The Archetypes of the Feminine Business Owner

Hey lovely,

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I want to throw in the towel. Sometimes insecurity comes in when I compare myself to others. Sometimes I get frustrated with all the technology that’s required and I literally scream at my computer. Sometimes I stay so busy that I forget to feed my body and feel too tired to go on with my day. Sometimes I turn into a raging bitch and can’t connect intimately with my man which in turn.. totally blocks my creativity in business. Sometimes fear paralyzes me.

Can you relate?

In those moments of chaos, frustration, anger, fear or disconnection, I call on four archetypes to show me the way. These archetypes are teachers, each representing a different quality of the feminine that’s required in an empowered business. I call on these archetypes all the time to support my work in the world and I want to share them with you to give you a taste of my inner world.

Each of these archetypes bring forth a different message. Some stretch me more than others, but I need each of them to be whole and complete in my business.

Athena the Warrior Goddess. I need Athena when I’m overwhelmed by the “doing” that’s required in business. Athena’s strengths are being rational, intelligent, and goal oriented. She never gives her power away to others. She’s an achiever and values education. She’s turned on by doing! Her logical thinking requires her to take the action necessary to meet her goals. She’s a fighter and activist, protecting her rights and those of others. She has strong boundaries and doesn’t waste time worrying, fretting, or complaining. She helps me believe in my innate intelligence, and also inspires me to take action.

Aphrodite,  the goddess of love and sensuality in the body.When I call on Aphrodite in business I make sure that my body feels amazing in every way. I take my time, I get plenty of sleep, and make sure that all my actions in business are pleasurable. “Does this feel good?” is a question I ask often. In this state my business becomes a seduction and dance. I’ll know I’m resting in my “Aphrodite” archetype when my partner Steve enjoys hearing about my business. I’m so turned on by my work in the world that everyone around me feels good too.

Kuan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion. This is who I need most, and unfortunately often forget. I tend to be very hard on myself. Whether it’s trying to be perfect, making a mistake, or making my monthly income goal, I call on Kuan Yin when I need to forgive myself. I believe all entrepreneurs can call on her especially in the realm of competition. Jealousy doesn’t exist in Kuan Yin’s consciousness, instead she has love and compassion for everyone in her field. She lifts them up and never brings them down. She simply sees their light and has massive compassion for those doing business differently than herself.



The Midwife. The midwife is a healer who specifically focuses on the birthing process.  I believe business to be a rite of passage, a lot like the miracle of birth. In order to show up as fully self-expressed and embodied entrepreneurs, we have to expand, contract, stretch, push, and let go. We need a midwife to facilitate this process so it feels safe to go through that ring of fire.

Sometimes just pressing publish on a facebook post feels like a freaking near death experience. “What are they gonna think of me? How stupid does this sound? What if no one signs up?” Those thoughts of fear and self-doubt are totally normal but we need to call on the midwife for support. She helps me breathe through my contractions. She’ll encourage me to push through the pain because there’s something so beautiful on the other side. She’ll help me use the fear as my power rather than my destruction. The midwife gives me strength.

My clients know these birthing pains well… Fears around raising their rates, publishing their websites, changing their brand- every expansion requires a contraction. The midwife pulls us into the light.

Which archetypes are most alive in your business now? Is there an archetype in particular that you need more than anything now? Let me know by commenting below, I’ll personally respond with feedback and support.

Lots of love,

P.S. Really! If you comment below I’ll personally write you back and see which archetypes can you support you in this rite of passage of business.


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