How to Make an Empowered Decision (without the torture!)

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Hey Gorgeous, Have you ever felt so conflicted between two possible decisions that you’ve lost yourself in the process? I’ve been there… For the past month! I’ve been feeling super conflicted lately. I’ve had an important decision to make and felt tortured by my confusion. For some reason, I couldn’t land inside an answer that …

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Your Feminine Leadership Is Needed NOW


If you’ve been following the news, you’ve probably noticed the trouble we’re in as a planet now. War, Terrorism, Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, Political Anger, Hatred, Murder… Just to name a few. The root of every single one of these dehumanizing issues is FEAR. The cause is fear. The effect is fear. Do you know the antidote for …

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Being Yourself (Not Matter What)

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Hey sister, Being our true selves can be tricky at times. It takes vulnerability to show up as who you really are because not everyone is going to like it. On the flip side, if you show up as someone else, or hide your true colors from shining through, you’ll feel the greatest pain a woman …

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