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Chrissy Brady-Smith

If you’re a new coach, workshop facilitator, or holistic entrepreneur, I have a few questions for you:

  • Do you feel like you have so much to offer, but are unable to find paying clients?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the business building process and don’t know where to start?
  • Are you afraid to put yourself out there waiting until you’re “ready” to start your business??
  • Do you feel guilty, afraid, or shameful when you charge for your services?
  • Are you DONE being broke, scared, and unfulfilled?

If you answered yes to any of these questions… GOOD NEWS!

I’ve been there and I know how to help.

I Used To Be That Person

Let me introduce myself…

I’m Chrissy Brady-Smith, Empowerment & Success Coach and I’m here to show you how to end your business building overwhelm once and for all so you can get paid for your purpose and be of great service to the world.

I believe business to be a rite of passage, a portal that shows you how big you can play as you move through the shadows of fear and self doubt. I remember the anxiety, overwhelm, and embarrassment of being a “Life Coach” with nothing to show for it. I had no idea how to build a business or website that worked.

Emerge is my signature business program for new coaches and holistic entrepreneurs. It teaches you how to build a business that you love without the overwhelm, stress and anxiety that most beginning coaches face at the start of their careers. I’m here to help you overcome your limited beliefs, money blocks, self-doubt and fears so you can emerge as the empowered business owner you’re meant to be. I’ve designed this process to be inspiring, vulnerable and fun so you can make the money you deserve and long for in 6 months! Are you ready to stand out in the industry with a bank account  that never. suffers. again, read on.

Emerge will help you:

  • Design and deliver unique packages that serve your ideal clients’ most pressing needs
  • Stand out in the industry with crystal clarity around what you stand for so ideal clients can find you with ease
  • Attract your first paying clients so you can bring in $6k+ months and beyond

  • Charge your value + no longer be taken out by money blocks and shame
  • Overcome objections through the (he)art of selling
  • Master internet marketing so you can grow your list and serve thousands of people with the click of an email.
  • Get business & life coaching all in one place to ease overwhelm so you are set up for emotional success

All in one program? Seriously. And in 6 months no less.

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Here’s my story…

Why me? Because I’ve been through the dumps of overwhelm at the start of my business, and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes as me.

Soon after calling myself a Life Coach after transitioning out of my teaching career, I fell victim to some harsh illusions. I started believing that building a business was scary, daunting, and even embarrassing.

My worrying thoughts were bankrupt.

Unfortunately, what you believe about yourself on the inside is what you manifest on the outside… I started giving my coaching away for free to ANYONE who would take me, and I drowned in unnecessary drama, shame, and scarcity!

I remember every weird look I got from friends and family when I described my new job as a Life Coach

“Life… What?”

(insert crickets)

I didn’t have a strong description of my work, so oftentimes I avoided these conversations entirely. When friends and family would ask to see my website, I had to say.. “I’m working on it….“

LIES! My tech-phobia kept me website-less, invisible, and afraid. I didn’t have a website because I was sick of wasting time on WordPress punching the keyboard like a monkey.

Underneath this tech-phobia was an even bigger fear of visibility. I was ashamed to show the world who I really was with a career that went against the status quo.

The worst part? (And maybe you can relate?)

The pain of knowing how much I had to give, but having NO idea how to find clients that would pay for my coaching. Even with six years of transformational training under my belt, a Masters Degree, and certification in Life Coaching and Workshop Facilitation from Celebration of Being, I couldn’t find paying clients to save my life. I was mentally, emotionally, and financially broke.

I was paralyzed with fear and heartache because I wasn’t using my gifts to serve the world. I had a purpose, but didn’t know how to use it because the business building process was too overwhelming for me to handle and deliver.

My turning point was making the decision to invest in high level Business Coaching with a 7 Figure success coach for women entrepreneurs. I spent more money in one purchase than I ever had in my life, and it was totally worth it.

