6 Ways to Awaken Your Creative Genius

imagesIncase you missed my last post about how to powerfully complete 2014, check it out.  After emptying and completing 2014 through my own reflection, ritual, and massive cleaning and letting go- new energy has opened up inside. My energy leaks have been handled and healed, giving me permission to focus my attention on what matters most: my purpose, health, and relationships.

Now that you’re making a new beginning for yourself in 2015, you might notice overwhelm or fear surrounding the possibilities that lie ahead. 

When you’re stuck in fear or self-doubt, it’s easy to forget how powerful you are. When you’re stressed, there’s no way to access your creativity because the hormone cortisol triggers your “fight or flight” response which shuts down your brain functions for problem-solving and imagination.

Here are 6 ways to awaken your creative genius when you’re feeling stuck. 

1. Move your body.
When you work out or dance, your body flushes out cortisol and your pituitary gland releases endorphins to activate your creativity.  When you notice stress come up, take a break and choose a fun workout. If you don’t have a ton of time, put on a crazy song and dance! Shake up your frustrations and notice the creative ideas that you stir as a result. Some of my best ideas have been conceived after Ecstatic Dance in Oakland, California.

2. Bring bloodflow to your brain.

Go upside down! Do a (safe) headstand or go into downward dog. Bring blood-flow to your brain and get a new perspective. When I’m stuck inside writer’s block or stress, I turn the energy around with a headstand every. single. time. In fact my last headstand inspired this post! I was spinning in fear and after one minute upside down, I was on the computer typing up a storm. Can’t do a headstand? Here are other safe options that have the same benefit.

3. Emotional release.
Give yourself permission to feel what you’re feeling and cry it out. Crying is essential for the release of blocked creativity and it’s perfectly healthy! We are feminine beings, and like the ocean we need to surrender to our waves and currents. Long ago I wanted to be a doula, and in my studies I learned that rapid progress in birth is often made after an emotional release. One woman was dilated at 3 cm and was told that she couldn’t birth her baby without pitocin or emergency measures. She had a good cry, and 20 minutes later pushed her baby out at full dilation. Her crying caused a release which allowed her cervix to open. Am I inviting you to give birth to a baby? Nope, but your crying might give birth to the creative project that the world is waiting for.

4. Have faith.
Faith trumps fear. Have faith in yourself and surrender to your higher power. Pray for a miracle. Pray to be shown the light. When you are open to a miracle, the support shows up in the strangest of places because you’re open to receiving. Believe that you will get there and surrender.

5. Help someone. 
Contribution ends suffering. When you help someone, you get out of your own s#it and into a space of generosity and support. This activates your kindness, your love, and your connection. You’re not alone anymore, and you’re using your gifts for good.

6. Simmer.
Let your ideas simmer and rest. The best form of simmering in my opinion takes place in a hot tub, sauna, or on a massage table. Taking exquisite care of yourself must be non-negotiable if you want to be an agent for change. When you’re taken care of and working from a space of self-love, your survival energies are eased and your gifts get to thrive from a calm place of flow… and feminine creatures are meant to flow!

Are you ready to find your purpose? Do you want to fall in love with yourself and transform your insecurities into your strengths? I’m here to support you in unleashing your creativity so your gifts can be expressed with purpose and passion. My 2015 calendar has opened up for private coaching, and it would be my honor to support you in creating the BEST year of your life.  To schedule a free discovery session and my team will get back to you to schedule a call with me.

I’m so excited to see what you create for yourself this year and look forward to hearing from you.

All my love,

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