How to Be an Empath Without Losing Yourself in the Process

Hey gorgeous,

Do you consider yourself an emotionally sensitive person? Do you ever feel like a sponge, soaking up the feelings of others, whether you want to or not?

You’re not alone, sister. I get it and I’ve been there. You’re an empath. Being an empath is when you’re affected by other people’s energies, and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others. Your life is unconsciously influenced by others’ desires, thoughts, health and moods. We feel what they feel. It’s a gift, especially for the healers, teachers, and transformers, but it can also be a curse.

As an empath myself, I know the benefits and costs of this way of being. I’m one of those highly sensitive people. If I walk into a grocery store, hospital, or seminar without a sense of rootedness, I can feel overwhelmed by the many feelings around me.

As a former school teacher in an underserved school district in the Bay Area, my empathic ways made it very hard for me to stay in the field because I felt a little too much. My students lived in worlds where gang violence, drug abuse, and accumulative trauma added up week after week, and I found myself crying on my walks home from school, unsure of whose emotions I was feeling: mine or my students’? It didn’t seem appropriate for me to teach my kids to read when they struggled for safety outside of the classroom. My sweet students’ nervous systems were working overtime, constantly questioning who they could trust and whether or not they were safe.

That was A LOT for me to handle, and because I wasn’t yet trained as a somatic facilitator and life coach, (and wasn’t even aware of what an empath was) I would leave the classroom day after day energetically drained and burned out. On top of that, I was always sick with a cold. I blamed this on the normal germs in the classroom, but after really looking into this, my body was simply working overtime, feeling for me and my students.

I had no idea how to facilitate learning without losing myself in the feelings of others. I felt the fears, shame, sickness and worries FOR my students. Sure my empathy made it easy for me to know how my students were doing emotionally and helped me sensitively connect with them in really powerful ways, but I was missing a valuable tool for healing.

Detachment. There’s a huge difference between feeling FOR someone, and feeling WITH someone in empathy. When we feel for, we lose our own experience and suffer, when we feel with someone, we stay connected to our side of the court and grow in grounded power. When we feel for others we lose ourselves and sometimes violate another person’s process. When we feel with and hold the space for, as a witness, as a holder, we don’t take on their pain as our own. We have more capacity for clear seeing and clear knowing, and as a result we stay healthy, grounded, and open.

Our intuition thrives when we stay on our side of the court.

This video will explain how I coach as an empath without losing myself in the process:

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 8.21.21 AM

Feeling for others isn’t the way of the healer. I’ve learned this the hard way. When I was in the 4th grade, I got pretty sick. My grandmother came to live with my family shortly after my grandpa passed away, and she needed a great deal of care due to her achey body suffering from arthritis.

As a young empath, with zero understanding of my ways of feeling, I did what I knew best: I felt for her.

Without consciously knowing it, (and without any scientific proof) I felt her arthritis and took it on inside my body.  I developed a form of arthritis called spondyloarthropathy. I had to quit all of my sports (athletics were my entire life), take giant anti-inflammatory pills every morning, get blood tests every week, get my swollen knee drained from time to time, and commit to tons of physical therapy in order to get my body back. This healing process took two years.

I use caution when sharing this story because, I get it, this might sound nuts. But after all the work I’ve done over the years to better understand my psyche and spirit, this makes way too much sense. It’s no coincidence that two weeks after my grandmother moved in with me that I developed arthritis. This is the power and demise of the empath.

Then, this past spring, my dad was diagnosed with Cancer. I went home to our house to help out the week of his surgery, and low and behold, I developed an infection in my uterus and bladder. What?  My dad’s prostate had Cancer, so my body felt like it had to feel it for my dad. It took me a while to move through this one, but this was the final wake up call I needed to turn my empathic ways around.

My Dad is Cancer free now (thank God), and the most important lesson I’ve received from this journey is to let him heal on his own, in his own way. Detachment here is key.

Today I have ownership over my empath ways. This is what happens when you bring a shadow to the light. Revealing this “blind spot” and then transforming it has been so important for me as a facilitator and coach.

Today I use my empath ways for good. I can redirect the empath when she’s trying to take on the feelings for others. I have a way of noticing it, feeling it, and then redirecting it in ways that serve me and my community in more appropriate ways. I’m no longer (as) exhausted after leading retreats, I barely ever get sick, and I have more access to my intuition. I know how to distinguish which feelings are mine, and which feelings are my clients’, friends’, or even the world’s. It’s been pretty liberating. Do I still feel depressed from time to time when the world suffers? Yes!