I’ve been mentored by this coach for over two years now, I got to reveal and then heal my blindspots in business. I got clarity around my ideal client and message, I learned how to market my services online using Google and Facebook, and overcame my fear of visibility and launched my first website without ANY shame. My joy served me instead of my stress.

My biggest breakthrough was healing my relationship with money. For as long as I could remember, I made money “wrong,” which energetically repelled it from me. Once I rewrote my money beliefs over months of mindset training and affirmations and deep healing, I opened my channels for abundance.

I realized that in order to give and contribute at the highest level, I had to learn how to receive.

And receive I did…

The same week that I launched my website, I had the biggest pay day of my life- quadrupling my monthly income as a teacher. I made over $6K in my business that month. This money was so energizing! To my surprise it didn’t make me a bad person, it only made me more generous and on fire in my business and life.

I soon discovered that making my first 6K could easily double with more psychic surgery on my money beliefs, building my list, and mastering the art of email marketing …

If I, the 20-something, tech-phobic, scared and confused woman could do this, why not you too?

This is my life now!!

I’m now the proud owner of a passion-based business that empowers women entrepreneurs to kick their fears to the curb so they can lead extraordinary lives getting paid for their purposes.

Today clients find ME, I lead workshops and retreats all over California thanks to Celebration of Being, I’m making more money than I ever dreamed of making, and I travel the world doing work that I love. I’ve even added “Motivational Speaker” to my resume, where I’ve had the honor to give inspiring talks to teen girls about beauty and empowerment.


Now It’s Your Turn.

Building a business deserves attention, support, and accountability. The easiest and fastest way to build your business is hiring someone who can teach you everything need to know in a fast and loving way.

Now is the time for you to rise in your service, wealth, and power. Are you ready to say “Yes!” to your power, and do whatever it takes to build a business with pleasure instead of stress?

If you’re a “Yes!” I’d love to help you!

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In case it wasn’t clear…

I work with new coaches or holistic entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses but don’t know where or how to start. “Emerge” is my signature business building program that teaches you how to charge your worth and deliver unique offerings to ideal clients in just 90 days. You’ll learn the exact recipe I used to create my first $6K+ month, and you won’t have to sacrifice your “fun” the way I did at the start of my career.

Here’s How The 6 Month Program Looks:

Every other week you’ll receive a module containing deep inner and outer work to get your business off the ground. We’ll focus on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of building a business. Why? As spiritual entrepreneurs, all of our qualities must be nurtured and valued. When we ignore parts of ourselves we suffer in overwhelm, self-doubt, and anxiety. I believe building a business can be pleasurable- full of joy, and excitement.


Week 1

Energy Clearing

    • Empty your life of energy drains and overwhelm to create space for your successful new business.
    • Learn the secrets to balancing your time as a beginning business owner.

Week 3


  • Why you MUST trust your desires and give them permission to be expressed and realized without any shame or guilt.
  • How to stand out in the coaching industry by simply being You!

Week 5

Success Consciousness

  • Learn the ONE major difference between successful coaches vs. the broke and unfulfilled.
  • How your beliefs have stopped you from having a successful business.
  • Why a new empowered belief system will make you a magnet for success in your life and biz.
  • Visualization training and WHY it works.

Week 7

Money Blueprint

  • How the set of money beliefs you inherited from your family lead you to feelings of guilt, shame or overwhelm with money.
  • Rewrite your money blueprint so you can welcome compensation with joy, generosity, and pleasure instead of the guilt, shame, and overwhelm that blocks you from finding clients who will happily pay for you coaching.

Week 9

Money Intimacy

  • How getting intimate with your bank account will help you master the game of money making with ease and flow.
  • Rigorous study of wealth consciousness and the laws of attraction to help you become a magnet for wealth.
  • How your relationship with money impacts your romantic relationships- learn how to bust through these ceilings so you can experience intimacy in every area of your life.
    • P.S. these exercises allowed me to call in my soul mate. Why not you too?!

