Invest in Your Dream

Gina picLesson #2: Invest in Your Dream 

If you read my last post, you know this weekend I celebrated the completion of an international Certification Program for life coaches and entrepreneurs in Miami, Florida. While I have both Bachelors and Masters Degrees, this program required more energy, time, and focus than any of my previous education. The catch was- I was lit up throughout the process. I was living my purpose fueled by love rather than obligation, burden or pressure. 

It’s easy to say that I’m a completely different woman now. 14 months ago I was on my knees praying for a miracle. I quit my preschool job and wanted to be a coach, but didn’t know for the life of me how to start a business. I had given my services away for free, led donation-based workshops, and didn’t know how to receive compensation for my services without feeling massive amounts of guilt. While I already had a coaching certification, I had no idea how to package my expertise into a coaching business that generated a consistent income.

Little did I know that my “financial blueprint” was in the way.  My core beliefs about money were: Having money would make me a bad and selfish person. Having money would make me unlovable. How did these beliefs (which were out of reality FYI) play out? I’m sure you can guess. I charged close to nothing for my services and grew resentful, tired, and broke.

I was in survival mode 100% of the time which impacted my body, my relationships, and my spirituality. I rarely cared for my body’s needs and suffered in relationships by putting others’ feelings ahead of my own. I didn’t trust the inner wisdom of my true self. I knew I wanted to make a difference in the world, but I was stuck, lost, and confused.

Then enter Gina Devee- a Divine Living 7 figure success coach for female entrepreneurs. She showed up in my Facebook newsfeed through a free video series with a message that spoke to all my pain points as a woman on a mission to change the world. I was drawn to her spiritual, feminine, and intuitive leadership. Her mindset contained zero thoughts of burnout or overwhelm and she seemed genuinely happy. Turns out she takes tremendous care of herself and receives massive amounts of wealth in return.

The money she receives isn’t in excess- each dollar has a purpose. She’s clean with money and experiences money as energy. While I was attracted to the business structures she would help me create, my heart was most drawn to her level of wealth consciousness.

I watched one 15 minute video and started to cry knowing I had found the mentor to guide me out of my financial suffering and into the business of my dreams. I needed to work with her. It was a must. Within a couple of days I made the biggest investment in my personal development to date and began a love affair with myself, my tribe, and my purpose. Was it scary making a transaction that was 8x my rent? Of course, but that transaction was my wink to the universe saying that I was ready. Like I said earlier this week, “Your purpose should scare the shit out you.” The investment in your purpose should scare the crap out of you too.

If you have a dream, you have to be willing to invest in it. If you believe it, you will achieve it, and you have to be eager to pay for it. The money I used to fund this dream actually paid for the woman I’ve become in the process. That transaction was as powerful as it was spiritual. Making that payment left an imprint on my soul reminding me that my desires are worth it. I would have paid 10x the amount to be where I am now.

I’ve touched on many themes in this letter to you, themes that are worth excavating later in time (such as wealth consciousness, investing in your dream, and money). I invite now to investigate your own relationship with money.

If you were in a romantic relationship with money, how do you relate to it? Do you cheat? Do you ignore? Are you intimate?  Do you feel supported? Are you terrified? Do you notice yourself getting resentful or angry? Have a think, and keep your eyes peeled for another letter from me with tools to transform your relationship to money. We all have a money story, and every story deserves healing and attention. And in the meantime, I’d love to know what this exercise brings up for you. Please share your thoughts with me commenting below!! 

Until next time, know that your purpose is waiting for you to show up. Keep your visions, actions, and thoughts aligned with your desires, and trust that investing in those dreams is worth it.

Stay tuned for my next lesson on Money, Mindset, and Freedom. You won’t want to miss it. Inside I’ll share my new empowered beliefs about money and the tools you can use to relate to money in an inspired and loving way.


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