. She’ll help you find & deliver your soul message so fear, shame, and worry never stop you again. She lives in San Francisco, California.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a business coaching program that will teach me how to build my business?

No. This is a life coaching program to support the emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual needs of the woman behind the business. I’m here to help you with all the emotional ups and downs of leading a business. Helping you reconnect to your power, peace, pleasure, and purpose. This is an inner work program that will inspire and support your outer work. I’ll support you with your belief system, desires, mindset, and emotions so your true purpose can FIND you from an open and available space. The only real business coaching I offer is helping you find your message and tagline, but that happens after a deep letting go process of who you used to be so the biggest version of YOU can emerge.

What are you trained in?

I’ve been leading workshops and retreats for 4 years now, with training in somatic experiencing, breath work, emotional release work, trauma work, inner child work, shadow work, chakra alignment, intimacy training, sensuality training, and more. Presence is what I believe in most; returning to your body’s wisdom. I have extensive training helping new women coaches start their own businesses. My work has been influenced by Landmark Education, Celebration of Being, and 5+ years of sensuality training. I’ve also worked with Gina Devee for the past 2+ years which has radically supported my business growth.

I'm busy, I'm not sure I'll have time for this coaching program.

I hear you sister. Luckily, The Wild Woman Entrepreneur will teach how to find MORE hours in the day. You'll get less busy thanks to the Orientation Packet. You'll clear up your energy and get grounded in time so you're never pushing against the clock again. I'll teach you how to work smarter, not harder, and practice the art of delegating.

I've been in business for a while, but not hitting my financial goals. Is this program for me?

Yes! I love helping my clients play bigger in their lives. If you're not hitting your financial goals there's an emotional breakdown happening in one of these areas: Your beliefs, your mindset, your heartset, your money story, your sales conversations, your message, your visibility, your time, or your marketing. If you have an emotional block in any one of these areas, we will heal those blocks together so you can make your financial goal.

How much time is the Wild Woman Entrepreneur?

It's a 4 month program, with one week off every month. We always honor holidays. You will design the schedule that fits your needs.

What will we cover on the Hour long coaching calls?

That's up to you! At the beginning of every call I'll lead you through a quick grounding meditation so you can get clear on your intention for the call. Then it's your job to bring specific questions to me so I can coach you in the area that you need it most. I'm not a mind reader.  It's your responsibility to ask the right questions. These questions can be about anything! Jealousy, money blocks, worries, fears, anxiety, the body, or sensuality. I honor your whole human condition because each of these areas are connected. They make you YOU. At the end of every call you’ll receive a breakthrough assignment from me to complete before the next session which will support your integration as a leader. See this list of categories we can cover.

Will there be any outside reading required for this journey?

I’ll share 12 different books with you to support your leadership as a woman, but you’re not required to read them. These books focus on success consciousness, feminine leadership, emotional processing, money making, women's empowerment, chakras, and even codependency (people pleasing).

What makes you different than other coaches out there?

I've been facilitating rite-of-passage workshops and retreats for women to heal from the past and step into their true power for years. Instead of giving you business coaching, I offer intuitive healing sessions for breakthroughs in your foundation as a woman. This process is designed to help you trust yourself again, so you’re no longer searching outside yourself for answers, newsletters, offerings, titles, or pricing. This is a feminine process of letting go and surrendering, my only job is to help you listen to your TRUE self again.  I’ll never make your fear wrong. I’ll never tell you to get over your shame and post a video anyways. What I offer is the safe and confidential space to crumble so you can rise higher than ever before. I believe your shadow is the sexiest most gorgeous thing about you. We need our darkness to reveal the light, that’s why my clients often call me a lightworker (still getting used to the name).  

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