My Core Wound (Teaching + Video)

Hey gorgeous,

Do you remember the first time you ever got hurt? Or maybe the most influential pain from your childhood, like a death in your family. Or a spanking. Or getting in trouble at school. Or your parents’ divorce.

These wounds leave a mark on our being and overall understanding of the world. Those moments make us feel separate, alone, or different. In those moments of pain, something formed in your psyche called your “core wound.” It’s a belief or message that you internalized at a young age, which influences who you are and how you behave in the world.

Without the proper awareness, this core wound could dictate the rest of your life.

While I’ve been “working” on myself for over a decade in the world of transformation, therapy, and personal growth, I discovered my core wound for the first time THREE WEEKS ago, and I want to share it with you in video form.

This video will tell you the story of how I realized my core wound, how I’m healing it, and why developing this kind of self awareness is essential for happiness and fulfillment.

Click the image below to watch. Beware, it’s 10 minutes long, so pull up a cup of tea and enjoy getting into my vulnerable and messy world.

My Core Wound

I have to ask…

What did you think?

Do you know your core wound?

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Thank you so much for watching.



P.S. My private coaching and retreats help women bring more awareness and presence to their core wounds. While I don’t think our core wounds ever go away completely, when we bring enough love and awareness to them, they stop ruling our lives and we begin to make better choices and find more fulfillment and happiness. Want to see if my coaching and retreats are right for you? Email me at with the subject of COACHING? and we’ll set up a call to see if I’m the right coach for you.


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