The Real Definition of “Power” (It Might Surprise You!)

Hey gorgeous,

Have you ever questioned what truly POWER is?

My clients have been begging me to write a newsletter on this topic of POWER, so here I go.

A woman’s power is her unlimited source of creation. This is what you call on when you make healthy decisions, advocate for yourself, communicate effectively, and create harmony inside all scenarios despite the difficulty.

Your power is what helps you lift others up and inspire a room. Your power is what makes or breaks a bad date. It creates the space for intimacy and union. Your power leads you to forgiveness and reconciliation. Power is what you call on when you set up healthy boundaries and say NO to what no longer serves you. Your power is what generates your career, sex life, relationships, art, athletics, health, learning, and all of life combined.

Without a personal sense of power, it would be close to impossible to grow and function in the world today.

Do you have to be forceful to be powerful? No way. Your power is felt. It’s an energy. Your power evolves and has many different qualities. It can be soft, strong, vulnerable, devoted, honest, sensual, innocent, delicate, sexual, holy, shy, hilarious, and even surrendered. Your power is needed both in giving and receiving. It’s required when you’re born, and when you die.

When your power is activated in a healthy way, it can hold your whole human experience without any judgment. When your power is inflated it might overwhelm you and cause harm, and when it’s deflated, it might beat you up with criticism and depression.

Your true power is the middle path between the victim and the tyrant.

Can power be learned? Yes. But your true power? It’s remembered. It’s not something you can buy, purchase, or look for outside yourself. You were born with this power, a power unique to you.

Let me explain…

When you were just a baby you easily made eye contact with strangers and saw their beauty and wisdom in your eyes. That was your power. You also knew how to cry without any shame! Your crying was healthy and liberating, it simply told the world what you needed. Your power was present when you danced without abandon as a child, before the thought of being embarrassed ever crossed your mind.

But there’s one problem.

Life happens. We grow up and we get hurt, some more than others. Slowly but surely after every wound, hurt, and embarrassment, our power begins to fade.

Can you remember the first time your power deflated? It could have been when you made a mistake and got punished for it. When you got your first bad grade. When you felt embarrassed or ashamed for the first time over something that you did. When you weren’t invited to a birthday party and felt left out. When your little sibling was born and took mom and dad’s attention away from you. When you peed your pants and your friends laughed at you. When your parents got divorced. The death of a loved one or pet.

Maybe you experienced more serious trauma through physical, emotional, sexual, or verbal abuse as a child.

As you can see, our power has many hoops to jump through! We can’t get out alive without getting hurt.

My invitation for you this week:

Take some time to remember the first time you got hurt. What happened? What did you decide about yourself and the world after this experience? How did this hurt shape your life?

Stay tuned for my next newsletter where I share one of the deepest hurts from my childhood and how that experience shaped the course of my life. This story paints the picture a child’s power going out, but more than that, the journey of what it takes to turn your power back on.

Until then, have a GREAT week. If you have ANY questions about your own personal sense of power, please don’t hesitate to reach out by replying to this email, I love hearing from you!



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