Now I simply ask myself this question, “Is this pain mine?” If it isn’t, I say a prayer for healing, and let it go.

So with that, I want to thank you for reading my story. We might have different perspectives and beliefs, but I want to appreciate you for respecting my understanding of the empath. I’m sure my own understanding will transform and shift over time, but this is where I’m at now.

It feels right to get this newsletter out before leading my favorite retreat this weekend, Celebration of Woman. It’s an emotionally intensive weekend, an epic experience for women to get in touch with their feelings and heal traumas from the past so they can step into their full potential. It’s a HUGE weekend, and luckily this newsletter reminds me how to stay on my side of the court while simultaneously facilitating a healing experience.

Thank you so much for reading, and if anything opened up for you after reading this newsletter, please respond by replying to this email. I’d love to hear from you!

All my love,


P.S. Do you desire support in your own leadership as an empath? Sign up for a discovery session with me and we’ll get your empowered leadership back on track. This free session is 45 minutes long and it’s perfect way to distinguish if your empathy is hurting you or supporting you. Together we’ll get your inner Empath back on board with who you are and what you came here to do.

I’m a Life Coach for Wild Women Leaders who want to change the world. Our planet is crying out for transformation that only you can create and deliver, but the first step in making a positive difference is getting clear on your message. That’s where I come in. I’ll help you find your message using your Wild Woman Wisdom, a new paradigm of leadership requiring emotional depth, innate trust, vulnerability, and a strong container where it’s safe to fall. As your coach, I’ll hold the safest space possible for you to crumble, because in the fall you realize how high you can rise.

I Crashed and I Couldn’t Believe It

Hey gorgeous,

I’ve been saying this for years: When you expand, you contract. When you open, you’re going to close. This is what I teach, this is what I know in my bones.

But last week after returning from an epic trip to Burning Man, I found myself in a familiar place: the crash after an epic experience.

Did I welcome the crash? Barely. Did I trust that this crash was part of the process? That going down was just as important as going up? Nope. My defended mind told me this: “Why did you go to Burning Man again? That wasn’t worth it. You didn’t have any fun. That experience wasn’t real. It’s time for you to move on and become a grown up.”

Notice how kind my super ego is to me 🙂

Why am I letting you in on this experience? Because it’s real, and what I stand for more than anything is vulnerable truth telling. You might have noticed that I didn’t send you an email last week. That’s because the lengthy email I did write you (which will be saved for another time) was inauthentic. Writing that email was an act of avoidance, denying what I was truly feeling in the moment because I didn’t want my community to see how weak and human I was.

What happened? I couldn’t bring my truth seeking, annoyingly honest conscience to press send.

So here it is. The ugly, naked truth. I was a mess last week! Because I got SO intimate with the mess, I want to tell you in real-time what I did in the crash so I could eventually feel like myself.

1. After a ton of resistance, I finally said YES to the crash. I said, “Hey you, crash that feels like sh*t, I love you, let’s do this right, hand it hand. I’ll get the Grey’s Anatomy loaded up on Netflix, and we’ll take this crash for a binge of TV without any guilt. What should we wear? Fuzzy socks and PJs? Fleece Blanket wrapped around us? Great. I’ll light us some candles and together we’ll tune out the world.” That. Was. Awesome. Because I gave into the binge without any guilt, I now feel fully satisfied and ready to take on the world.

2. On Saturday I got my first hair cut in six months, and even got some highlights! It was time for a shift, and hair certainly carries energy from the past. I went in knowing exactly what I wanted and walked out super happy with a semi new ‘do.

3. I saw my therapist/coach in person. I didn’t hide any of my feelings and just laid it all out there. After being heard, understood, and supported, I felt like a new person at the end of that hour.

4. Hung out with my amazing friends and held their 2 month old baby for two hours. Babies are the best medicine, EVER. Getting out of isolation was the ticket here. Sillyness and babylove was just what I needed. I also made sure to tell them the truth about how I was doing last week. My shame couldn’t survive when I gave it a voice.

5. Yoga. As soon as I sat on my mat last week I felt a sense of relief. I had a ton of resistance on the way to the class, it was hard to even put on my shoes to get out the door, but the feeling of returning to my precious body and giving it the stretching and resourcing that it needed helped me return to the present moment.

6. Got grounded in the truth. My ego judged my experience, telling me that I made a mistake in going to Burning Man, that I can’t handle crazy fun trips anymore, and that I deserve to be punished for taking that kind of time off from work. The truth? I had an awesome time at Burning Man, and I needed a little extra time to integrate my experience when I got home. I went down, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Our judgments cause the suffering. The truth sets us free. Instead of making myself wrong, I accepted where I was at!

