Rituals to Begin 2016

Happy-New-Year-2016-Download-Images-22Happy New Year! January is my favorite time of year to let go of what no longer serves me so I can step into the new year with empowerment and clarity. I’ve included five rituals for you use to complete 2015 so you can welcome the best year of your life from a clear and empty space.

Rituals to Complete the Past

1. Create a Year in Review: What about 2015 are you grateful for? Gratitude turns problems into gifts, chaos into peace, confusion into clarity, and the surprises into perfect timing.

Go through your 2015 Calendar and honor your experiences, challenges, and accomplishments month by month. Where did you choose love? What did you accomplish this past year that you’d like to celebrate? What are your favorite memories that you never want to forget? Write down your accomplishments in your journal, and celebrate your abundance, generosity, love, and growth.

2. Letting Go: Letting go is the path to freedom. As we let go, the tender ground of honesty, healing and love will carry us through the world. To let go is to release the images and emotions, the grudges and fears, the upset and disappointments of the past that bind our spirit.

This is your chance to consider the behavior, beliefs or habits of the past that you’d like to leave behind. What negative beliefs no longer serve you?  What bitterness is still in your heart? What anger isn’t serving you anymore? What unforgiveness is still in your heart? What pain are you ready to say goodbye to? Write what you’re letting go of on small slips of paper, and safely burn each fear, belief, or painful circumstance in a fire. Watch your past disappear. Honor this process with a bow or a prayer, asking the Divine for love, guidance, and support in completion. It’s super fun to do this in community, so invite some soul sisters over for this ritual.

3. Create Space: Creating space allows new energy channels of abundance, love, spirituality and creativity to flow.  When your life is cluttered, your creative energies are blocked as well.

Now that you’ve completed your past emotionally, now you get to complete the past physically. This week I invite you to create space by eliminating energy drains. Tackle your home and let go of any items that no longer serve you. Donate clothes that you haven’t worn in a year to charity. Throw away expired spices and foods from the pantry. Notice if parts of your home bring up overwhelm, avoidance, or claustrophobia. Are there drawers that you refuse to open because of clutter and disorganization? Take action and face what needs to be faced. A whole new world is on the other side of this organization and completion.

4. Design your mission. Now that you’ve emptied your cup, it’s time to create your purpose statement for the year of 2016 from a clear and energized space.  If you could create THE BEST year of your life, what would it look like? How do you want to feel? Who will surround you? What qualities must you take on in order to bring your vision to reality?

Now design a one sentence purpose statement positioned around those values, energies, and desires.  Three years ago my purpose statement was: My purpose is to be a leader and own my feminine power. That statement was the backbone that drove every choice I made which generated a new beginning for myself in my career, relationship, and health. Now it’s your turn. What’s your purpose statement of 2016?

5. Visualize it. Repeat your mantra in meditation every morning, afternoon and night. Journal and reflect upon how your life changes as a result of aligning your everyday choices to your purpose. To bring more attention to your statement, you can also create a collage depicting how you’ll align your purpose statement into the following pillars of your human experience:

  • Romantic life
  • Relationships and family
  • Career
  • Health
  • Femininity
  • Spirituality

That’s it from me. Welcome to 2016, dear one. I’m excited to be on this journey with you.

All my love,


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