How to Feel at Home Wherever You Are in the World

There comes a time, when it’s, just… Time.

Time to speak up. Time to make a video longer than 3 minutes. Time to share the truth despite the discomfort it will bring up inside those who listen. Time to be messy and blubbery. Time to be imperfect. Time to post a video without asking for anyone’s opinion or permission in advance.

Thoughts in my head:
“Is this brand suicide?”
“Will they judge me?”
“What she think?”
“What will HE think?”

I just caught myself writing the words, “I’m sorry for…” and I’m cutting that out now. I’m unapologetically sharing this video as a stand for all women and men who have secrets they’re ashamed to share aloud. I’m shining light on the darkness now, because it’s time.

Instead of “I’m sorry,” I want to say “Thank YOU,” dear sister. Thank you for hearing my story.

Here it is, “How to Feel At Home Wherever You Are In The World.”
A video describing my evolution as a traveler. How I’ve re-written my traumas and anxieties abroad into new stories of resilience and courage as a Wild Woman Entrepreneur.

I posted this video on my Facebook Biz page yesterday after 24 hours (and 9 years) of holding it in. The response has been breathtaking. The support out of the woodwork, the “shares” from complete strangers, and the women who are speaking up now as a result of hearing my story made me cry multiple times yesterday.

Being a Messenger is edgy, scary, and paradigm shifting. What I shared yesterday went against the status quo. I had so much physical, emotional, and mental resistance that I had to move through in order to hit “post,” but I was lifted by a force bigger than my brain, telling me that it was time. I didn’t want to share my story. It was a must. 

I spoke about a taboo that too many women on this earth are silenced by. I the ended silence yesterday in an effort to take back the night of every woman or man who didn’t have the strength, consciousness, or voice to say NO in the moment.

Did you know 1 in 4 women are date raped in the US? That number is horrifying, but the worst part is, that statistic only shows the number of cases reported to the police. Whatever shame you’re still carrying, sister, for anything that has happened to you in the past, I promise you you’re not alone. Healing is available. A new empowering story is available.

If you take a moment to really listen, you’ll notice a New Beginning tugging at your heart right now. Begging you to say YES to your power, strength, and purpose. Are you ready to say Yes?

I know you are.

There’s a pull in every woman’s heart for freedom. For me, I had to transform my pain into my purpose- that’s where I found it.

all my love and gratitude,

P.S. If you were touched by this message today, please share what opened up for you in the comments below. I’m here to celebrate you, sister.  If you know a friend who could benefit from this message today, send her the link.  We’re all in this together.

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