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I’m a Life Coach for Wild Women Leaders who want to change the world. Our planet is crying out for transformation that only you can create and deliver, but the first step in making a positive difference is getting clear on your message. That’s where I come in. I’ll help you find your message using your Wild Woman Wisdom, a new paradigm of leadership requiring emotional depth, innate trust, vulnerability, and a strong container where it’s safe to fall. As your coach, I’ll hold the safest space possible for you to crumble, because in the fall you realize how high you can rise.

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What “Radiance” Asks of Us

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I went to the ocean last night and got a message from Radiance Herself. Radiance is an inside job. She doesn’t require makeup, a promotion, a relationship, or a new house. Radiance asks you to dig deep into the trenches of your pain. She asks you to face your fears head on. She invites you …

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The Real Definition of “Power” (It Might Surprise You!)

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Hey gorgeous, Have you ever questioned what truly POWER is? My clients have been begging me to write a newsletter on this topic of POWER, so here I go. A woman’s power is her unlimited source of creation. This is what you call on when you make healthy decisions, advocate for yourself, communicate effectively, and …

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How to Turn a Bummer into a Breakthrough

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Hey gorgeous, Last week a door closed on me which could have bummed me out. I was all committed to getting my work done at the library that day, and low and behold, after all the prep of getting my materials ready for my day away from home, the library was closed. Huge bummer. But …

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