The Perfection Cure: A Blooper Reel

Hi lovely,

Do you ever struggle with perfection? As entrepreneurs it’s so easy to get bogged down by this unattainable goal. Perfection has been the biggest barrier for my success and it gets exhausting, right?!

Striving for perfection is actually a hidden recipe for procrastination, burnout, and pain.

If you find yourself waiting until your product/video/blog is PERFECT before you promote/sell/share, you gotta add this element to your work:


When you have fun, perfection no longer matters. Who wants to buy a product or coaching package from someone who is perfect, anyways?

When you add your personal playful touches to your brand, your followers will get to know you better and trust you more. As the experts say, consumers buy from people they know, like and trust. When you decide to be yourself and have fun in the process, you’ll naturally attract ideal clients into your sphere.

I have a personal and vulnerable example of choosing PLAY over PERFECTION.

Last week I upleveled big time by working with a videographer on a creative project for my new homepage. At times it totally sucked, not gonna lie. I couldn’t recite my script from start to finish and I felt pretty embarrassed. Yesterday my videographer sent me the blooper reel, and I want you to watch it.

Click on the image below and prepare for some big belly laughs. I’m not selling you anything. I’m simply showing you WHO I am: imperfect, silly, and ridiculous:

That’s me! Laughing at myself, kicking perfection to the curb.

How can you let go of perfection? How can you have fun with the creative process?

It’s called the “creative process” for a reason… Your products aren’t born out of your perfection, they’re created out of your authentic heart. Who you become in the process is what matters most.

Thanks for watching!

All my love,


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