Bringing Back Rites of Passage


It’s workshop season here in Chrissy land! Just over a week ago I helped facilitate the Noble Man workshop, where we held the space for men to heal their relationships with women. And tonight, I’m headed on a Red-Eye flight to Florida because I’ll be facilitating another COR Woman workshop on the East Coast. I’m …

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My Core Wound (Teaching + Video)

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 1.24.21 PM

Hey gorgeous, Do you remember the first time you ever got hurt? Or maybe the most influential pain from your childhood, like a death in your family. Or a spanking. Or getting in trouble at school. Or your parents’ divorce. These wounds leave a mark on our being and overall understanding of the world. Those …

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COR Woman Workshop


Hey gorgeous, Last week I facilitated my favorite workshop ever, COR Woman. That’s me down below on the right, grounding our staff women in prayer before welcoming 12 women into their initiation day. A day I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. That weekend I learned that nothing- no matter how traumatic, distorted, painful, …

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Date with God (A meditation practice)


Hey gorgeous, Confession time. Over Valentine’s Day, I didn’t go on a romantic date with my  boyfriend, I went on a delicious date with… God. Say what?! Yup. Ever since my silent retreat last month, I’ve been having a love affair with God. But what do I mean by God? I don’t consider God to …

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My Trial by Fire on a Plane


Ever since saying YES to this path of leadership and healing the world, I’ve been tested year after year to show up as a leader in the face of crisis. In these times I learned to trust myself. To trust my passion, intuition, and heart. Last month I was tested again, and this felt like …

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How to be an Amazing Wing Woman

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Hey gorgeous, How do you respond when your friend gets hit on more than you? Whether you’re in a relationship or single, this can be a triggering subject for many women. That’s why this newsletter describes what it takes to be an AMAZING Wing Woman (who gets more attractive by the minute). I was at …

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