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    COR Woman Private Coaching

    CBS-6-WebBecause I’ve healed so much as a woman, I see it as my purpose to pay this healing forward to you, another seeker on a similar path to self acceptance. I’ve healed from assault, abuse and many other childhood traumas. I’ve experienced devastating breakups and realized the power of forgiveness. I’ve healed my dependency on prescription medication for depression, anxiety, and ADHD, and now find myself prescription free with an ability to surrender to my waves of humanity with Grace, where my presence is more powerful than any pill I could swallow or dissolve on my tongue. I’ve overcome fears, phobias, and body shame, and to top it all off built a wildly successful coaching business out of my messy healing journey, because I truly believe our pain holds the key to our purpose.

    In these programs grounded in self-love, mindfulness, and trauma healing, I’ll provide the safest space for you to remember your wholeness and perfection despite what has happened to you or what you have chosen to believe about yourself. Imagine finding the freedom in risk, the gift in the heartache, the growth in the breakdown, and the Yes to the present moment- despite any curve ball life throws you. These possibilities are you living out your purpose with love, awareness, and compassion. I’m a Certified Life Coach and CORWoman Workshop Facilitator, and have worked with some of the worlds best therapists, coaches, and healers. My training includes Inner Child Work, Shadow Work, Somatic Experiencing, Emotional Release Work, Dance Healing,  Sensuality/Sexuality healing,  and years of facilitating Rites of Passage retreats for women to heal from the past and remember who they really are.


    6 Month Reinvention Package for COR Woman Graduates

    This reinvention process is designed for you to fall in love with yourself, all of yourself, once and for all. Together we’ll honor your desires as a woman and create the radical change necessary for you to live an extraordinary life full of presence, passion and purpose. When you change, your world changes. This journey is about your healing.

    In this package you will:

    • Fall in love with your whole self, even the parts you have judged as ugly, too much, or not okay.
    • Transform your insecurities into your strengths, and know in your bones that you’re enough exactly as you are now.
    • Heal traumas from your past that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns and behaviors today.
    • Balance your emotional yo-yo so you’re not taken out by depression, anxiety, shame, or anger.
    • Own your power and no longer shrink in front of others.
    • Learn to love your body and release it of any lingering shame that interferes with your relationships and intimacy.
    • Learn to trust yourself fully by strengthening your intuition so you can confidently go after your dreams and make good decisions aligned with your true self.
    • Transform your relationship to fear in such a way that it leads you instead of stops you from achieving what you want in life.
    • (Actually) learn how to meditate in a way that’s personal and unique to you so you can experience lasting change inside your mind and out in the world.

    This package includes:

    • 2 Hour Intensive to begin our journey together in person or over Skype.
    • 14 hour long sessions done by phone or Skype over the course of 6 months.
    • Detailed Welcome Packet for you to fill out before our coaching so I can laser focus in on your intentions and challenges.
    • Welcome Packet of Orientation Materials and Book Titles to set you up for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual success on this journey together.
    • Breakthrough homework assignments in between sessions to keep your transformation alive. These assignments include:
      • Collage and Art activities
      • Reading assigned books/ or chapters
      • Meditation techniques and guided meditations
      • Emotional Release activities
      • Dance and movement
      • Inner Child Journal Assignments
      • Breakthrough conversations with family or friends
    • Weekly email support.

    Pay-In-Full: $3,500 (save $500)

    Payment Plan: Deposit of $1,000 followed by 5 monthly payments of $600.

    3 Month Introductory Package for COR Woman Graduates

    This package offers a similar structure that is listed above for a shorter amount of time.

    This package includes:

    • 8 hour long sessions done by phone or Skype over the course of 3 months.
    • Welcome Packet of Orientation Materials and Book Titles to set you up for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual success on this journey together.
    • Breakthrough homework assignments
    • Weekly email support.

