Breakthroughs, Visibility, and Getting My Period.

Hey gorgeous!

If you struggle with visibility, this message is for you.

This past week I had my biggest financial breakthrough inside a mastermind with my business coach, Gina DeVee. Thanks to showing up for myself (finally!) – I’ve broken through to the other side of financial freedom and I had to shoot you this quick video to tell you how I got there.

In this video, I share about my beginning struggles in visibility and where I’m at now. Since the Wild Woman Entrepreneur listens to her body first and last, a key component of my breakthrough was getting my period 1.5 weeks early, so consider this your warning incase you don’t want to hear about my menstrual cycle!

Click the image below to watch:

My breakthrough caused me to literally shed my old way of being to step into a new #millionairecycle. Do you want a piece of that?

Thank you for watching! Have a great Friday.


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