The Healthy Mindset of a Feminine Leader

Hi lovely,

Do you dread getting sick? Do you want to lose weight so you can be happy? Do you criticize your body?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are your health is suffering in some capacity. The truth is, you can’t be a feminine leader without an empowered relationship to your health! Because your wellness is so important, this post contains the three most important distinctions for you to take on so you can be powerful, happy, and healthy all at once.

Rule #3 of an empowered feminine leader: 
She’s a leader in her health and wellness. She shows up for her health out of love vs. fear. 

She has mastered these 3 distinctions:  
1. She focuses her energy on BEING HEALTHY vs. TRYING NOT TO GET SICK.
Being healthy is a belief. Back when I was a teacher (and unfulfilled) I constantly worried about not getting sick. I got tons of sleep because I was afraid of getting ill. I constantly washed my hands out of the fear of spreading germs. I got vaccinated to avoid the flu. Guess what? Regardless of every trick I used to not get sick, I got sick anyways. My fears made my immune system suffer. My attitude was fearful which attracted exactly what I was fearing into my life. As soon as I made the shift to focus on my health vs. sickness, my immune system became stronger than ever.

2. She exercises to HAVE FUN vs. TO LOSE WEIGHT. 
She doesn’t exercise out of fear- she exercises out of her love for being alive. Workouts are an act of celebration, joy, and self love. She works out for pleasure, not pain. She enjoys taking care of her body because she becomes more vibrant, happy, and free in the process. Working out to lose weight implies that you aren’t good enough as you are, and that’s where the fear sets in. This is a mentality of scarcity vs. abundance. Decide that you’re good enough, and celebrate your self worth with an energizing workout.

3. She focuses her attention on BEING POSITIVE vs. BEING NEGATIVE. 
She is grateful for everything her body CAN do, vs what it CAN’T do. When she looks in the mirror, she celebrates what she loves about her body vs. criticizing what she doesn’t like. This distinction creates the space for her vibrant health to emerge, and she becomes OH SO beautiful in the process.

How do you take care of your body? How do you personally show up as a healthy feminine leader? Share with me in the comments below, I’d love to know.

To you and your health,



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