Final Learnings from 2015

fear-to-fire-cover-imagePart II: Chrissy’s Learnings from 2015

You deserve to have what you want in life, no exceptions. When you tell the universe what you want, She can deliver. I had the desire to receive in home massage care every single week. I didn’t let money stop me and I went on a mission to find the woman to support this desire. I asked my yoga teacher who gives the best hands on healing I’ve ever felt in a yoga class, and even though she wasn’t massage certified and said, “No” at first because of this issue, I told her I’d happily pay her under the table because my intuition said she was the “massage therapist” for me. We changed the rules, and for the past two months I’ve had the most relaxing Mondays thanks to her healing hands. It’s easy to make up excuses as to WHY having what we want isn’t possible, but it’s way more empowering to believe the opposite.

Your desires matter. When you ignore them you ignore you femininity, and self abandon in the process.  Weak desires produce weak results. So, what do you reallly want? Do you want to get married and have a family? Do you want to wear comfortable designer heels so you never suffer at a cocktail party again? Do you want to travel to Bali? Do you want a new car? A weekly spa treatment? Want a new place to live? Trust what you want and let that guide you. When you put your focus on your desires they have no choice but to manifest. When you focus on what you don’t want, those thoughts manifest as well, so you might as well stay in the high vibration of focusing on what you want. The best part? When you receive your desires, your whole business begins to function at a higher level because your happiness creates a magnetic field of JOY around your offerings, newsletters, and brand.

Following your desires benefit everyone around you. When you choose to do what YOU want, your happiness and joy will create a ripple effect of healing and inspiration for your friends, family and colleagues. Worried that your desires will upset someone in your life? Concerned about appearing greedy or selfish? Not your problem. Those worries don’t serve anyone, but you being happy serves your community for the better. You know that “massage therapist” I found who is now giving me in home massage care every week? She has loved the quiet time of focusing on my muscles SO much that her entire purpose is beginnings to shift and she’s now brainstorming the ways to get certified. That’s a miracle of me following my desires and not taking her “No, I’m not massage certified” for an answer.

Fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real. Whenever fear sets in in your business or life, notice if there’s real evidence to support the fear. If there isn’t real evidence to prove it, that means your goofy monkey brain is making up a reason to be afraid which is FAR from the truth. This means the exact opposite could be true too! Notice which one feels better: “There aren’t any clients for me” vs. “There are more than enough clients for me.” Trust your heart over your fear.

Find the elements when anxiety sets in. Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind always bring me back into my body and into a calm state. When I’m anxious, I’ll do a number of different things to reconnect to my grounded nature. First, I’ll light a candle and connect with the heat. Next I’ll jog to the ocean, put my feet in the sand and feel the water run beneath my feet. No ocean near by? Garden. Plant a beautiful succulent into a pot, or find a tree and place your hands on it and close your eyes. These actions will help you reconnect with your roots and steadiness away from the fog of anxiety.

That’s it for now, dear ones. I’ll see you on the other side with a new message and new offerings as a life coach for women entrepreneurs. So pumped to share this transformation with you.



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