Start the New Year Right (Personal Story Inside)

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year to make. sh*t. happen. Are you feeling the buzz? You get what you focus on, and right now is the PERFECT time for you to start again and create the best year of your life.

You get to be who you are without apology.

You get to call in the love you desire without settling.

You get to make new choices aligned with your TRUE SELF.

This is your time, Chrissy.

You, and only you are responsible for claiming your dreams. As soon as you make the decision to love yourself, and treat yourself incredibly well along the way, you, and the world around you, will change for good.

Now… I have a question for you and I want you to be honest:

What do you desire this year?

What comes up for you when I ask that question?

Do you know what you desire?

Once you’re so specifically clear on what you desire, and you go after it with everything you’ve got, the universe will show up to support you. This is where you become a magnet. This is where you become a vessel for truth, compassion, forgiveness, and beauty to move through you. Every mistake you make along the way will become a lesson. Before you know it, you’ll be harmonizing with the Universe, creating the most beautiful symphony of life.

Saying YES to what you desire is where dreams come true.

You just have to speak your desires into existence. Even if it’s scary.

I’ll never forget the moment last New Year’s Eve when I claimed and spoke my desire into existence with my community.

The clock struck midnight, and something pretty epic shifted in my heart and in my brain. I was done with the worrying. The waiting. The complaining.

I was ready to make this year about my relationship with Steve. I told all my friends that this was our year. So we put our hearts and souls into couple’s therapy, I began focusing on the good and started letting go of old habits and patterns that sabotaged our love– for good. I got honest. I got serious.

I committed.

But I knew I needed more practices in place to make this commitment stick. In order to make my relationship with Steve thrive, I needed to put some non-negotiable pieces of SELF CARE in place.

Here’s the thing. I had one other, really big commitment last year… Becoming a highly skilled and certified workshop facilitator at CORI knew that in order to give my all to my work AND also give my best to Steve, I needed to come home from my workshops and rest, repair, and restore. You see, these workshops require tons of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy. Without the proper self-care routine upon return, I would implode and take it out on Steve. So I made sure to take Mondays and sometimes even Tuesdays off after these workshops in order to sleep, receive massages, and reset my nervous system with chiropractic work.

My health needed to be a priority, so I also committed to having a consistent yoga practice the whole year of 2017. My body really suffered in 2016, and when my body suffered, my relationship suffered too. That’s why on January 2nd 2017, I signed up for multiple yoga packages at multiple different studios. I discovered what my body liked the most, and I found a home for myself at the sweetest studio in San Francisco. I found a family there. How does this relate to Steve? When I’m connected to my breath, more flexible in my body, I become more patient, receptive, and generous with my love. Sure this yoga practice helped my whole entire being, but it really helped me be a more loving partner.

But truly, the most important thing I did for my self care last year was attending an 8 day silent meditation retreat. This helped me lay out my foundation for the most loving year of my life. I was so, so, so scared to go. The idea of silence with no form of distraction terrified me. But this experience helped me get present, silent, and calm. And presence, I’ve discovered, is ALL we need to get through any hard thing. Presence for me is simply arriving at what’s so, and then handing it all over to Spirit.

This retreat helped me face demons inside of myself I had been denying for decades. I got to witness and welcome those parts of me in such subtle yet powerful ways that they began to purify and dissolve. Some would call this Divine Therapy. I now have a deep rooted trust in Spirit. I now know how to surrender to my waves of humanity with Grace.

When I got home from this retreat last January, Steve could feel the shift in my energy. There was a softness in my face and a patience in my voice that had him stop in his tracks. He knew this was going to be our year, too.

This meditation practice made such a difference for me, that I’m doing the same retreat again in a couple of weeks. It’s the reset I hope I can always turn to at the beginning of the year.

Looking at our relationship today, I realize that I fulfilled my intention of 2017. Now in 2018, Steve and I get to ENJOY what we’ve healed and created.

Putting my all into this relationship became a spiritual practice.

Are we perfect? No way.

Do we still bicker and argue sometimes? Yes.

The difference this time around is our turnaround time.

How long it takes us to apologize, take responsibility, give up our righteousness, forgive, and offer compassion instead of judgment is what helps us get back on track and into love.

Today Steve and I hear each other. Respect each other. Support each other. And really deeply love each other.

We have a new commitment today, and it’s to clean up our diet. Something I’ve never, ever, done before. We’re currently on day 8 of no gluten, dairy, sugar, beans, alcohol, or take out. I’ve struggled with emotional eating a lot of my life, so this is a very big deal. But Steve and I are in this together, and it feels incredibly worth it. This program we’re doing is called Whole30, and if you want to follow my journey find me on Instagram.

I know with the right commitment, I can transform my health.

Our relationship is proof.

Thanks for reading my story, Chrissy. I really appreciate you taking the time to be here with me.

Just get clear on what you desire, gorgeous. Set up the foundational pieces to make it happen. Then commit and let the Universe amaze you.



P.S. Let me know what you desire this year and I’ll root you on by commenting below!

ALSO, we have 3 COR Woman Retreats coming up over the next few months all over the U.S. I would love to support you there. This is the biggest reset you could ever give yourself as a woman. This transformation will last a lifetime. You deserve it. Check it out here.


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