COR Woman Workshop

Hey gorgeous,

Last week I facilitated my favorite workshop ever, COR Woman. That’s me down below on the right, grounding our staff women in prayer before welcoming 12 women into their initiation day. A day I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.

That weekend I learned that nothing- no matter how traumatic, distorted, painful, or awful- can EVER touch the core of your being. Who you are is good, true, and beautiful. This is how we are born. But then we grow up, have the fall from Grace and get hurt and start believing certain illusions like, “I’m separate,” “I’m alone,” “I’m bad,” “They’re all against me,” “I’m not worthy,” or “I’m not lovable.”

When we get hurt we forget who we are. This weekend was a time to REMEMBER. This was a weekend of midwifing women back to life, remembering who they are, and forgetting who they’re not.

This might sound like a really intense email. But what I learned this weekend is that healing is actually really, really fun. Sure, sometimes it sucks and it can feel weird and hard and really uncomfortable…

But the other side is epic. Behind the scenes I caught myself in moments of so much joy, elation, and gratitude.

I remember saying to the staff women, “Is this really our life?” Yes, it is. And I’m so thankful to have said YES to this path and followed it through ‘til the end, because trust me when I say this, I wanted to quit many, many times.

Learning to facilitate in this way has been the toughest and most important training of my life. Learning how to lead my own circles, workshops and retreats feels like an extension of my heart and soul, and my life is fulfilled because of the skills I’ve learned along the way.

So my message for you today is to NOT give up. The struggle is very much a part of the process to becoming a fully expressed feminine leader.

It’s so worth it.




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