7. Awareness. As soon as it hit me that I was in a “contraction” post epic experience, I had a big laugh. I always teach about these “down” states at our workshops and retreats, and I seemed to forget that I could experience these downs as well. My awareness around this state helped me arrive in the present moment without the worry and self loathing. With enough presence, acceptance, and awareness, my crash had the safe space to transform.

8. I went home to my parents’ house and got some precious family time in. I enjoyed time in nature, ate super well, and received love from my makers (including their furry pets!). We had some great conversations and I left their presence on Sunday ready to get my week started from a more grounded space.

There it is. The beauty in the mess.

When we accept where we’re at with love, compassion, and devotion, we realize that life is really just a practice of opening and closing.

What we choose to believe about ourselves in the close is what matters. Who we are in the transition between expansion and contraction is the miracle.

Enjoy the ride, sister. When you go down, just put your arms up and say, “Yes!”

Thanks for reading my truth, sister! I appreciate it. I hope it gives you permission to speak your own truth as well.



P.S. Stay tuned for a really cheesy story about a dance routine my friends I put together at Burning Man. Let’s just say I found my purpose, and it involves a Mop. Yes. A mop.

10 Ways to Handle Your Entrepreneur Blues

Hey Gorgeous,

If you’re an entrepreneur, I’ll take the wild guess that you’re rockin’ and visible on social media. You show the world what you’re up to, and you look good doing it. But what do you do when you’re not doing well? What happens when all of your personal growth work blows up in your face and you find yourself at the bottom of an emotional roller coaster- ashamed, scared, and alone? Don’t worry sister, I’ve got your back.

I call this moment, the crash. For some entrepreneurs this is the end, but for the extraordinary, this is Grace. With the right perspective you can experience the bottom of your emotional rollercoaster as a rite of passage into your leadership. When you safely transition through these dark times you find out who you really are. This is where your authentic mission can finally unfold.

From one emotional woman leader to another, I have some tips for you to move through the entrepreneur blues in healthy and responsible ways. If you take these tips to heart, you’ll be able to leverage your uncomfortable emotions into higher levels of peace, happiness, and creativity.

Get Out of the Funk – 12 Things You Can Do Right Now To Turn Around Your Mood Today

Number #5 is my favorite – Get your free checklist when you sign up below


I know the emotional landscape of entrepreneurship well. From my own experience first hand, to coaching in my private practice and retreats, I can tell you that choosing this path of entrepreneurship is NOT easy. It’s not for the faint of heart. Anxiety, overwhelm, fear, or sadness are typical emotions to experience while running a business, and if you don’t experience those feelings, you’re either lying to yourself or avoiding.

This blog is designed to demystify those feelings so you can leverage them to your advantage.

Years ago, when faced with painful emotions, I would numb out through prescription medication, drinking, unhealthy relationship dynamics, or total avoidance through TV and other distractions. I kept my emotions inside, and as you can guess, those methods made my anxieties and emotional pains worse. Here’s why.

Emotions are meant to move. The root of the word is from the French, “Emouvoir,” which simply means, “to move”. Not only does it take TONS of energy to keep your emotions stagnant and hidden inside, but denying them have harmful effects on your body and spirit. When we push away, avoid, or ignore our uncomfortable emotions, they will always find a way out when we least expect it which could look like depression, insomnia, anxiety, anger explosions, or addictions. In other words, when those repressed feelings are triggered, you’ll find yourself acting out in ways that don’t align with your highest good. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Here are 10 Ways to deal with your entrepreneur blues in healthy and responsible ways (so you can get back in the game and make a positive difference in the world)

Tip #1: Get Real and Breathe. I invite you to take a slow, delicious breath. Like… right now. Close your eyes and take some delight in the stillness of your being. When you tune in to this sweet spot, you’ll notice spaciousness open up inside. The space to hold the noise, judgments, and worries. As you continue to breathe, pay attention to your body and the different sensations you notice inside. This is the process of getting real. When you connect with the physical sensations in the body, your stories, judgments, and worries begin to disappear. When we take that conscious breath, we get closer to our own personal truth. The judgmental story of, “I’m such a failure and I stand no chance at succeeding,” can transform into the truth: “I’m sad right now.”  Notice the difference in energy. When we drop into what’s real, we can do our work.

