Goal Busters

Hi lovely,

When we begin to step into our power and envision bigger and brighter goals for ourselves, three “Goal Busters” will show up in your life that will try and steer you off course.

Maybe there’s a new job that you REALLY want… Or a program you really want to purchase…. Or a creative project that you are SO ready to birth (just to name a few).

These three Goal Busters stop most people, but not you!  I bring these to your awareness so you can move through them with grace and empowerment so you’re not thrown off by their sneaky stunts that will keep you powerless, afraid and unfulfilled.

Without a doubt, important goals of yours will produce Negative Reasoning (negative thoughts), fears, and obstacles that you will have to overcome if you’re serious about your success.

Here’s the order of what will come up for you before you fully commit to your goal.

1. Negative Reasoning: We come up with every reason why it won’t work out. I’m not ready. I don’t have the money. I’m so busy this month. I won’t have time for family. What will my friends and family think? I’m too old to start this business now. I’m going to fail anyways, so why start? They won’t like me. I’ll wait until a better time..

Recognize any of these thoughts? These are the reasons why you shouldn’t attempt your goal. Just bring your own reasoning to the surface, but don’t engage too far. Acknowledge them, thank them for showing up, and make the empowered decision to move past them.

These reasons come from your ego.  The ego is defended and protective- it’s designed to keep you safe. Your ego is not designed to help you grow!

The opportunity here is transforming your negative reasoning into POSITIVE reasoning. Instead of imagining the worst possible outcome, what is the BEST possible outcome if you pursue this goal 100%? What will open up for you if you invest in yourself at this level? How will you feel and who will you become? The possibilities are endless.

2. The next phase is fear, or your feelings. You may experience fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of making a fool of yourself, or fear of not making enough money etc.

This is where many people see stop signs, but the most successful women see the green light. These fears are part of the process. You wouldn’t feel afraid if this was simple and unimportant.

Acknowledge the fear, welcome the fear, and then let your fear serve you instead of stop you. Hold your fear like a torch and let it lead you out of the darkness and into the light. Trust me, your courage is so much stronger than your fear.

3. Finally, you will become aware of obstacles. These are the pure external circumstances beyond your thoughts and feelings. Losing your credit card. Your wallet being stolen. Your email getting hacked. A death in the family. Getting sick. Your Facebook business page being banned. Not having the money you need to move forward with your goal.

These obstacles are simply detours that the Universe throws at you- like it starting to rain while leading an outdoor workshop. These detours are an invitation to rise in your power, deal with the circumstance at hand, and move forward with grace.

Instead of getting super worked up over these obstacles and throwing in the towel, I invite you to see each obstacle as a question from the Universe asking: “Are you committed?”

What’s your answer? Are you serious about your goal?

What obstacles are already showing up in your life and business? How can you deal with these obstacles responsibly and powerfully? How can you transform these obstacles into opportunities for growth and expansion?

Remember, it’s important to welcome these negative reasonings, fears, and obstacles with a zero excuses policy. You will become stronger, wiser, and more flexible if you do, which will make you the most empowered woman you can possibly be.



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