How to Turn a Bummer into a Breakthrough

Hey gorgeous,

Last week a door closed on me which could have bummed me out.

I was all committed to getting my work done at the library that day, and low and behold, after all the prep of getting my materials ready for my day away from home, the library was closed.

Huge bummer.

But I didn’t let that those closed doors take me out. I stayed positive and looked around for the miracle.

I turn around and my little miracle showed up in the form of a 19 month old, two legged monkey with a bottle to her face and tail swinging between her legs.

This tiny human was accompanied by her patient and loving father, and I decided to make eye contact and say, “Hello!” to these complete strangers with a huge smile on my face.

That was the best decision I made all week.

Immediately this little monkey gave me a hug and a wet kiss on the lips.

Her dad and I got to talking and slowly but surely realized that we had a lot in common.

Education, transformation, Santa Barbara, Surfing… He and my boyfriend had more in common, but his wife and I are up to similar things in the world of transformation and healing.

He gave me his card and urged me to reach out so he could introduce us to his community of surfers and families in the area.

Would I have met these two beings if the library was open? Nope.

Would I have been reminded of the innocent purity of a 19 month old toddler who hasn’t yet developed any caution or mistrust of the world if the library was open? Nope.

Would I have felt lonely, stressed, and uninspired if the library was open and I went along with business as usual? You betcha.

The closed library taught me some very important lessons:

1. Attachment. If I had been attached to getting my work done in the library and gotten super bummed as a result, I would have suffered. Instead I went with the flow and said yes to whatever opportunity the Universe had in store for me.

2. The Universe always has your best intentions at heart. The key is staying open and available for the miracle, even when your plans fall through. The highest good (for all) with always prevail if you stay with the flow.

3. Staying busy hurts the spirit. I was staying busy and productive, trying to get my work done, when there was a beautiful opportunity for connection. I would have missed this interaction completely had I gone on with “busy-ness” as usual.

4. Trust what you love and who you love. I LOVE PLAYING WITH KIDS AND BABIES. They make me so happy. I was originally thinking of doing a self care day because my brain had been out of whack all week, but something told me that the spa wouldn’t give me what I needed. This little monkey-kiddo interaction helped me remember my purpose which is to play, serve, and wildly love as a vulnerable feminine leader. I still feel her monkey lips on my face!

5. Suffering occurs when we experience ourselves as separate from source. Connecting at the heart level is the most effective way to ease this suffering, this helps us return home, to the heart of the world. Connecting with these humans big and small made my heart sing, and I remembered that I’m never, ever alone.

If you’re feeling the pull to be more productive and effective, I invite you to tune into your true desires.

I didn’t actually want to get my work done at the library that day, I just thought I was supposed to be productive. Instead, I needed some play time with a little one and to make some new friends in my neighborhood.

Thanks to that interaction I created my first Facebook Live (omg!) as soon as I got home, I received the creativity I needed to keep going in my business, and I wrote 10 pages of content for my business because I was inspired, freed up, and connected. I was reminded of the simples powers of connection and play.

And I didn’t have to do this in the library! I got just as much done in my own home, surprise surprise. It was my internal state that allowed this, not the surroundings. All I needed was a simple loving interaction with two strangers.

Never underestimate the power of a smile and “Hello!”



P.S. I went away this past weekend to some hot springs up north to unplug completely. Thanks to this radical self care, I reconnected to my Self and my larger purpose in way like never before. Sometimes we have to get quiet enough to hear our power. Thanks to this getaway, I’m clear that my business will be shifting FOR GOOD. This means I’m only taking on a few more private clients before I move on to a new stage of leadership in my business. If you want to claim some wild woman coaching from me and receive the emotional support you need to bring your true purpose to life, let’s chat on a discovery session. I won’t be offering this kind of coaching in 2017, so now is your last chance to work with me in this way.


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