The Mistakes I’ve Made in Business (video inside)

Aloha from Kauai! I’m on vacation now but since I’m in launch mode (big reveal coming soon!) I’ve been working more than usual. My inner business woman and inner wild woman were not balanced at all, so I gave my Wild Woman the keys a couple days ago so I could fuel my feminine side again.

When I finally gave myself the space to let go and surrender, I found myself reflecting on my growth as a business woman. I started remembering all the mistakes I’ve made on this journey and how I’ve grown from each of them. This was triggered by a real-time mistake I made a couple days ago, and I decided to speak up about it instead of let it own me.

I made a video about it, and instead of only telling you ONE mistake I’ve made, I’m giving you three with some behind the scenes (omg-am-I-really-telling-you-this) details.  Click on the video below to watch!

Now it’s your turn. Care to share your mistakes with me? It feels great, I promise! Just reply to this email and I’ll write back with love and support.

lots of love,