What a Professionally Produced Video Brought Up For Me

Hi lovely,

Here’s a personal story. I’ve learned a valuable lesson this weekend. Stepping into the light requires you to face your darkness.

Remember my blooper reel? Well, the finished video is available and ready to share with the world, but I’ve been totally resistant and scared. My intention for this video was two-fold. First I wanted to share my personal story of transformation with the world, and secondly I wanted to inspire new women coaches to follow their dreams.

“Truth” is a core value of mine, so I’m gonna tell you exactly, play-by-play, what’s been coming up for me as I reveal my video to the world.

When I first looked at the finished video that my incredible Director poured her heart and soul into producing, all I saw were my flaws. Incase you didn’t know, I have a very critical super ego!

I noticed shadows on my upper lip which looked like a mustache.
I heard every space in between my sentences which made me look stupid.
I made myself wrong for choosing NOT to use a teleprompter which would have saved so much time and energy.
I worried about what other successful coaches would think of me.
I felt embarrassed when I saw myself dancing on screen, worried that people will laugh at my my expression and joy.
I worried about my boobs popping out of my shirt, concerned that I would be judged for my body. 

The list could have gone on, but I stopped in my tracks and literally yelled, “WTF ARE YOU DOING CHRISSY?!” I chose to get back into my power. I relaxed into the energy of gratitude and focused on the authenticity, power, and message of the the story that I told in visual form.

In that moment I got even more clear on my mission: to help new women coaches step into their power by healing their fears of visibility. So often I see new women coaches scared to be seen out of the fears of rejection, dislike, or the unknown. Maybe she’s scared to send an email to her list. Or scared to build her Facebook Business Page. Or scared to launch her website.. or scared to post a video blog. The list could go on, and I felt that nasty fear more than ever this past weekend!

Even in the face of fear, I decided to LOVE myself through my ego’s criticism and chose to freaking share it with the world. I chose to be the light, not the darkness. This is who I am, this is what I stand for.

It’s my purpose to support new women coaches in healing their fears and insecurities so they can be visible in the marketplace and share their gifts with the world.

So here I am. No longer settling inside the old tapes of unworthiness and shame. Here’s my finished video, a project I’m incredibly proud of… mustache, boobs and all 🙂

Click the image below to watch.

I hope this inspires you to follow you dreams to matter what. Everything you want is available inside your decision to say YES.

Thank you for watching!

So much love,


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