I’m Scared Right Now and That’s Okay

I want to tell you how I deal with fear in real time. No lies.

I’m scared right now.

Some really huge opportunities have been showing up for me in my business as of late, and guess what? As I stretch beyond my comfort zones of safety, I find myself crippled with fear and anxiety at times.

That’s okay!

I’ve hired a team to support my business growth which is pushing my edges of leadership and organization. I’m putting more trust and surrender into my investments than ever before. And to top it all off, I was sick with the flu for the first two weeks of this month! Fear has been coming down HARD.

As I grow, my little one (inner child) feels scared and confused.

The good news? I keep showing up because my fear doesn’t control me anymore, we have an awesome adult relationship and I want to tell you how we jive.

First of all, I never make my fear wrong. That’s like putting a fire out with a blow torch.

I let myself feel the fear, honor it and listen to it, and then give it what it needs. Usually my fear needs safety and containment (think swaddling a baby, no joke). Once my fear receives what it needs, I ask if it would be willing to take on a new expression to help me get what I want, and we call on some other qualities like my courage, vulnerability and focus. When those qualities show up, my fear can relax! 

Here’s what I believe:

If fear is taking you out on any level of your life as a woman, I want to support you. There’s a new and empowering way to relate to fear and I want to help you get there.

I only have a few spots left for free coaching this month. With all of the opportunities I’m receiving now my prices for further coaching will go up in March, so now is the time to receive. After our free coaching call, we’ll discover if we’re the right fit together and you’ll be locked in to my February pricing.

Ask your Wild Woman Entrepreneur what’s right for you. She always knows.



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