Vlog: How to Be a Success + Powerful Game to Change Your Life

If you’re American, I hope you had a beautiful Fourth of July Weekend! This weekend I made my famous ribs up in the mountains, and brainstormed with my man about the next steps in my biz. We relaxed, hiked, and pondered and I’ve come back so refreshed and excited. That’s how vacation should be, right?

Throughout our business brainstorming session I caught myself asking the wrong questions which totally gave my power away. I hope this video can support you in asking the right questions so you can return to your precious purpose.. you know.. your special gift that the world so desperately needs.

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You always have what it takes to be successful.  Everything you need is already inside of you. You don’t need to go looking at the “greats” to see how they did it. You can do it yourself, in your own unique way.

I have a game that I’d like to share with you that will support you in accessing your true greatness that already lives within you. It’s called Acting As If.

You see… when you act as if you’re already the success that you want to be… miracles begin to occur.

The Law of Attraction simply states that like attracts like. The more you create the vibration- the mental and emotional states- of already having something or being something, the faster you attract it to you.

This means thinking like, talking like, dressing like, acting like, and feeling like the person who has already achieved your goal. Successful people exude self-confidence! They know how to communicate what they want and what they don’t want, lovingly and clearly with no attachment to the outcome. They think anything is possible, take risks, and celebrate their successes.

As soon as you start acting as if you’re a success, you will start drawing to you the opportunities and people that will help you achieve your goals in real time.

Here’s a story…
Two weeks ago,
I had two of my long time clients over for a celebration dinner to complete their 6 month VIP business building program…But it wasn’t your typical dinner party.

I turned this dinner into a game. I invited them to come over acting and dressing like they were 5 years into their businesses, making more money than they ever dreamed of, living the life they always wanted. We had conversation as if we were 5 years older and wiser.

Check out the rocking self-confidence of these business women!

They showed up wearing the hottest dresses and heels with courage oozing our of their beings. Our conversations where so HIGH VIBE! They didn’t get stuck in stories of not being good enough, instead they were already good enough and had so much to teach their younger selves. I wish you could have heard their answers when I asked them what they wish they had known 5 years ago!

I invite you to start dressing, thinking, feeling, and acting as if you’ve already achieved your goal. What action can you take to catapult your success forward? Who can you get on your team? Who do you need to be in order to bring your vision to a reality?


I can’t wait to hear from you, so please comment below to let me know your thoughts!

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