Money Mindset and Freedom

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+ News Years Bonus!

One year ago I made a massive investment in a program to support my business. The cost was 8x my rent. As a result of this purchase I transformed my relationship with money which in turn changed my relationship with the world. This blog post will explain why.

Money is currency and currency is energy.
When I paid for the program, I energetically opened up to my purpose and in turn opened to receiving support, guidance, and today- more money in my bank account than I ever dreamed of as a teacher. Does having money make me selfish, greedy, or bad? Not at all. It has actually made me more generous, more at ease, and more capable of sharing my message with the world. Here’s why.

Money is simply energy, it’s neutral, neither good nor bad. We hear people criticizing money for being immoral, or obsessing over it for being the source of all joy. Neither is true. Just as water is good for you when you’re dehydrated and bad when you don’t have an umbrella- money is merely a neutral force which people can use or misuse. How you use it is what matters.

Investing in Gina’s program represented the conception of my Fearless Purposebrand, an idea that needed a midwife to birth. Gina was my midwife, and I went through the labor, the pains, and self-doubt with the mentor who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. By investing in this program, I transformed my blueprint around money and took the inspired action necessary to live out my purpose. That financial investment fueled my energy to become a thriving transformational coach. Money was simply the exchange to get me where I am today.

Here are some questions I invite you to consider:
What would open up for you if you were totally empowered financially? What would you do if money didn’t stop you? Who would you be? Where would you go?

Maybe it’s impossible to imagine a life being financially empowered.  Maybe it’s easy and you’re ready for it now. I honor wherever you’re at. I used to be so blocked financially that I gave my services away for free because I didn’t want to appear selfish or greedy and my self-worth suffered in the process. I didn’t have the money to take care of my body, and I didn’t have the consciousness to believe in my dreams. When my money channels were blocked- my desires and vitality were blocked too.

What opened up for me as a result of healing my Money Story? I got after my dreams like my hair was on fire. I stopped procrastinating and wasn’t afraid to invest the time, energy and money necessary to build my business as a coach. That included a non-negotiable of self-care including: massages, spa appointments, yoga packages and retreats in hot springs. The bonus? I called in the romantic partner whose values aligned with my own, and today we’re creating a profound partnership based on honesty, support, intimacy, integrity, and joy.

What I wanted in romance was exactly what I wanted with money! When I allowed money to support me, the man showed up to support me as well. When I got intimate with my bank account, I opened up to intimacy in romance. How we do one thing is how we do everything. If you’re struggling with money, chances are your self-worth, survival, and level of belonging is struggling too.

All too often I see women putting their dreams aside because they “don’t have the money.” I stand for women having clean and empowered relationships with their finances so their dreams are no longer stifled due to old stories, tapes and wounds.  I’m here to help you change your money mindset so you can live the life you deserve and long for.

The “financial healing work” I do with women is about your purpose to change the world.

If you want to be a world leader, you have to be able to give and receive money without guilt or shame. We have centuries of oppression to heal ladies!   We carry old money stories and wounds with us every single day. When you stand for your own financial freedom by healing your money story, you stand for the financial freedom of every woman who doesn’t have the resources, voice, literacy, power, or vote to receive her desires and needs. Our transformation is hers as well, and she needs to see you!

Want to start the New Year with total empowerment financially, emotionally, and spiritually? My signature 90 Day Self-Love Program is designed for you to fall in love with every aspect of your life, including your relationship with money. Together we will honor your desires as a woman and create the radical change necessary for you to live an extraordinary life full of purpose and financial freedom.

As a New Year’s bonus, I’m including my new e-Book:  Money, Mindset, Freedom, an interactive course containing 30 pages of process work, journaling prompts, and universal laws to support you in transforming your money story once and for all.

On top of the transformation you will receive in the workbook, you will get 12 weekly 1 hour sessions to anchor in the psychic surgery you perform on your money channels so you can explode your purpose into the world.

Transforming your relationship to money is possible! If me, the struggling preschool teacher who barely made $1k/ month could do it, you can do it too.  I have the formula, the readings, and the guidance to support you in re-writing your money blueprint so you can live a life of purpose and passion NOW.

Do it for you, and do it for every woman on the planet who is waiting for you to shine.

Set up your free 30 minute Discovery Call to find out if I’m the right coach for you in 2015. 

In abundance,


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