    Pay-In-Full: $1,750

    Payment Plan: 3 Monthly payments of $666

    Email me at to set up a conversation to see if these programs are right for you with the subject line: COR Coaching


    “I felt trapped by anxiety and self-criticism for years, and Chrissy, in her incredibly accepting and gentle way, allowed me to see this self-sabotage clearly for the first time. Words cannot express how liberating working with her was. She helped me create the space I needed to let go of who I used to be and who I am supposed to be. Now I can simply be me, and it is a wonderful way to live. I’ve worked with numerous therapists in the past, and now, at a time when I am faced with some of the most difficult life events yet, I have emerged with a healthy strength and more sure of myself than ever before thanks to Chrissy’s coaching.  I used to find “soul searching” a terrible cliché, but whatever it is labeled, working with Chrissy forced me to dig deep and face my demons in order to discover that I do indeed have the fortitude for life, and there is joy even in hard times- imagine that.” Molly, Physician’s Assistant, Age 31.

    “Chrissy’s impeccable intuition as a coach allows her to identify your limiting core issues and bring them to light in loving, safe ways.  Her commitment to empowering others is unshakable – I’ve seen Chrissy break down barriers in others that have taken a lifetime to build, and only minutes with Chrissy’s coaching to dissolve.”  Emily, Executive Assistant, age 35.

    “When I first reached out to Chrissy to start working together, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was seeking except that I was ready to do deep work that I knew in my heart would help transform the way I live my life. The time we spent together ended up being that, but so much more. I was able to crack open parts of my heart and ego that I didn’t even know existed. I could go on and on about the many ways that this work, and Chrissy’s wise, genuine, and personalized support impacted me, but the biggest takeaway is the ease at which I feel in my own skin now. There’s an acceptance that has washed over me and I now wholeheartedly believe that I am enough, and also not too much. Chrissy helped me see that there was nothing to “fix” but instead an opportunity to shine light on all of the parts that make me whole. I’m beyond grateful for how committed she was to my journey and growth, her honesty and vulnerability, and the space she was able to hold for me week in and week out.” Dani, Sales Strategist

    “I hired Chrissy because I realized that in order to grow to the capacity that I desired as a woman I needed to head my own advice and invest not only in myself, but in someone that could compassionately guide me through new territory. I was drawn to Chrissy’s authenticity, something that radiated throughout the duration of our time together. In hindsight I am amazed by how much I grew and what I accomplished during our coaching. Her guidance, capacity to listen, and explorations were all so beneficial in helping me gain clarity about who I am and what I stand for in the world. Above all, I was most touched by her capacity to really see me. Through her feedback I felt for the first time in my life I felt as though I was seeing myself the way in which others who had always believed in me saw me – capable, confident, and clear in who I am and what I am here to share.” Sarah, Entrepreneur and Yoga Teacher.

    “After one hour with Chrissy I was able to free myself from the need to constantly be accepted by others. It’s been so freeing to just “be” around others and not feel the constant urge to kiss ass all the time. The best part is that my business as a health coach with Herbalife has grown by leaps and bounds simply by my ability to deliver to clients the messages they need to hear, not what I think they want to hear.” Melissa, Mom and Entrepreneur.

    Chrissy’s coaching has revealed in me a resource of strength and self-love which I go to every time I am tempted to surrender to old habits of self-sabotage. This resource has especially helped me in my relationship with my husband, empowering me to communicate more clearly and lovingly without falling into a vortex of conflict and misunderstanding.” Kristen, Mama and Doctor.

    “Right from the first time I worked with Chrissy in a workshop, I had a strong feeling that she was the person I needed to help me with the most pressing issues in my life. I was right. Chrissy helped me to transform my life, and helped me overcome an issue that was plaguing me for over ten years and causing me tremendous amounts of suffering. Chrissy asks great questions and makes me feel really safe, and I think she is one of the most naturally gifted coaches I’ve ever met. ” Aaron, Relationship Coach