What I’ve Learned in 2015: Part I

CBS-29-WebEvery December I do a “year in a review” to highlight and honor the challenges, struggles, and victories of the year. These are the themes that showed up for me and I want to share them with you. When you’re done reading, you’re welcome to write back with your own themes and victories in the comments below so I can celebrate your year too.

The Themes of My Year: Part I

Sales awakening. When you take a stand for someone’s transformation, it’s not about you. When it’s not about you there’s no need to feel pushy in the sales conversation. The qualities required in a successful sales call are curiosity, openness, detachment, and commitment. When you embody these qualities the sales call becomes a natural flow of inspired conversation where love is present.

Conscious struggles can help you find your message. Finding your message doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes, it’s right in front of your nose, you just have to stop trying so hard to see it. Let’s say you’re struggling in a particular area of your life or business. The deeper you’ve consciously struggled in that area, meaning- reached out for support and guidance when you’ve needed it- the more you’ve grown and transformed. That means you have a hell of a lot to teach in that area because you know the struggle inside and out. If you’ve lived through it, you can teach it.

No such thing as charging your worth. Your worth is priceless! Charge what you need to deliver the most quality coaching to your clients. Find the number that gives you the freedom and support you desire as a woman so you can be the most powerful coach you can be. When you undercharge, you’ll most likely under deliver. Under charging doesn’t only rob you of the time and money you’ve put into your development and expertise, but it robs your client of a financial breakthrough. The more your client energetically puts into working with you, the more committed she’ll be. Money is a beautiful energy to place commitment behind.

Resentment is synonymous with insanity. Resentment is like a poisonous pill. You swallow it and expect it to kill the other person, when YOU’RE the only person who suffers. When resentment is brewing, take action and get in communication with that person. The only person you’re hurting with this resentment is yourself.

Ask for what you want and get what you need.  I’ve had a habit of getting really bad haircuts. Was it my hair stylist’s fault? No way. I went into these cuts with zero knowledge of the kind of haircut I wanted: “Just a trim… you know.. do whatever you think is best.” (Seriously!) Now I go in with pictures and certainty. I don’t get bad haircuts anymore. What results do you dislike in your life right now? Notice if those results are from a lack of clarity on your end and take responsibility and clean it up with the mop of love and forgiveness. It’s my belief that knowing what you want is the catalyst for satisfaction and contentment. Don’t know what you want? Focus on what you DON’T WANT, then find the exact opposite and create that.

Stay tuned for Part II coming next week!. Until then, Happy Solstice. May you honor the dark and light within you and trust the purpose you were born with.

All my love,



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