What Kind of Friend Are You?

Are you a leader? The answer is YES!! Leadership is a choice, my love. Check out my last blog post containing   Rule #1 of an empowered feminine leader. 

Today’s Empowered Woman’s Newsletter is about who you are in your relationships.
Everything we do, say, feel, see, hear, and share has energy behind it. As a leader, the energy you give and receive in your relationships creates ripple effects of similar energy throughout the world.

Rule #2 of an empowered, feminine leader:
She’s a leader in her relationships. She tells the truth, sets healthy boundaries for herself, and creates high-vibrational conversations.

  • Her life is synonymous with the conversations she has. In other words, she’s not a total downer. She stays inside the realm of possibility and doesn’t flood conversations with negative energy.
  • She takes total responsibility for her own behavior. She doesn’t waste energy trying to change the behavior of others. Instead, she accepts her friends, relatives, and co-workers exactly as they are.
  • She sets up boundaries and says NO just as often as she says YES. She has an internal guidance system that she trusts and honors. When she says No with power, that opens up an even more powerful YES in another circumstance.
  • She surrounds herself with people who lift her up. She doesn’t hang around people who bring her down PERIOD.
  • She’s a generous listener. She asks curious questions and leaves her judgements at the door.
  • She practices forgiveness and trusts that every moment represents a “holy instant” to transform her resentments into love.

Take a moment to think about the conversations you had yesterday. What were the topics? How did you feel before/ during/ after those those conversations? Did you feel inspired? Did you feel drained? Did you feel guilty? Were you totally checked out?

Here’s a tip that changed my life forever:
How you do one thing is how you do everything.

If your conversations are filled with complaint, gossip, or any other similar energy of negativity, you will attract those energies into your life. Imagine generating conversations containing nothing but love, kindness, and hope?

What if your only responsibility was to grow in love? That’s an empowered feminine leader.

She is love.


P.S. I want to learn from you! Comment below and let me know your reflections. How are you a leader?


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