Believe & Deliver as a
Wild Woman Entrepreneur.


with Chrissy Brady-Smith

Life Coach for Women Entrepreneurs


WY3_1084-EditIf you’re a woman entrepreneur with a big desire to serve, but constantly struggling to show up and deliver,  
I have a few questions for you.


When someone asks you what you do, how do you respond?

Are you lit up and excited to share a clear description of your work?

Or do you cringe with shame and try and change the subject?

If you “cringe and avoid” that means one of the
following breakdowns is happening in your business:


You’re not clear on your message (what you stand for).

You’re no longer inspired by your message.


You’re faking it inside a message that isn’t yours.

Don’t worry sister, I’ve been there.

There was a time when I was living out every single one of these breakdowns.

WY3_2582-EditHi, I’m Chrissy Brady-Smith, life coach for women entrepreneurs. I believe business to be a rite of passage, a portal that shows you how big you can play as you move through the emotions of fear, shame, and worry. The other side of this initiation makes you open and available for your Soul Message to find you.

My mission is to help you find & deliver your SOUL message that carries you to new heights of creativity and inspiration, making all feelings of burnout disappear.

I coach on this subject because there was a time just a short while ago when I suffered inside a message that wasn’t mine.

emerge-header-3I thought my business message would “sell” which cost me my vitality, happiness, and purpose as a woman. But body knew better and so did my heart. Sure I was making great money as a business coach for new coaches, but I was an emotional wreck, creatively blocked, and uninspired because I was living inside a message that wasn’t mine.

How’d I get out of this funk? I called on a new archetype of feminine leadership: The Wild Woman Entrepreneur.


WY3_2233-EditThe Wild Woman Entrepreneur connects two archetypes:

The Modern Day Business Woman (driven, focused, logical) + The Ancient Wild Woman (untamed, surrendered, emotionally awake)

With the wild woman’s help, I returned to the wisdom of my body, heart, and intuition and found the message of my Soul.

WY3_2372-Edit (2) (1)The Wild Woman helped me:

  • Believe in myself and stay the course no matter what curve ball life threw me.
  • Remember the purpose I was born with so I’d never search outside myself for answers again.
  • Deliver my message with unwavering faith and authenticity without shame or insecurity getting in the way.


Most of all? The Wild Woman helped me let go of all the fearful worries of my mind telling me that I was too much, too woo-woo, or too spiritual.

The Wild Woman filled my cup with so much love that being misunderstood or rejected no longer phased me. My purpose mattered most. My mission to serve other Wild Woman Entrepreneurs made me an irresistible magnet for similar women with the same desires. I stopped trying to make everyone happy and focused on my own happiness first.

The Wild Woman gave me permission to be myself in all of my offerings, newsletters, and videos.

WY3_1108So what’s a Soul Message?

Your soul message is the inspiration that weaves through your offerings, blog posts, and overall rhythm as an entrepreneur.  This is what you’re known for and stand for. It’s your legacy.

Why is this so important?

If you’re not inspired by your message, you won’t have the strength to get up and spread the Word. Soul messaging is about vulnerability, truth telling, and transforming your shame into self-worth. Every woman’s message has a different flavor, and yours is JUST around the corner.


You simply need a mentor to listen for your greatness.
I’m your woman.

If you find yourself spinning in fear and self doubt over the message you’re meant to share with the world, I have a Divine opportunity for you.

The Messenger Intensive

Believe & Deliver as a Wild Woman Entrepreneur.

In this all day intensive, you’ll meet me at my home in San Francisco and together we’ll heal the blocks in the way of your Divine Feminine Message. I live a couple blocks away from the Pacific Ocean, with gorgeous trails and amazing energy.

This Intensive will help you if any of the following struggles are showing up for you now:

-Overwhelming emotions take you out of the game.

-Discovery sessions scare you more than energize you.

-Copywriting for your business stresses you out more than inspires you

-The money you’re making has become more important than the relationships you’re building.

-You don’t want to be “found out” for being inauthentic.

-You hate showing up online because embarrassment or shame stop you from hitting post.

-Your body is telling you something is off, but you continue to ignore the signs.

-You’ve started taking on clients who go against your gut reaction and you’re now beginning to resent them.

The next sentence I say with love.

I share these struggles with you because each one derives from your confusing, uninspired, or inauthentic message as a woman entrepreneur.

