The Practice of Gratitude

d5a59bfbb55ba6bd7cc31ff75be52f39Here in the States, the month of November always reminds me to be grateful. 

Experiencing gratitude is one of the most effective ways of getting in touch with your soul. When you’re in touch with your soul you eavesdrop on the wisdom of the universe. Gratitude is a super power. Gratitude is a major pillar of my coaching practice because it connects us to the present moment and pushes fear out of the way.  You can’t have fear and gratitude at the same time. When we practice gratitude, we have no choice but to embrace the wisdom of uncertainty.

Last week I led a workshop on Gratitude, and I included these questions in a guided meditation. I invite you to find some quiet time for yourself to explore these questions so you can fully experience all you have to be grateful for.

1. What relationships do you have that you cherish? Do you have an animal that you shower with affection? Is there a relationship that fills you? Let those relationships float into your awareness, and with your loving heart, I invite you to thank them energetically.

2. Who are your champions, defenders, and supporters? Who are your teammates in life? Who is out there rooting for you? With your gentle heart, send those teammates energetic love and gratitude now..

3. Notice how the universe has tested you lately.  What challenges are you facing? With grateful awareness, what are the gifts of these challenges? What lessons have you learned?

4. What special gifts do you offer the world? Your community? Your family? Notice the lives you’ve touched just by being you. What gifts are you thankful for in yourself?

I am deeply thankful for you. Because of women like you, I get to practice my purpose DAILY. Your heart is the reason I get up in the morning. 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! If you don’t celebrate this holiday, I invite you to celebrate YOURSELF and the many contributions you bring to the world.

May you and all beings be happy,



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