The Power of Desire

Hi lovely,

This isn’t your typical email from me..

I’m keeping it real, letting you know what’s possible when you set an intention and follow through like your hair is fire.

A rare and new desire came into my mind months back.. a desire I couldn’t shake even though it sounded pretty crazy at first thought. 

The desire was simple and sounded like this:

I want to go on vacation.. a real vacation, for a whole month. I don’t want to work, I simply want to receive, relax, explore, and unplug. 

As you can imagine, the critical voice in my head told me that idea was insane, impossible, and selfish.

The good news? My desire trumped the “make-wrong” (as it always does).

My intuition knew that this vacation was deserved, so I did everything in my power to make it happen. I’m an entrepreneur after all- I designed this life for myself so I could have the freedom to travel at will.

Once I put this desire on the calendar and started booking flights and hotels, the money started coming in, and that’s the formula ladies. Money comes in when there is purpose for it. My desire, which was undeniably true to my heart, caused the easiest financial month of my life.

Long ago freedom was just a dream where I felt trapped inside a teaching schedule.

The video I captured on Monday will share more.  Click the image below to watch it.

Now I’m off!! First stop Switzerland, next stop Montenegro, then Croatia, and then Italy where I’ll be completing my Mastery Business Program with my mentor, Gina Devee.

I’ll be back with a series of updates and inspiration from my travels on October 5th. Thanks for reading and I so look forward to reconnecting when I’m home!

May all of your desires have permission to be expressed and realized.