Tip #2: Choose This Experience.  If you can’t be with your feelings, your emotions are going to get the best of you and you’ll slip into longer periods of depression, anxiety, and even more worry than you started. Trying to change your feelings is like putting a fire out with a blowtorch. My invitation for you is to choose your current state instead of pushing it away. Making this conscious choice is necessary, because this tells your spirit that you’re willing to let go of control. Your suffering ends when you accept where you’re at.

Tip #3:  Welcome Your Pain.  As human beings we all have emotions and it’s important to give them space, even when your emotions are painful. This “welcoming meditation” is an opportunity to welcome what is. Find a sacred space, and make a commitment to focus in on your uncomfortable emotion for 5-20 minutes. Some uncomfortable emotions might be fear, sadness, jealousy, anger, anxiety, overwhelm, dread, heartbreak, frustration, or grief etc. Locate the feeling in the body with your felt sensations. Stay out of story, and take your thinking cap off. Simply feel the uncomfortable emotion with patience and presence. This act, as scary and uncomfortable as it might feel, will help you calm down. When you return to the body and are a total yes to what’s happening, as scary as it might be, you mind can let go, and your judgments will dissolve. Notice how your overwhelming feelings evolve and shift as you put your welcoming presence on it.

Tip #4:  Emotional Release. This is probably the most important step: letting your emotions move. Give yourself permission to release your emotions through crying, (safely) punching your pillows, or even screaming into a pillow. If you feel resistant to doing this, I get it. This probably sounds ridiculous. But the truth is, the greater the resistance, the greater the wound.  Put on a song that evokes your emotion at hand, and give yourself the space to let go. Feel your body and its natural impulse, and then let it out. Stay fully present during this process; before, during and after. It’s called emotional release for a reason- you’ll feel a great amount of relief after just 90 seconds of crying, punching, or screaming. By moving your emotions, you’ll free up your energy and create new space inside.

Tip #5: Stop Asking Why, and Allow. When you question where you’re at and try and change your experience you’ll go down a rabbit hole of shame by making yourself wrong. Questioning is a way that your ego hijacks your experience. Questioning where you’re at is a form of resistance, and resistance is the nemesis to self-love and presence. What you resist persists. The invitation is to compassionately accept where you’re at and find love ASAP. Notice what happens when you consciously allow all of your experience? Allowing the critic, allowing the fear, allowing the pain, allowing the comparison.  Love yourself madly in this space and give yourself a break!

Tip #6: Find Connection. Suffering happens when we experience ourselves as separate from source, as separate from the goodness of the world. When we isolate, we suffer. The human spirit is meant for connection! You might be super connected with the world via social media, but it’s way too easy to keep your overwhelming thoughts and painful emotions at bay when we’re spending most of our time online. So, find a way to reconnect to Source in a way that’s right for you, and then, reconnect in real time with REAL human beings who can love you, hug you, and support you.

Tip #7: Be Vulnerable and Expose Your Darkness. Open up to those you love and trust with the intention to share how you’re really doing, without making yourself wrong. Shine light on the ugly, scary, shadows that you would never share publicly. Why? Your shadows (like shame, fear, or anger) THRIVE in the dark, but when you expose them and speak about them, their overwhelming qualities subside. They aren’t shadows when you shine light on them, it’s like turning a light on in a dark room.  When your shadows are heard, witnessed, and held by someone you love and trust, you’ll notice immediate transformation and relief, and new lightness will come through. .

Exposing your darkness helps your pain transform. When you expose your fear you get to see how courageous you truly are. When you share about your shame you’ll get to know your worth. When you claim your anger, you’ll unleash your unshakeable passion. Honesty & connection are your ingredients here, the catalysts for transformation. Never underestimate the power of being seen and heard for who you are and what you’re going through. You shadows will transform before your eyes, and your vulnerability will give those around you permission to be their own authentic selves as well.

Tip #8: Get Crystal Clear on What You Need. Your suffering is an expression of an unmet need. A need that wasn’t met years and years ago, a need that is coming back now to remind you of your power. What are some basic human needs? Belonging. Independence. Cooperation. Understanding. Safety. Relaxation. To be heard. To be seen. When you’re clear on what you need, you can get what you want. It’s that simple. Take some time now to follow your suffering back to an unmet need, and then in your own time, find a way to give yourself what you need without any guilt.

#9 Delegate to End Overwhelm. Emotions tend to blow up in our faces when try to accomplish everything on our own. When we get overwhelmed, our sanity doesn’t stand a chance. As feminine leaders, we need spaciousness and mental clarity to safely explore our emotions, but when we’re overwhelmed our emotions will pile up and then explode when we least expect it. My invitation for you is to let go of any activities or chores that no longer light you up through the art of DELEGATION.

