Managing Your Emotions as a Wild Woman Entrepreneur

3ff7145Do you ever feel lost or confused on this entrepreneurial path? 

Do you notice anxiety, fear, frustration, shame, sadness, or worry continuing to show up in your business? 

You’re not alone. I’ve been there, trust me. 

But I have some bad news….

If those painful emotions continue to show up and you don’t deal with them responsibly, there’s a VERY BIG breakdown happening in your business. 

The impact you desire to have on the planet is wasted every minute those emotions and anxieties take you out of the game.
When those painful and foggy emotions are triggered, your survival energies run the show, making your flight, fight, or freeze responses interrupt your nervous system. As a result your creativity gets blocked, squashed, or worse- forgotten. 
I’m here to tell you there’s another way to live. There’s another way to lead. There’s another way succeed.

After all the free coaching I’ve given this month, I’ve realized my biggest passion: helping women entrepreneurs manage their emotions so they can break through their upper limits of success and happiness.

I believe business to be rite of passage, a portal that shows you how big you can play as you move through the emotions of fear, shame, and anxiety. This initiation invites a new archetype of feminine leadership to emerge, The Wild Woman Entrepreneur. 

Last week I shared a few of her beliefs with you, and now I want to show you the secret behind her success.

The Wild Woman Entrepreneur has mastered her emotions.

  • She delivers her message with unwavering faith because she’s transformed her fear into power.  
  • She breaks through her upper limits of success and happiness BECAUSE she’s no longer taken out by anxiety.
  • She’s visible online because she’s healed her shame and exploded her self worth.
  • She makes amazing money from a space of service and contribution because guiltno longer interferes with her sales.

The best part? The Wild Woman Entrepreneur has filled her cup with so much love,that being misunderstood or rejected doesn’t phase her.

She’s mastered the art of feeling f*&^ing amazing about herself no matter what circumstance life throws her.

Do you want a piece of that? I’m still available for free coaching this week! On the call we can zoom right in on the emotional block you’re experiencing now, and transform it quickly into your creative power. The woman behind the biz deserves just as much love and attention as the woman leading the biz.


P.S. For Valentine’s Day, give yourself this gift. This is my last month of free coaching and I can’t wait to get to know you! At the end of the call, we’ll discover (after working together in real time) if we are the right fit for a coaching relationship. I have some awesome new (secret!) programs supporting the emotional success of women entrepreneurs and I can’t wait to share them with you. The prices are going up in March, so this February is your time to take advantage.  


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