Week 11

Target Market

  • Avoid the biggest mistake beginning coaches make when they first start out in their businesses.
  • Discover who you are meant to serve and learn everything you need to know about your ideal client– her desires, her pains, her doubts, and her goals so you can create offerings that speak directly to her soul.

Week 13

Branding & Messaging

  • Refine your message that sets you apart from other coaches in the marketplace.
  • Identify and heal the blocks that keep you from your most powerful self so you can confidently put yourself out there and become visible in the marketplace.

Week 15

Unleash your Expertise

  • Learn the art of packaging your expertise into coaching offers that ideal clients will pay anything for.
  • How to draft a sales page that leaves potential clients begging for more with no choice but to pay for your program.

Week 17

Your Website

  • How to build a website that reflects your mission, passion, and expertise.
  • How to hire the right people to make your website management easy and painless.
  • What tools to use to leave you with more time for pleasure and less time for the internet.

Week 19

List Building

  • Master the sales funnel and add 100 new subscribers to your list every week.
  • How to engage your fans to keep them engaged.
  • How to make the BEST free offers that potential clients will “opt in” for so you can build your email list fast.

Week 21

Internet Marketing

  • How to nurture your list- when to give and when to sell.
  • Learn the proven copywriting formulas to master your videos, newsletters, subject lines, and taglines that leave potential clients moved and inspired to take action.
  • Master preview calls, Facebook ads, auto responders and landing pages so potential clients find you while you’re at yoga.

Week 23

The (he)Art of Selling

  • How to serve from your heart instead of selling from your mind.
  • Release fear of appearing “salesly” “pushy” “or “scammy”
  • Close more sales and get more clients even when their first response is “No.”


What else does “Emerge” Include?

  • Detailed Welcome Packet for you to fill out before our coaching so I can focus in on your goals and challenges.
  • 12 bi-monthly hour long business coaching sessions with Chrissy ($4,000 value).
  • Bi-Monthly modules and readings for personal growth, wealth consciousness, business mastery, client attraction, marketing, and selling ($1,900 value).

Your Investment:


But as a member of the Celebration of Being TLT group, you can get six months of support and training for $4,500.

That’s $1,500 of savings for a program that will teach you how to build a coaching business THAT WORKS in 6 months.

Not sold yet?

If you sign up by February 25th, you will receive these bonuses:

1 Bonus Orientation Coaching Call with Chrissy:

1.5 hour intensive coaching session on any topic of your choice. We can jam on your biz, your health, your spirituality, your worth – anything that will make you a more empowered person.

Total Added Value: $350

If you sign up by November 25th!

Chrissy’s Signature E-Book: Fear to Fire

Copy of Chrissy’s signature Fear to Fire eBook transform your relationship to fear FOR LIFE.

Total Added Value: Value? You tell me the price for overcoming your fear and self-doubt inside a community who loves and believes in you already.

If you sign up by February 25th!

Is now your time?

Sign up for a Clarity Call with me by filling out your application form here.

With these amazing bonuses, “Emerge” now includes:

24 Weeks Business Support from Chrissy

12 Bi-Monthly Modules

Welcome Packet

Fear to Fire E-Book

1.5 Bonus Orientation Call with Chrissy

Weekly Email Support


+ If you want to do this inside your community of TLT, your individual price will go down $300 for every member that signs up. If you want to do this with a buddy, your price will be $4200. If you do this in a group of three, your price will be $3900. If you do this in a group of 4, the price will be $3,600 etc.

The incentive for this? Obviously the savings, but also the mastermind opportunity. You can support each other in between sessions and hold each other accountable.

(Monthly Payment Plans available upon Request)

Here’s what people are saying:

“From Chrissy’s coaching I got clear on my desires, I got support in how to structure my coaching and proposals, and I gained the confidence to go after what I wanted in the face of fear. I realized my target market, I created a website and facebook page with structure and support, I got my first paying client, and I successfully pitched and launched a mindfulness program for teens girls at my middle school! If any part of you is remotely interested in being a coach and building your dream business, I cannot recommend Chrissy enough!”