We get what we focus on. When you’re focused on accomplishing everything including making dinner for four, doing the laundry, grocery shopping, and running a business, chances are your business will not function at the highest level you desire because you’re spread too too thin! This is not a recipe for success, this is a recipe for emotional breakdowns. I’m calling you forth to hand over any activities that don’t serve you so you can function at the highest vibration of creativity, power, and love. What activities can you delegate to others? Laundry? Virtual Assistant services? Cooking? You deserve this, trust me.

Tip #10: Self-Care. If you fall in the camp of the successful women entrepreneurs who stay very busy and efficient most of the day, but forget to nourish, feed, or love your body, this tip is for you. You cannot achieve the level of impact and success you desire without a high functioning body and mind. You must make your self-care a priority. I’ve heard it all before: “I’m in the middle of a launch, I don’t have time for a massage. I don’t have time for yoga.” These are excuses. Do you have the time to feel like crap in the lowest state of creativity and power? I think not.  Adding one hour of exercise, meditation, or even a massage will add more creative hours to your day because your brain and entire nervous system will be more effective and efficient. Skipping out on self-care is skipping out on your highest, creative potential.

Like I mentioned before, your emotions are meant to move, and when you stay stagnant and still behind the computer, your emotions get stuck! Get your body moving and trust what opens up as a result. If you stick with a self-care routine as a non-negotiable, I guarantee you’ll have more facility over your emotions because you’ll feel steady as opposed to all over the place.

Now, back to you, lady. Where in life are you abandoning your needs and self-care?

You have a special gift that the world needs, and others will heal by you being the greatest expression of yourself. When you’re overworked, stressed, overwhelmed, or worse, AVOIDING the pain you’re actually feeling, you block your real gifts from coming through.

Give yourself the gift of self-love and acceptance, and see what opens up. You’ll be amazed.

Much love,

P.S. Need to get out of the funk, like.. NOW? Download my checklist: “Get Out of the Funk.” I share a 12 step checklist for emotional entrepreneurs to get back in the game when they’ve been lost in a dark hole of depression, anxiety, or fear. Download it now so you can feel like yourself again and make the difference you want to make in the world, FINALLY!

Get Out of the Funk – 12 Things You Can Do Right Now To Turn Around Your Mood Today

Number #5 is my favorite – Get your free checklist when you sign up below


Interview with Lauren Joyce: The Art of Claiming Your Message

Hey gorgeous,

I have a very special message for you today. It’s an interview with my mastermind partner, Lauren Joyce. For the past few months, I’ve been coaching Lauren on claiming her true message (my favorite subject on earth). I MUST share her process with you because you’ll learn what it takes to claim your message from start to finish. Now that she’s clarified her message, her success has gone through the roof. I want this for you, too.

Just a month or two ago, Lauren remembered her purpose. She didn’t find it, she didn’t discover it out of thin air, she literally stopped trying, forcing, “shoulding” and doing, and remembered why she’s on earth to serve.

It’s to help women be magnetic! Specifically in the realm of dating.

Like most entrepreneurs, when we remember our soul’s mission and legacy, it can be terrifying. When we land inside our message that will change the world for the better, we will without a doubt experience resistance. Resistance from our own minds, the minds of others looking in, and even from the Universe.

We will be tested every single day, a test asking if we’re serious about remembering who we really are and what we came here to do.

You see, when we claim something this huge, our ego structure has no choice but to resist at first because our psyche is designed to keep us safe. But with enough mindset work, faith, effort, and the crystal clarity on your message, you will have NO choice but to succeed.

That’s why I want to share Lauren’s story with you.

The difference between Lauren and your average entrepreneur is that she stayed the course, kept believing, and kept risking. Through all the resistance, fear, and upset, she finally said YES to her call, and hasn’t given up.

When a woman remembers her message and truly claims it, the power of her message lifts her through every future roadblock. Procrastination, fear, emotional pain, and even criticism. Lauren has been so lit up by her message that she’s had no choice but to share it. That’s how light works.

When you turn your light switch on, your light has no where to go but OUT.  
When you spread your light, you’ll be seen, and the Universe will repay you for your service.

As a result of Lauren spreading her natural and authentic light, her business is functioning at the highest level it ever has. Her first month of marketing her TRUE message as a Dating & Lifestyle coach, she brought in $13k in sales. This is no joke. Her work became a graceful joy & privilege.

