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    One-Day Workshops

    a-new-beginningNew Beginnings: Self-Love Workshop

    Sunday January 25th, 2015
    9:45-6 pm
    Lafayette, California
    Cost: $150
    Non-refundable deposit: $75

    The New Year is here and offers the promise that we can leave behind that which no longer serves us, giving us the opportunity to begin fresh and new. Whether you’ve experienced joys, sorrows, or challenges in the past year, holding on to the past prevents us from welcoming new experiences and goals. New Beginnings is a one-day workshop specially designed to honor the past and bring in 2015 with focus, hope, love and commitment. This is a sacred space for you to experience self-love on a whole new level.


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    I feel alive and optimistic after this one day workshop. I feel a connection to the people I just met on a level that I can’t really describe. I feel seen and heard. I feel like I’ve been searching for this experience my whole life.
    Matt, Walnut Creek

    I work with women like you who want to be leaders in their careers and daily lives but struggle with fear and self-doubt. I help you find your confidence and purpose through one-on-one “Reinvention” coaching in self-love, mindfulness, and lifestyle design so they can feel happy, alive and empowered.

    I let go of so much charge I had around 2013. I also got clear on a hope for the future, a permission to simply go forward that I didn’t have before.
    Lorne, San Francisco

    I feel connected and spiritually/emotionally fed in a way I have not for years. I feel more confident in myself and less fearful to pursue what I want out of my life. I feel like I am “OK” and safe.
    Robin, Oakland

    I feel like a weight has been lifted off my back. To be able to move forward in 2013 with a new sense of commitment to caring for myself is extremely empowering. I’m done with talking about change. Finally a real change is happening…and I’m excited for it.
    Kathleen, North Carolina

    I received a renewed desire to connect to others and cultivate my Self. My perspective shifted: my focus on workplace challenges dissolved to reveal a tighter focus on the blessings in my life and the structure I need.

    Emily, Oakland

    Chrissy creates the safest space that allows people to open up. She goes deep and asks the right questions to get to the core of what is holding you back. My mindset has shifted and I’ve let go of previous negative thoughts and have refocused my mind on all the things I can, want and will do. I’m now empowered in my talents and using them to pursue a career I am passionate about. I’m energized and excited for this new beginning.

    Katie, San Francisco

    I received clarity on what I feel, what I want and how to live my truth.

    Kaitlin, San Francisco