Shandra LaMotte
Teacher turned Teen Empowerment Coach

“With Chrissy’s support I found my voice and purpose as a leader, educator, and entrepreneur, and became an unstoppable force. Now I am the CEO and Founder of Breathe For Change, an organization that improves the health and well-being of students, teachers and communities through yoga and mindfulness.

Ilana Nankin
Student to CEO or Breathe for Change

“I’m amazed at the shift that occurred in my belief system throughout Chrissy’s coaching program. I created a new lifestyle that matches my desires and vision that I’m proud of. I’m now building a business as a “confidence coach” who empowers women transitioning out of the sex industry to lead extraordinary lives filled with self-worth, love, and meaning.

Shanna Epstein
Hair Stylist turned Confidence Coach

“After one hour with Chrissy I was able to free myself from the need to be accepted by others. It has been so freeing to just “be” around others and not feel the constant urge to kiss ass all the time. The best part is that my business as a health coach with Herbalife has grown by leaps and bounds simply by my ability to deliver to clients the messages they need to hear, not what I think they want to hear.

Badass Mom and Health Coach

Chrissy guided me to the answers that are, and always have been, within me but were blocked by all the negative thoughts and obsessions that were clouding my perception. With Chrissy’s gentle yet no-excuses approach, I realized that the answer to all the challenges I have been experiencing is: LOVE. When I approach each challenge in my life with love, miracles happen.”

Phoenix, Arizona

Chrissy’s coaching has revealed in me a resource of strength and self-love which I go to every time I am tempted to surrender to old habits of self-sabotage. This resource has especially helped me in my relationship with my husband, empowering me to communicate more clearly and lovingly without falling into a vortex of conflict and misunderstanding.”


“Chrissy allows women to be real and express themselves in all that they are- imperfect, messy, beautiful, and feminine.”

Los Angeles

I had felt trapped by anxiety and self-criticism for years, and Chrissy, in her incredibly accepting and gentle way, allowed me to see this self-sabotage clearly for the first time. Words cannot express how liberating working with her was. She helped me create the space I needed to let go of who I used to be and who I am supposed to be. Now I can simply be me, and it is a wonderful way to live.

San Francisco

“With Chrissy’s loving guidance I could see I had a very embedded negative belief about myself that wasn’t true. I could see it and, more importantly, feel it. Her coaching gave me relief from this believe that caused so much suffering. I felt like a new person after our coaching and I’m so grateful for Chrissy’s talent and love.”


“Right from the first time I worked with Chrissy in a workshop, I had a strong feeling that she was the person I needed to help me with the most pressing issues in my life. I was right. Chrissy helped me to transform my life, and helped me overcome an issue that was plaguing me for over ten years and causing me tremendous amounts of suffering. Chrissy asks great questions and makes me feel really safe, and I think she is one of the most naturally gifted coaches I’ve ever met.”

Relationship Coach

“Chrissy is a healer. When I was with her, I felt like she truly heard me and saw my soul. Her methods guided me to uncover and heal the wounds from my past. Working with Chrissy is a gift that keeps on giving, and I am so grateful to have her in my life!”


Are you ready?

Want to be totally empowered financially, spiritually, and emotionally? Starting your own coaching  business is the best personal development experience you could ever give your soul, and it’s important to be mentored by someone you trust. Let’s get to know each other!

Sign up for a Clarity Call with me to see if Emerge is right for you.

Think about it… this program will teach you how to make the money you deserve and long for as a coach. Investing in yourself at this level tells the universe that you are ready and willing to receive at that level and more! If you put your heart and soul into this process you can easily earn back this investment before the program is even over and jumpstart your earnings. The choice is yours.

But let me be clear… I only work with people who are serious about their success. They don’t expect to wave a magic wand to make their businesses magically appear. They take personal responsibility for how they show up in the world and this program. They have a zero excuses policy- they are in it to win it, taking all the action necessary to uplevel and grow.

