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I’m a Life Coach for Wild Women Leaders who want to change the world. Our planet is crying out for transformation that only you can create and deliver, but the first step in making a positive difference is getting clear on your message. That’s where I come in. I’ll help you find your message using your Wild Woman Wisdom, a new paradigm of leadership requiring emotional depth, innate trust, vulnerability, and a strong container where it’s safe to fall. As your coach, I’ll hold the safest space possible for you to crumble, because in the fall you realize how high you can rise.

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I Crashed and I Couldn’t Believe It

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Hey gorgeous, I’ve been saying this for years: When you expand, you contract. When you open, you’re going to close. This is what I teach, this is what I know in my bones. But last week after returning from an epic trip to Burning Man, I found myself in a familiar place: the crash after …

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10 Ways to Handle Your Entrepreneur Blues

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Hey Gorgeous, If you’re an entrepreneur, I’ll take the wild guess that you’re rockin’ and visible on social media. You show the world what you’re up to, and you look good doing it. But what do you do when you’re not doing well? What happens when all of your personal growth work blows up in …

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Interview with Lauren Joyce: The Art of Claiming Your Message

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Hey gorgeous, I have a very special message for you today. It’s an interview with my mastermind partner, Lauren Joyce. For the past few months, I’ve been coaching Lauren on claiming her true message (my favorite subject on earth). I MUST share her process with you because you’ll learn what it takes to claim your message …

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