A little back story: Lauren’s magnetic message is different, edgy, and paradigm shifting. She teaches women how to flirt, date, and receive. Because her knowledge of the Feminine & Attraction oozes through her bones, it was almost too easy for her to coach on this subject at first, and that’s why she resisted this for so long.

That’s how it works for many service based entrepreneurs. We try and coach on what we think we’re supposed to coach on (a subject we think will sell), instead of looking within at what we’re meant to coach on. I know the pain of this dilemma first hand.

When we coach out of should, work becomes a chore. When we coach from our soul, work becomes an effortless contribution.

Today Lauren’s message oozes out of her, because it IS her. She isn’t faking it. She isn’t trying to be someone she’s not.

And it shows.

Watch this video to see what’s possible when you claim your message, too. This video will show Lauren’s evolution from stuck & unclear, to THRIVING & CERTAIN in her messaging.

You’ll also get a taste of what happens when I get my hands on your story- your message will be claimed, no question. 

Watch it, and be inspired. Click the image below to watch:

Back to you, sister. Wherever you’re at in your business, life, or messaging, trust that you’re on the right path. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Chances are you just have to stop trying so hard and just *see* it, the answer is right in front of your nose.

Thank you for watching, and know that I’m rooting for you and your message to emerge.


P.S. Clarifying your message is the number one thing you must do before creating your website, courses, or programs. Save yourself months of suffering (and an empty bank account) and hop on the phone with me. I’ll offer you the support you need to move forward in your messaging with grace and ease, just like Lauren. Schedule your discovery call with me  so I can personally mentor you through your blocks that are blinding you of your purpose. Your message is right around the corner.

How to Make an Empowered Decision (without the torture!)

Hey Gorgeous,

Have you ever felt so conflicted between two possible decisions that you’ve lost yourself in the process?

I’ve been there… For the past month!

I’ve been feeling super conflicted lately. I’ve had an important decision to make and felt tortured by my confusion. For some reason, I couldn’t land inside an answer that felt right.

My confusion was getting the best of me. 

To save you some time, I want to share my personal Decision Process with you. This process doesn’t have to take a month. You could very well find your answer in a couple of days- even an hour!

The key is growing your “internal trust muscle” which transforms your confusion into clarity. I posted this video on Friday on my Business Page, and it received so much attention that I had to share it with you too.

Click the image below to learn the process:

Did anything open up for you after watching this video? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you.


P.S. Decisions don’t have to be torture. Hop on the phone with me and I’ll help you distinguish your truth from the lie. It’s easier than you think!

Your Feminine Leadership Is Needed NOW

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve probably noticed the trouble we’re in as a planet now. War, Terrorism, Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, Political Anger, Hatred, Murder… Just to name a few.

The root of every single one of these dehumanizing issues is FEAR. The cause is fear. The effect is fear.

Do you know the antidote for fear? It’s not love, it’s not courage…

It’s creation. We must create a new paradigm for love, healing, and freedom to emerge, and the greatest creators are Women. The Feminine is, after all, synonymous with creation.

There’s a reason the Dalai Lama called on women to lead when he said,  “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” He said this in 2009, and it’s 2016 now. We can’t afford to wait any longer.

The Feminine must step up.  Every archetype of woman is needed now. The midwife, the maiden, the little girl, the activist, the warrior, the teacher, the mother, the venus, the wise woman, and especially, the wild woman. Your voice must be unleashed without fear, without hesitation, and without any more excuses.

The work I do with women leaders like you, is to help you remember the purpose you were born with so you never search outside yourself for answers again. When your mission is remembered, the difference you desire to make in the world can finally unfold because your fear disappears inside a purpose that’s bigger than you.  Your anxiety turns into excitement. Your worry transforms into conviction. Your doubt becomes unwavering faith.

That’s why I’m dedicating all of July to your FREEDOM as a woman leader with discounted coaching to get your message out of your trapped body and into the world. 

I’m clear now that my duty as a wild woman woman entrepreneur isn’t to break a new income goal month after month, it’s to serve you and help you unleash your specific message to heal the world. Your impact is what I care about most.

Why? Because our planet is crying out for transformation that only you can create and deliver.

Your gifts have been summoned, are you ready to listen?
>>> Schedule Your Call With Me Now

Now, now, I hear that voice in your head telling you that now isn’t the time. “Who am I to be a leader? Who am I to make a difference?” Well, as Marianne Williamson says, “Who are you not to be?”