And that’s ok! The vulnerable process of showing up online and creating a business that goes against the status quo is hard and scary as HELL.  I get it. I know because I’ve been through the dumps of overwhelm and doubt in my own messaging.  

But this I know for sure:

WY3_2100-EditIf your message doesn’t lift you up into new heights of creativity and inspiration every single day your purpose is being wasted.

This is urgent.

I’m telling you there’s another way to live. There’s another way to lead. There’s another way to succeed.

RIGHT NOW there’s a whole tribe of people waiting for you and your message to emerge.

The only person in your way is, you guessed it...


The main focus of this intensive is to help you believe in yourself again.

I’m here to help you get back in your power even though your creative genius is blocked. Even though your message is lost. Even though your inspiration is gone.

You can reclaim your power in only ONE day with me. I want to make it virtually impossible for you to say No to this.  Because what you’re saying YES to is 100% worth it.

Having a clear and inspired message is the number one goal of a Wild Woman Entrepreneur.

WY3_3298-Edit (2)In our intensive I’ll teach you how to seduce the real, raw and vulnerable message that is already within you. I swear, it’s RIGHT in front of your nose, but you need to stop trying so hard and just *see* it.

We’ll do deep healing deep dives. Each coaching session within this intensive requires your feminine energy, body, and emotion. That’s it! With this perspective, your message will find you because you’ll be open and available to receive it. I’ll take care of the rest.

No force, no masculine effort. No more doing it “right.” No more “shoulding” yourself to death.

Just a day to remember who you are and what you came here to do.

In this Intensive I’ll help you:

  • Develop a soul message that’s so real, vulnerable and inspiring that it actually lifts YOU up, making the thought of quitting and feelings of burnout disappear.
  • Find the crystal clarity you’ve been looking for in your message so your confidence can take the lead as your insecurities let go.
  • Powerfully tell anyone what you do, who you serve and how you do it with ease and joy, leaving complete strangers touched, moved and inspired.
  • Break free from old stories, paradigms and beliefs that keep you small and limit the impact you desire.
  • Process triggering emotions that interfere with your messaging so you’re no longer taken out by upset, fear, shame, or anxiety.  
  • Awaken your creative genius when you’re feeling blocked so you’re excited to write your newsletters, sales pages, and preview calls as opposed to dreading them.  
  • Remember the purpose you were born with so you’re no longer searching outside yourself for your answers
  • Develop a trust in yourself SO BIG that confusion no longer tackles your ideas.

WY3_1919But how will it feel?

Pleasurable. Joyful. Surprising. Transformational and “OMG” Mind Blowing.

It will also be be emotional, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why? Because I’ll teach how to follow your Love again. When love is the bottom line there’s a whole lot to cry about. I’ll be right there with you sister holding space for your tears.

Your emotions hold important lessons, and I’m committed to listening to your emotional wisdom and will never ever making your tears, fears, or insecurities wrong.

With the Wild Woman leading the way, your message will find you again.


What does this Intensive Include?

  • Complimentary 30 minute Creation Call before intensive
  • Soul Messaging Packet to Fill out Before our Intensive so I can zoom in on your fears and insecurities as a woman entrepreneur. I’ll ask the right questions to help me tune into your divine message you’re not even aware of yet. I’ll look through your website, blog posts, and the message between the lines of many of your communications online and see what’s missing or holding you back. All of this is done before we begin.
  • Orientation Packet to prepare you for our Intensive.
  • 9 Hours of In-Person Coaching so you can be witnessed, heard, and held in your process.
  • Follow-Up Integration Call two weeks after intensive (1 hour done by phone or skype)


Schedule of intensive:

8:45: Arrive at my house, Drink smoothies and Set up how the day will look.

9:00-12:00 First Deep Dive into your fears, insecurities, or anxieties around your message. Think meditations, and movement, and processing to wake up your soul. Includes 1 break.

12:00-1:00 Talk it out over a Divine lunch.

1:00-2:30: Back to coaching: Burning of old beliefs, habits, and thoughts that no longer serve you.

2:30-2:45 Tea and snack break.

2:45-4:45 Final Deep Dive to claim your message, pulling all my feminine, intuitive stops to get there. Think breathwork, kundalini energy, and art.

