A Christmas Miracle

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Merry Christmas eve! I have a story to tell you that might help you get in to the Christmas spirit. After couple’s therapy Wednesday night, Steve and I decided to have a real date night to celebrate our past year and everything we moved through and stepped into as a couple. But the best part? …

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Set a Powerful Intention This Holiday Season {Video}

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Hey gorgeous, Are you crystal clear on how you want to feel this holiday season? Do you know exactly where you want to focus your energy and attention so you can experience love, expansion, and joy? If you answered “YES!” to these questions, chances are you don’t need my message today. You’re intentional! If you don’t …

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Bringing Back Rites of Passage


It’s workshop season here in Chrissy land! Just over a week ago I helped facilitate the Noble Man workshop, where we held the space for men to heal their relationships with women. And tonight, I’m headed on a Red-Eye flight to Florida because I’ll be facilitating another COR Woman workshop on the East Coast. I’m …

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My Core Wound (Teaching + Video)

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Hey gorgeous, Do you remember the first time you ever got hurt? Or maybe the most influential pain from your childhood, like a death in your family. Or a spanking. Or getting in trouble at school. Or your parents’ divorce. These wounds leave a mark on our being and overall understanding of the world. Those …

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