The only missing piece between you and your impact is clarity. Clarity on who you are and what you came here to do. You have the experience, you have the power, you have the resources, now all you need is your message.

You and I both know that you can’t afford to sit around on your purpose any longer. You’ve read enough books, you’ve had enough life experience, there is no one stopping you but yourself from making a difference in this lifetime. Every article, book, or speech that has moved and inspired you has led you to this moment.

What if I told you that you could be that writer? You could be that speaker? You could be that inspiration that men & women are literally on their knees praying for now to learn from?!

>>> Schedule Your Call With Me Now

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Being Yourself (Not Matter What)

Hey sister,

Being our true selves can be tricky at times. It takes vulnerability to show up as who you really are because not everyone is going to like it.

On the flip side, if you show up as someone else, or hide your true colors from shining through, you’ll feel the greatest pain a woman will ever experience: your own self-betrayal.

This past week I decided to show up as my true self no matter what.

This video will show you what I learned and experienced from showing up as ME, even when it hurt.

I share the good, the bad, and the ugly side of showing up as a leader today, because we truly have no other choice but to be real and speak up for what we believe in. Some people will hate it, but that’s a good thing.

Hope this short and sweet message served you today. Know that I’m in your corner as you bring your message to the world. If my story resonated with you today, or you need any support around similar experiences that you’ve had around speaking up and being yourself, reply to this email and I’ll personally write you back.


What To Do When You’re Feeling Depressed

Dear one,

If you ever find yourself feeling sad or depressed I have a checklist is for you. It’s what I turn to when dark, heavy feelings try to interfere with my sense of aliveness and productivity.

Trust me when I say this, I was in it last week. I felt the very familiar feeling of depression and to be quite honest, it SUCKED. In full transparency, I still go down dark spirals, but the difference between Chrissy now and Chrissy 10 years ago is that I leverage those dark emotions to my advantage today.

I have a recipe for moving through the pain. (Hint: It’s in the pain.)

If you click the video below, you’ll hear how I deal with depression in real time so you can be more productive and effective without losing yourself completely to the dark hole.

I must lovingly disclaim that none of my advice is meant to replace seeing a Doctor or Psychiatrist. If you are on prescription medication for a psychological disorder I honor what you need to do without ANY judgment. Prescription medication was not right for me, but it might be right for you, in which case, THANK YOU for taking responsibility for your health and happiness. 

How do you deal with dark times and get back in the game? Share with me by commenting below.  I’d love to hear your ideas.

All my love to you,

P.S. The Wild Woman Entrepreneur can’t afford to let depression take her out of the game. She must leave her paradigm shifting mark on the planet now. My Wild Woman Entrepreneur Private Coaching program will help you transform your self defeating patterns and crippling emotions into more productivity, clarity, and power. Find out more below because I’m only taking on TWO MORE private clients this month.

My Response to the World Right Now

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.39.17 PMHey gorgeous,

Have you ever needed a break to come undone? To chill? To rest? To cry? I made the choice to stay away from email for the past week and a half, and let me tell you, it was hard. In the back of my head I heard this voice yell, “YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT, YOU HAVE TO STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR COMMUNITY OR YOU WILL FAIL!”

Luckily I know better than to listen to that voice of fear.

Instead, I trusted my deeper wisdom and chose to disconnect from this platform so I could reconnect to myself. 

I’ve recently returned from a 5 week adventure across Bali and Western Australia. I landed on US Soil on Sunday night and felt in my empathic ways the trouble that my country is in as a Nation (without even turning on my phone). Sure the jet lag might have had something to do with my hyper sensitive emotions, plus the culture shock of returning from a blissed out adventure on the most feminine island in the world, but I felt something pretty painful when I landed inside a nation that was angry, mourning, or even worse, ignoring. I had no choice but to feel the pain of loss.

There are times when we should work, and there are times when we have to mourn. I chose to mourn.

You see, the US has been through A LOT this past month. A primary election that has called forth ugliness and competition all over social media and the news. Sentencing a rapist to only 6 months in jail, bringing to light the ways in which rape culture and white privilege are still working to silence survivors of sexual violence. Then, the Orlando Attack of hatred which killed 49 people inside a space where the LGBTQ community was supposed to feel free and safe. I’m not even counting the thousands of lives who are traumatized and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress as a result of this kind of hate.

Because of these events, I couldn’t go on with business as usual…
And that’s okay.

This kind of madness leaves a collective wound on all of our hearts, whether we’re conscious to it or not. A scar that will harden us over time if we don’t offer it healing balm now.

