Interview with Lauren Joyce: The Art of Claiming Your Message

Hey gorgeous,

I have a very special message for you today. It’s an interview with my mastermind partner, Lauren Joyce. For the past few months, I’ve been coaching Lauren on claiming her true message (my favorite subject on earth). I MUST share her process with you because you’ll learn what it takes to claim your message from start to finish. Now that she’s clarified her message, her success has gone through the roof. I want this for you, too.

Just a month or two ago, Lauren remembered her purpose. She didn’t find it, she didn’t discover it out of thin air, she literally stopped trying, forcing, “shoulding” and doing, and remembered why she’s on earth to serve.

It’s to help women be magnetic! Specifically in the realm of dating.

Like most entrepreneurs, when we remember our soul’s mission and legacy, it can be terrifying. When we land inside our message that will change the world for the better, we will without a doubt experience resistance. Resistance from our own minds, the minds of others looking in, and even from the Universe.

We will be tested every single day, a test asking if we’re serious about remembering who we really are and what we came here to do.

You see, when we claim something this huge, our ego structure has no choice but to resist at first because our psyche is designed to keep us safe. But with enough mindset work, faith, effort, and the crystal clarity on your message, you will have NO choice but to succeed.

That’s why I want to share Lauren’s story with you.

The difference between Lauren and your average entrepreneur is that she stayed the course, kept believing, and kept risking. Through all the resistance, fear, and upset, she finally said YES to her call, and hasn’t given up.

When a woman remembers her message and truly claims it, the power of her message lifts her through every future roadblock. Procrastination, fear, emotional pain, and even criticism. Lauren has been so lit up by her message that she’s had no choice but to share it. That’s how light works.

When you turn your light switch on, your light has no where to go but OUT.  
When you spread your light, you’ll be seen, and the Universe will repay you for your service.

As a result of Lauren spreading her natural and authentic light, her business is functioning at the highest level it ever has. Her first month of marketing her TRUE message as a Dating & Lifestyle coach, she brought in $13k in sales. This is no joke. Her work became a graceful joy & privilege.

A little back story: Lauren’s magnetic message is different, edgy, and paradigm shifting. She teaches women how to flirt, date, and receive. Because her knowledge of the Feminine & Attraction oozes through her bones, it was almost too easy for her to coach on this subject at first, and that’s why she resisted this for so long.

That’s how it works for many service based entrepreneurs. We try and coach on what we think we’re supposed to coach on (a subject we think will sell), instead of looking within at what we’re meant to coach on. I know the pain of this dilemma first hand.

When we coach out of should, work becomes a chore. When we coach from our soul, work becomes an effortless contribution.

Today Lauren’s message oozes out of her, because it IS her. She isn’t faking it. She isn’t trying to be someone she’s not.

And it shows.

Watch this video to see what’s possible when you claim your message, too. This video will show Lauren’s evolution from stuck & unclear, to THRIVING & CERTAIN in her messaging.

You’ll also get a taste of what happens when I get my hands on your story- your message will be claimed, no question. 

Watch it, and be inspired. Click the image below to watch:

Back to you, sister. Wherever you’re at in your business, life, or messaging, trust that you’re on the right path. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Chances are you just have to stop trying so hard and just *see* it, the answer is right in front of your nose.

Thank you for watching, and know that I’m rooting for you and your message to emerge.


P.S. Clarifying your message is the number one thing you must do before creating your website, courses, or programs. Save yourself months of suffering (and an empty bank account) and hop on the phone with me. I’ll offer you the support you need to move forward in your messaging with grace and ease, just like Lauren. Schedule your discovery call with me  so I can personally mentor you through your blocks that are blinding you of your purpose. Your message is right around the corner.


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