Re-Branding: A Love Story

I’m shaking things up over here at I’ve been a women’s empowerment coach for well over a year now and something has been shifting in my heart.

Turns out I LOVE empowering women! Duh, that’s an obvious. After empowering individual clients and groups of women in my retreats this past year, I’ve discovered that I have another burning passion: Helping new coaches start their businesses.

There. I said it. Cat’s out of the bag. (Meow!)

From here on out, my emails and messages will be targeting new women coaches. I give you full permission to unsubscribe now if you no longer wish you receive my emails.

But more importantly, I want you to know that I LOVE and APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH!!! Every response, comment, discovery session or private coaching session has lit me up more than you know. You have been my backbone. I love speaking into your heart. Thank you for receiving my messages with grace, and thank you for being the light that world so desperately needs.

So that’s it. From here on out, I’ll be supporting new coaches who want to start their own businesses but don’t know where or how to start. I’ll help you build a business that you love so you can get paid for your purpose and be of great service to the world. See what I did there? I’m talking to you…if you like the sound of that, definitely continue receiving my emails. If you wanna throw up in your mouth, feel free to unsubscribe! NO hard feelings, I’ll miss you dearly and wish you all the best.

This video will share more. I love you all.. I really do. Thank you for being such an engaging and empowering group.








All my love,
Chrissy Brady-Smith


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