Wild Woman Entrepreneur

shutterstock_105619256Welcome sister,

I’d like to introduce you to a new symbol of feminine leadership. She’s a heroine, an inspiration bridging the gap between business and pleasure.

She’s inside of you right now, but you need to slow down, close your eyes, and breathe her in. She doesn’t show up through DOING or PUSHING. Her presence must be felt through your senses, intuition, and energy beyond the mind.

She’s an endangered species and needs our love, attention, and focus to emerge in this crazy busy world of business, success, and competition among women.

She’s the Wild Woman Entrepreneur. 

The Wild Woman Entrepreneur connects two archetypes:
The Modern Day Business Woman (driven, focused, logical) + The Ancient Wild Woman (untamed, surrendered, sensually & emotionally awake)

How does she live her life? She believes the woman behind the business deserves just as much love and affection as the woman leading the business. Her emotions must be fed, her body must be nurtured, and her fears must be heard.

What does she stand for?

The wild woman entrepreneur has radically accepted her whole self, even the parts she has judged as dark, ugly, or not okay.

She develops her internal sanctuary of awareness: the quiet place she returns to any moment with a still mind, soothed emotions, and a calm body.

Creative Genius
The Wild Woman Entrepreneur moves her body through every block.

Vulnerable Messaging
Her message moves mountains because it’s authentic, vulnerable, and real. Her truth expands time.

She trusts her Divine Purpose and doesn’t search outside herself for answers. She follows the wisdom of her internal guidance system first and last.

The Wild Women Entrepreneur embodies celebration. This act dissolves any comparison, judgment, jealousy or competition in her heart.

Body Freedom
She loves her hips, her stomach, her jiggles, her wrinkles, her cellulite, her moles, her grays, and every single imperfection. When she loves her body, her light shines like a beacon of healing for the feminine.

Can you see yourself in any of these beliefs?
Do you have a desire to to see what’s available inside this new archetype of feminine leadership?

I’ll share more beliefs with you next week. Until then, stay tuned for a HUGE reveal at the end of month on the evolution of my brand and offerings. To celebrate, I’m offering more FREE COACHING CALLS ’til the end of the month.

All my love,

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