If you are ready to emerge as a transformational coach with a thriving business, apply for a free call with me so you can serve your tribe at the highest level possible!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a coach to do Emerge?

Nope! I love working with holistic entrepreneurs too. I’ve worked with bodyworkers, Reiki masters, yoga teachers, and healers. What do they all have in common? Each of these businesses need support in finding their ideal client, positioning themselves as Experts, designing valuable packages, healing the money story, building their lists, designing a beautiful website, and developing mastery in the sales conversation.

How is this private coaching program different than other programs?

This private coaching program offers you weekly modules of homework for you to complete at your own pace. Instead of cramming all of your questions into our 45 minute coaching calls, you’ll have specific trainings and assignments to do in between calls. When you complete your modules, you can turn them in to me, and I’ll give you specific feedback outside the time of our coaching calls!

I’m busy, I’m not sure I’ll have time for this coaching program.

I hear you. Luckily, Emerge will teach how to find MORE hours in the day. You’ll get less busy thanks to the Orientation Packet in Module 1. You’ll clear up your energy and get grounded in time so you’re never pushing against the clock again. I’ll teach you how to work smarter, not harder.

I’ve been in business for a while, but not hitting my financial goals. Is this program for me?

Yes! I love helping my clients play bigger in their lives. If you’re not hitting your financial goals there’s a breakdown happening in one of these areas: Your beliefs, your mindset, your money story, your sales conversations, your message, your visibility, your time, or your marketing. If you have a block in any one of these areas, we will heal those blocks together so you can make your financial goal.

How long is Emerge?

It’s technically a 6 month program, but we always honor the Holidays. I’ve discovered having one call every two weeks allows my clients to complete their modules and receive the feedback they need to move forward.  You will design the schedule that fits your needs.

I see a lot of focus on mindset and desires in Emerge. What does that have to do with business?

Great question! Your desires are your fuel, they are the engine of your creation. Mindset is everything in business, that’s why we focus the first 5 weeks of the program on your desires, your thoughts, and your relationship to money. This is where the psychic surgery needs to happen. If you can’t desire big, you won’t create big results. Your desires are connected to your worth, and money comes in when there’s specific purpose for it. Mindset is everything. If you aren’t open and willing to transform your beliefs about yourself, you’ll deflect financial miracles and ideal clients. This isn’t the program for you if you aren’t interested in transforming your mindset.

What will we cover on the 1 hour coaching calls?

That’s up to you! At the beginning of every call I’ll lead you through a grounding meditation so you can get clear on your intention for the call. And then it’s your job to bring specific questions to me so I can coach you in the area that you need it most. I’m not a mind reader 🙂 It’s your responsibility to ask the right questions. These questions can be about anything! Your website, your sales pages, your desires, your blocks, your packages, your prices, your boyfriend, your family etc. I honor your whole human condition because each of these areas are connected. They make you, YOU.

Will there be any outside reading required for this journey?

Yes, but how much you read is up to you. I’ll give you up to 12 outside reading titles to support your personal and professional development. These books focus on success consciousness, money making, women’s empowerment, and even codependency (people pleasing).

What makes you different than other business coaches out there?

I’ve been facilitating workshops and retreats for men and women to heal the past and step into their true power for years. Instead of only giving you business coaching, I offer deep intuitive healing sessions for breakthroughs as well.

I won’t help you find your purpose or discover your ideal client. I’ll help you remember who you and what you came here to do. I believe your purpose was decided long before you were born. Every life circumstance that has shown up in your life has led you to this moment. Together we’ll heal the blocks that are blinding you of your potential, so you can remember your divine purpose. This doesn’t have to be a lifeless process, your soul will be nurtured and honored throughout this business building experience. This is your rite of passage into leadership, and I’ll provide you with rituals to facilitate letting go of your smaller self so you can be the most empowered woman entrepreneur you know.

Have any more questions? Schedule a call with me so I can answer your questions directly.