4:45-5:00 Quick potty Break

5:00-6:30 Completion ritual and integration support to bring your message HOME. Complete our time together with hugs and goodbyes.

+Follow-up Integration Call two weeks later done by phone or skype (1 hour).  


$3,500 (Pay-in-Full)

WY3_3359-EditSo here’s the deal.

My intuition will guide the way, but I’m trained in the following modalities to support your freedom as a Messenger. These tools of mine might sneak their way into our our time together. Notice which ones move you and which ones scare you, because that’s probably where we’ll go to get you to the other side. 


Inner Child Work: The Wild Woman was a Wild Child once before, and that little girl needs the space to be heard and validated. Together we’ll examine your incomplete emotions and feelings from your first years in life so you can transform your self-defeating patterns which limit your soul message from coming through.

Shadow Work: I believe your shadows hold the essence of who you, they’re the gateway to your soul message. Intimately knowing your fear unleashes your unshakeable courage. I found my own message by shining light on my shadow, and this is available for you too if you choose to go there with me.  

Chakra Alignment: Activating and aligning the true nature of your 7 energy centers (chakras) will help you stay grounded, passionate, courageous, driven, loving, truthful, loud, quiet, and surrendered all at once. Your chakras hold your soul message. 

Emotional Release Work: Did you know it takes only 90 seconds to feel through an uncomfortable emotion? I’ll teach you the most effective ways to emotionally express your pain so you’re not held back by fear, shame, worry, frustration, anger, or sadness.

Archetypes of the Feminine Business Owner: When you’re feeling stuck in your messaging we’ll call on different symbols to support your boundaries, cycle, sexuality, voice, divinity, little girl, and the wise woman in you. 

Beliefs: You’ve heard this before, but I’m serious when I say your beliefs will make or break you. Together we’ll seriously examine your beliefs around your business and self worth so you can deliver a message that is no longer held back by old stories and pain. 

Desire: As a leader and innovator, you MUST trust your desires and give them permission to be expressed and realized without shame or guilt. If your desires are small and limiting, your message will reflect those limits. 

Mindfulness Training: Through mindfulness training, guided meditations, and cutting-edge psychological tools, I’ll teach you the skills to return to your true Self at any moment so you can be an effective Messenger without triggering emotions getting in the way.


The Messenger

Believe & Deliver as a Wild Woman Entrepreneur


30 Minute Creation Call 

Soul Message Packet to fill out before we begin

Day Long intensive of coaching to claim your claim as a wild woman entrepreneur.

Delicious Lunch, teas, and snacks provided.

1 Follow Up integration Call (1 hour done by phone)


$3,500 (Pay-in-Full)

But wait! If you sign up for this intensive Before April 8th, you’ll receive this incredible bonus:


A one hour MESSENGER SUPPORT call with Copywriter and Social Media Expert Emily Nelson.

Emily works closely with passionate entrepreneurs and mission-driven organizations to elevate their marketing strategies and create powerful copy for their brand. She helps her clients share the story of their brand to targeted audiences through videos, email marketing, social media, website copy, and PR outreach.  Emily's creativity and organized implementation ensures measurable results for her diverse span of clients.  

After our intensive she’ll help you design a marketing and social media plan that is clear, simple, and gets measurable results for your brand or business.  She’ll give you coaching on how to powerfully connect with your followers in every email, blog post, social media update, video, and web page that you create.  I trust Emily’s intuition as a copywriter more than any other woman, and you don’t want to miss out on her laser focused support.

More Info: www.emilynelsonmedia.com

But only if you register before April 8th.

Your intensive includes:

30 minute creation call to set up your intensive

Soul Message Packet to fill out before we begin

Whole day of coaching  (9 hours)

Smoothies, Tea, Snacks, Divine lunch

Follow up integration call (1 hour).

Bonus call with Emily Nelson (Copywriter & Social Media Expert) within 1 month of your intensive to support your copywriting and branding online.   


WY3_2618What are you paying for? Your Soul Message, the one that lifts you up into new heights of creativity, vision, and inspiration. This message will carry you and make all thoughts of quitting disappear. Imagine no longer squirming when someone asks you what you do. Imagine knowing in your bones and in your language exactly who you are and what you stand for, leaving strangers touched moved and inspired to take action with you. Imagine enjoying writing every newsletter, blog post, and video script because your message is that rhythmic throughout all of your words.

That’s what you’re investing in.