The healing balm we need now more than ever is love. Love is always the answer, it is always the way through. Love is an unlimited source of energy. When we share our love with others we don’t lose any love, it only expands and multiplies in power.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Shadow. Shadows function and thrive in the dark. When fear, hatred, jealousy, sexual desire, rage, and anger are suppressed or hidden, and not offered the loving space to be explored or talked about, they will own us. When they’re pushed down or ignored, they WILL find a way out in secondary, sideways ways. Ways in the most extreme cases that are violent; ways that terrorize, rape, and kill.

I wish I had a tangible call to action. I wish I could offer some words of inspiration for the world during these times. All I have is this.

The healing starts with us.
Peace begins with you.
The narrative will change when you change the narrative. 

My hope and prayer today is that every classroom, workplace, and home has the space to process these events. The safe space to process their own shadows, their own shame, their own hate, their own pain, their own anger. And of course, I hope there’s the space to share about love. The love that will always prevail if we let it. The love that leads us when we’re broken.

Then, when the time is right and appropriate, I wonder if we can offer our enemies some love too. I wonder, if maybe… just maybe, we’ll see those enemies were children once, who just wanted to belong. Children who wanted to be heard, seen, and loved. Children who were dealt some shitty lessons and developed damaging tools for living because their basic needs were never met.

I’m not justifying any killer or abuser’s actions, I’m just asking for a new conversation. A new listening. A new hope.

I’m not saying that time is now. I’m not even saying that this is possible. But in my process now I’m committing to ending the discourse of us vs. them and instead only using the word we.  Because at the end of the day, we’re all on the same planet now with the same beating hearts, the same color blood, and the same color tears. This is the only ounce of hope that is getting me by today. I don’t know if this will last, but I’m going to hold on as long as I can.

That’s my message for you today. I have nothing but my brokenness to offer you, and if you’re feeling broken too, I’m here to share your pain.

I’ll see you on the other side, because no feeling is permanent, that I know for sure.

All my love,

How to Feel at Home Wherever You Are in the World

There comes a time, when it’s, just… Time.

Time to speak up. Time to make a video longer than 3 minutes. Time to share the truth despite the discomfort it will bring up inside those who listen. Time to be messy and blubbery. Time to be imperfect. Time to post a video without asking for anyone’s opinion or permission in advance.

Thoughts in my head:
“Is this brand suicide?”
“Will they judge me?”
“What she think?”
“What will HE think?”

I just caught myself writing the words, “I’m sorry for…” and I’m cutting that out now. I’m unapologetically sharing this video as a stand for all women and men who have secrets they’re ashamed to share aloud. I’m shining light on the darkness now, because it’s time.

Instead of “I’m sorry,” I want to say “Thank YOU,” dear sister. Thank you for hearing my story.

Here it is, “How to Feel At Home Wherever You Are In The World.”
A video describing my evolution as a traveler. How I’ve re-written my traumas and anxieties abroad into new stories of resilience and courage as a Wild Woman Entrepreneur.

I posted this video on my Facebook Biz page yesterday after 24 hours (and 9 years) of holding it in. The response has been breathtaking. The support out of the woodwork, the “shares” from complete strangers, and the women who are speaking up now as a result of hearing my story made me cry multiple times yesterday.

Being a Messenger is edgy, scary, and paradigm shifting. What I shared yesterday went against the status quo. I had so much physical, emotional, and mental resistance that I had to move through in order to hit “post,” but I was lifted by a force bigger than my brain, telling me that it was time. I didn’t want to share my story. It was a must. 

I spoke about a taboo that too many women on this earth are silenced by. I the ended silence yesterday in an effort to take back the night of every woman or man who didn’t have the strength, consciousness, or voice to say NO in the moment.

Did you know 1 in 4 women are date raped in the US? That number is horrifying, but the worst part is, that statistic only shows the number of cases reported to the police. Whatever shame you’re still carrying, sister, for anything that has happened to you in the past, I promise you you’re not alone. Healing is available. A new empowering story is available.

If you take a moment to really listen, you’ll notice a New Beginning tugging at your heart right now. Begging you to say YES to your power, strength, and purpose. Are you ready to say Yes?

I know you are.

There’s a pull in every woman’s heart for freedom. For me, I had to transform my pain into my purpose- that’s where I found it.

all my love and gratitude,

P.S. If you were touched by this message today, please share what opened up for you in the comments below. I’m here to celebrate you, sister.  If you know a friend who could benefit from this message today, send her the link.  We’re all in this together.

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