Being Yourself (Not Matter What)

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Hey sister, Being our true selves can be tricky at times. It takes vulnerability to show up as who you really are because not everyone is going to like it. On the flip side, if you show up as someone else, or hide your true colors from shining through, you’ll feel the greatest pain a woman …

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Why I Love Being A Woman (When I Used To Hate It)


Hey gorgeous, Today, I love being a woman- but I used to hate it. I used to hate the attention I attracted on the street because I felt unsafe and objectified. I used to hate my hips and broad shoulders, despising my feminine physique because I looked different than my teammates on the track team. I used to hate my menstrual cycle and the mood …

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Feeling Stuck? Follow Your Love.


Hey gorgeous, Have you reached a certain level of success in business but feel a little bit… off? Stuck? Is your to-do list never ending? Do those checks off the list make you feel more stressed, no longer giving you the relief you expect? If you find yourself thinking “I’m not enough” after all those checks off the …

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Hatred & Love

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Hey gorgeous, Relaxation is my favorite past time. My boyfriend has another word for it – laziness – but I disagree. Two summer’s ago I found myself blissed out at my favorite Hot Springs sanctuary up north, and I want to share an embarrassing yet transformational experience with you. ………………….. There I was, relaxing alone in the steam room. Life …

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