Set a Powerful Intention This Holiday Season {Video}

Hey gorgeous,

Are you crystal clear on how you want to feel this holiday season? Do you know exactly where you want to focus your energy and attention so you can experience love, expansion, and joy?

If you answered “YES!” to these questions, chances are you don’t need my message today. You’re intentional!

If you don’t have a clear intention this holiday season, this message is for you. I want you to feel empowered, alive, and HAPPY at every event you attend this holiday season, and I have a video that will show you how to do so.

I set intentions for just about everything. Festivals. Vacations. Holidays. Reunions. Parties. You name it. I put focus, attention, and heart into every aspect of my life. Setting a simple and powerful intention helps me make better choices. The more specific and focused I am, the happier and more fulfilled I become.

In fact, I’ve been very intentional for the past 5 months. I’ve been clear that I wasn’t ready to write an email to all of my wonderful subscribers because I haven’t felt grounded and connected to my truth. I’ve been sifting through my beliefs, concerns, and stance for the world because let’s face it, mama Earth has been crying out for help. With the natural disasters, the white supremacy, the mass shootings, the #metoo campaign, and the overall political climate of our world- I’ve been processing triggers all the while pouring my heart and soul into my private clients and retreats.

I didn’t want to send you an email until I felt grounded and trigger-free.

I’m happy to stay that I’m on the other side of this hibernation and no longer feel the need to safeguard my energy and thoughts. I’m ready to serve you with a quick video I shot this afternoon after an inspiring coaching call with one of my clients. Thank you so much for your patience with me. I’m thrilled to be back in your inbox.

Here’s a video on how to create your own powerful intention this holiday season so you can get you want (and light up the room in the process).

Click the image below to watch:

You are the source of your life, dear one. You get to decide and create the atmosphere, energy, and overall mood of every life circumstance you interact with.

I’d love to hear the intention you’ve created for yourself this holiday season, and how you want to feel about yourself when these experiences are complete. Let me know in the comments, and I’ll personally write you back! I’ve missed you so much!




Doing Biz the Feminine Way

Hi lovely,

I’m back from my travels and you’ve been on my mind! This vacation opened up a new channel for me in my business. That might sound a little funny considering I was not doing “business” by any practical means.

I hiked all over the Swiss Alps. I received massages. I swam in the Mediterranean Sea. I ate incredible pasta and pizza and drank delicious wine. I stayed away from email as much as possible, and trusted that a new phase of my brand would come through by simply spending time with me.

While traveling I felt into what it really means to be a woman entrepreneur. Do we have to DO more? Do we have to FORCE more? What about the receiving? What about our bodies? What about our desires?

The final phase of my trip involved a beautiful mastermind between women entrepreneurs from all over the world in Florence. Coaches, healers, body workers and yoga teachers all on a mission to transform themselves and their communities. We had the chance to ask our mentor a number of questions about our businesses, and I couldn’t help but notice a theme.

A lot of questions, myself included, began with these words: I don’t know… I don’t know how to get to the next level. I don’t know who I’m meant to serve. I don’t know where the money is coming in next. I don’t know how to write a newsletter to my list. I don’t know to to reflect who I am in my copy. I don’t know the right title for my program. 

I personally know this conversation well because I’ve gone down this rabbit hole too many times. I don’t know what to put on my website. I don’t know what to charge. I don’t know what to wear in my photo shoot. I don’t know if I can lead that retreat.

But the truth is.. we know better. We always have, the knowing is in our bones. 

Imagine a trust in yourself so big that confusion no longer tackled your ideas.
Imagine surrendering to your higher purpose in such a way that you’re no longer available to question your self-worth or value.
Imagine knowing in your bones that you always have the answers.

Our purpose was decided long before we were born, ladies. Looking outside ourselves for answers isn’t the way. There’s no point in comparing our mission to other women on the path, all we need to do is focus on ourselves. What lights you up? What brings you joy? What keeps you up at night? That’s you, sister. When we strip away the stories and trust our hearts, the answers always show up.

Trusting yourself is a total game changer. I’m more clear than ever that my message is to help holistic entrepreneurs remember who they are and what they came here to do. I don’t help them figure out their target market, packages, or business model. I help them remember why they’re on this earth in the first place, and then the business pieces fall into place once her essence is remembered. When you remember, the tears and copy begin to flow.

When you are YOU, your clients will trust you. When you are YOU, business becomes a flirtatious game. 

The feminine way of doing business is allowing your work to come through.You don’t have to force the perfect newsletter. Instead you can enjoy the process and let your words dance on the page. If you’re blocked spiritually, energetically, or physically- that’s when we force things. That’s when we burn out. When you take care of every aspect of your being, you become an open vessel for your real message to come through.

Take care of yourself, sister. Trust that powerful voice of yours. Trust that longing in your heart. Trust your guidance system.

I’m with you,