What “Radiance” Asks of Us

14712948_10105802128260263_564713019880822437_oI went to the ocean last night and got a message from Radiance Herself.

Radiance is an inside job.

She doesn’t require makeup, a promotion, a relationship, or a new house.

Radiance asks you to dig deep into the trenches of your pain. She asks you to face your fears head on. She invites you to dance with the waves and crashes of heartache so you can be taken by a force greater than your logical mind.

She doesn’t want you to stay safe. No, no, no.

She wants to wreck you.

Radiance asks us to desire. To desire so fiercely that you fall flat on your face. She’s asks you to risk embarrassment and rejection, heartbreak and jealousy, shame and criticism.

You see, a radiant woman has lived. She’s lost. But through it all she has loved.

Radiance reminds us that we can’t open without breaking. We can’t love without hating. We can’t be brave without fearing.

If you close your eyes and listen, you’ll hear Radiance’s invitation for you today.

Where must you go? What must you face?

When you answer Her call, please promise her something.

That you’ll be patient and gentle with yourself.

But please, for the sake of Radiance. Keep shining. Keep glowing. That’s how we see you and that’s how the world keeps spinning. We need your heat. We need your glow.

Now go, Radiant one.

Onward and upward, yes, but first, you gotta go down.


P.S. If you feel called to spread her Radiance, please share this message. It’s time.


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